30 Bananas a Day!

The strangest things about you. (read embarrassing facts that you can't believe you're admitting.)

So it has nothing todo with veganisim, but I'm giving this topic another go. Don't be shy, we all know you're weird.



I once had a band for a very brief period in grade school called the "Glitter Gals" we wrote songs, preformed etc.

I pronounce ballet without a silent T.

I'm afraid of the dark.

I spent 2 years wearing sunglasses EVERYWHERE (I was one of those douche bags you see wearing them in the mall.) I like to think of that as my lady gaga phase ( although she had nothing todo with it).

I can't go to sleep without looking under my bed.

I went through a phase as a young teen where I wrote REALLY bad poetry & just god awful smut. I thought it was good at the time.

I've never eaten a twinkie.

I used to wear so much make-up it would take an hour to apply it all.

I went through a phase in my teens where I wore tops so low cut you could pretty much see my nipples. I also wore mini skirts that should have been illegal. I pretty much dressed like a whore for a few years:)

I've owned a pink pleather jacket & a velvet pink track suit.

I've worn heels a baseball cap and a mini skirt, oh god!

I tend to stare at peoples asses to much. What can I say I like a good butt!

I like porn. alot.

I own & practice ( can't believe I'm actually admitting this one) carmen electra's striptease work out.


okay your turn.


I felt I had to add more cause everyone else was admitting so much!

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oh yeah, I also sleep on the floor every night.  I stopped sleeping in a bed over a year ago and it has been great!
Wow, you guys are weird!



I pulse the insides of my elbows to the beat of songs.  Especially songs that are stuck in my head. 


I used to love mashed potatoes and gravy from Picadilly especially the shape of the dip they made for the gravy out of a very small ladle.  I wouldn't eat my mom's unless the indention for the gravy was round and not an oval like a normal spoon made. 


When my parents still dressed me, I used to make them take my shoes off multiple times to re-situate my socks until they were just right - the toe line in the right place and no wrinkles.


I have a fear that when I walk into a public bathroom stall that there will be an old scary lady sitting on the toilet.  


I can't wear shoes that my toes can't spread out in.  


I don't shave any part of my body (which I think is more "normal" than shaving...)


I used to eat ranch dressing on EVERYTHING - friend chicken, pizza, bread, green beans, corn, steak, any cooked vegetable, french fries (especially good), hamburger, and pretty much everything else too. 


More recently ate mustard on everything. 


My favorite meal as a child was chopped up hotdogs with slices of melted american cheese on top. 


I ate cold hot dogs as a child.


I ate country crock margarine out of the tub with a spoon when I was little. 


I was a fat kid and used to sneak as many little debbies out of the pantry as I could. 


My cell phone is a 5 year old go phone. 





Forgot to add - When I was little I used to see how big of a spoonful of mac and cheese I could swallow without chewing....


And I wet the bed until I was 9 or so...

When I was little I wanted to watch every scary movie - I enjoyed watching "IT" and all of the "Puppet Master" movies. Now I can't and won't watch horror films. They are so negative and stressful!!

My hands cannot be dry - ever. I used to cry if they got dry. Now I just make sure I have access to lotion.

I smell everything

I love love love Barbra Streisand - especially a la 1960's

I have a full sticker collection that began when I was 6. Any time I still ask for stickers for gifts, people don't take me seriously :(

I used to love mustard on everything

I used to eat jars of pepperoncini's (bad bathroom sessions)

Also used to eat jars of pickles at a time

If something I'm eating falls on the floor, 9 times out of 10 I will pick it up and eat it

I don't usually wash my hands after using the bathroom

I wear lipgloss at all times. When I wake up, before bed, etc.

At the risk of being creepy, I love watching people move. I love muscles and bodies.


I don't like big bananas, I think they look unnatural

When I was in high school I declared myself as a-sexual since everyone seemed to want to know why I never dated anyone.

Blankets on floors make me feel sad and a little grungy

Fruit that sits for a while, even if it's ripe and OK to eat, kind of freaks me out...

Long nails disgust me - when mine grow out, I feel so dirty

I love being a Mommy's Girl...I have my mom <3 and 2 adopted moms and they are the best

There's so much more...but the list would be too long lol



Um, I share a fair few of those things with you... a-sexual thing (for quite a long time actually), moving people, nails, pickled and vinergar-y things like mustard, pepperoncinis (over it now!!), things that fall on the floor, smelling EVERYTHING. My vegan fiance grosses me out a little now?? In fact, the smell of everyone not lfrv grosses me out a bit.....aaaarrrgh! The entirety of Prague smells like dog pee ALL THE TIME!!!
The list won't be too long.

I have to have my pillow wherever I stay the night at.  

I smell everything.  My husband thinks I'm weird lol

The toilet paper has to be on a certain way.

No matter what time of the year, I like to sleep with a fan on and snuggled up with my comforter and sheet.  

I'm a recovering alcoholic and pack rat

I've only just recently found the sport that I want to play.

I got expelled from the same high school twice.

I love fun socks.  The crazier they are the better.

I have really big boobs.

I don't have a religion and am totally fine with it, but find that I'm always thinking about religion.

My ring finger on my left hand shakes side to side almost uncontrollably.

That's all I can think of right now.

Sorry @g@in for my ghetto keybo@rd.. @nyone elses h@nds/feet get swe@ty @nd tingle when they see someone rub their h@nds or feet on c@rpet?


Its so funny how much everyone h@s in common.


Luckily I w@s not w@tching @ ufo show when the cop showed up! H@h@. I sure w@s thinking @bout it @fter he left though..

Haha no, not that I've noticed. I'll pay more attention next time, I guess :D

I can only sing if other people are singing with me or if I'm listening to music.

I cannot dance no matter how many lessons I do online and in classes.

I like to wash my dishes in the shower so I can save water.

I used to put ketchup on everything I eat-now it's just a lot of toms.

I've had one of those so-called "emo" phrases. No comment.

I like being in a totally dark room. (except when I want to read)

I swim in small pools because I'm afraid a shark will come. (blame Jaws)

I used to believe I can see through my own hand until I found out it's just because my other eye isn't covered.

I can hear people's conversations in my sleep. Does that happen to anyone else?

Ditto on the singing, emo phase, and the conversations thing. Also I totally LOL-ed at the seeing through your hand thing! Toooo funny :)



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