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The strangest things about you. (read embarrassing facts that you can't believe you're admitting.)

So it has nothing todo with veganisim, but I'm giving this topic another go. Don't be shy, we all know you're weird.



I once had a band for a very brief period in grade school called the "Glitter Gals" we wrote songs, preformed etc.

I pronounce ballet without a silent T.

I'm afraid of the dark.

I spent 2 years wearing sunglasses EVERYWHERE (I was one of those douche bags you see wearing them in the mall.) I like to think of that as my lady gaga phase ( although she had nothing todo with it).

I can't go to sleep without looking under my bed.

I went through a phase as a young teen where I wrote REALLY bad poetry & just god awful smut. I thought it was good at the time.

I've never eaten a twinkie.

I used to wear so much make-up it would take an hour to apply it all.

I went through a phase in my teens where I wore tops so low cut you could pretty much see my nipples. I also wore mini skirts that should have been illegal. I pretty much dressed like a whore for a few years:)

I've owned a pink pleather jacket & a velvet pink track suit.

I've worn heels a baseball cap and a mini skirt, oh god!

I tend to stare at peoples asses to much. What can I say I like a good butt!

I like porn. alot.

I own & practice ( can't believe I'm actually admitting this one) carmen electra's striptease work out.


okay your turn.


I felt I had to add more cause everyone else was admitting so much!

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I'm not embarrassed by this, but people certainly find it strange.


I've never seen Star Wars or ANY Bond film.

Star Wars is really beautiful
When I was 16 i had a big plan drawn out that i was going to be buying an island by the time I was 26 and setting up my own community there, I also wanted to be married and have 6 children and i had all their names decided on and i was going to have them when i was 20 until i was 32.
I am now 25 and although I was married at 21 my husband and I are still not trying to have kids and when we do have kids i don't want any of them to be named any of the names i picked out at 16.
Here's some more...

I love Disney movies, especially The Little Mermaid FINDING NEMO and Beauty and the Beast, I also listen to disney songs like 'Part of that World', and randomly quote finding nemo: 'fish are friends. NOT food!'  

I can sense things about people just looking at them, it used to be I could mostly just tell if someone was in the army but since 811 I have been getting vibes about so many people before even speaking to them

I daydream all the time - lately about idylic raw vegan places like fruit forests with HCRVs (LEGENDARY) and planning for the future

I enjoy going to college soooo much, what a goofball :D 

My family has nicknames for me such as 'Apes' short for April , I used to dislike it but now I'm raw vegan I think its so awesome

Another nickname - My mum openly calls me 'Abelina' in a singing voice in front of my friends and I don't mind

When embarassing things happen to me there couldn't be a better cherry on top of my day :D

When I was a toddler I made my mum take me to nursery early so I could always wear the wedding dress from the dressing up rail, if I didn't get it I'd fight it off the girl who did

I do Ace Ventura voices and funny 'bits'

Most of my friends are boys but I'm not a tomboy

The first time I wrote a GCSE essay my teacher was reading it to herself in class and it made her cry

I sometimes think in french O_O

I heart the 90s

I dance like Ellen Degeneres

I am a HIGH CARB RAW VEGAN, ready to rock I go every place on mon bike avec un trailer I will never drive! Also I don't know if I believe in marriage, but I can't decide. I fo sho don't believe in having babies with the state of the popl through the freakin' roof!.


Oh no these thins are so crazy..


I used to think fruit makes me fat

I was overweight during my school years that my teacher allow me to not participate sport activities in school

Im scared to meditate alone and yes im affraid of the dark

Im still singing in the shower

I share my papaya with my dog
I share my melons with my cats. Sometimes I feel like they like it more than I do. Same with durian. My cats both adoooore durian.

i have some more:


i have never touched alcohol, never even tasted it

i have never worn high heels, i also dont own any dresses or skirts and i hate getting all dressed up and wearing make up etc. i am a tracky pants girl lol

i like staring at peoples asses as well

some of the nicknames for my dog Trixie include: patty pan, pattish, kacky, princess lap dog, ticky, sweet chops and kackish

some of the nicknames for another dog (Tuppets) i used to have include:  baby maccarella, maccus, tuppetare and babykins. 

thats all i can think of for now  !

lol I also anticipate looking into the toilet bowl after a BM. weird

I come from verifiable white trash.

I think I've lived in a trailer at some point? Maybe even a trailer park.

My 9 month pregnant twenty year old little sister has a mohawk and a huge jackolantern tattooed on her back. The baby's name will be Jameson. They registered for their baby shower at Walmart :/ Love her to bits.

I was once arrested for having purple hair. The cops assumed that California plates and purple hair meant drug trafficking...?? Handcuffs, facedown on asphalt, the works. God bless Illinois.

I've only driven once in my life. On a narrow two lane freeway with semis driving the other way at 80 mph. In a blizzard I couldn't see through. The original driver had suddenly become very ill and couldn't drive, insisted I drive. God bless Nebraska.

Last winter I went on a skiing trip with my boss and our IT guy. I snowboarded, as usual. Or, I tried, anyway. I'd only ever used European style ski lifts once before, on a much more gradual slope. THIS particular slope (only way up) was not AT ALL gradual, and I fell off a few times before I finally delivered my coup de grace; after losing the track cut by others' skis and hanging by one leg from the anchor lift for an incredible length of time, I fell off and slid at great speed back down the hill, flipping board over head over and over down the hill while screaming my head off, colliding with the skis of every single person on the lift until I finally caught a large rock with my belly and reached a halt. My hair was a huge tangled ball of ice. I sat in the car freezing my @ss off for the remaining two hours my friends skied. Pretty sure I would not have been allowed to try again.

I lead a charmed life.


Oh, toilets at night scare me. Monomeals have done wonders for my compulsion to have EXACTLY the same amount of each thing on my plate in each bite. I can NOT be tickled or I will either break your nose or wet myself. Whenever I REALLY push myself to get up a steep hill on my bike to break my speed or go all out on a workout I get a random nonsensical phrase or song lyric stuck in my head repeating over and over.
I get the repetition thing too! Sometimes it comes to me when I'm chopping up fruit, too. Agh.

-My body has this automatic reflex reaction (3- second heartattack) to the buzzing sound of flying insects, although I have no problem with the bugs themselves. Sometimes, if I hear a cellphone vibrating or a motorcycle in the distance and confuse it for buzzing, it's enough to make me jump 3 ft. 


-The sound of plastic, paper and other such materials being rubbed or crumpled has always made me very uncomfortable.... in a way that I don't know whether to laugh or scream.


-I have to carry water with me at all times, even if I'm just leaving the house for a few minutes.


-I have seen bacteria/ little organisms floating around in my eyes (anyone else?) since I was a child and at times have formed a game out of watching them swim around.


-90% of the time, I prefer being alone over being with other people.


-I can "fall madly in love" with someone through written words alone.


-I recite conversations I plan on having (and ones I don't plan to ever have) with people in my head. This consumes the majority of my thoughts.


-I have a fascination with seeing women without any makeup on.


-When I was little and had to use a public bathroom, I would ALWAYS hop on top of the toilet and squat to pee, as to avoid contact with the "germies". And if I wasn't careful- which I usually wasn't- I would accidentally wet my pants/skirt :(





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