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The strangest things about you. (read embarrassing facts that you can't believe you're admitting.)

So it has nothing todo with veganisim, but I'm giving this topic another go. Don't be shy, we all know you're weird.



I once had a band for a very brief period in grade school called the "Glitter Gals" we wrote songs, preformed etc.

I pronounce ballet without a silent T.

I'm afraid of the dark.

I spent 2 years wearing sunglasses EVERYWHERE (I was one of those douche bags you see wearing them in the mall.) I like to think of that as my lady gaga phase ( although she had nothing todo with it).

I can't go to sleep without looking under my bed.

I went through a phase as a young teen where I wrote REALLY bad poetry & just god awful smut. I thought it was good at the time.

I've never eaten a twinkie.

I used to wear so much make-up it would take an hour to apply it all.

I went through a phase in my teens where I wore tops so low cut you could pretty much see my nipples. I also wore mini skirts that should have been illegal. I pretty much dressed like a whore for a few years:)

I've owned a pink pleather jacket & a velvet pink track suit.

I've worn heels a baseball cap and a mini skirt, oh god!

I tend to stare at peoples asses to much. What can I say I like a good butt!

I like porn. alot.

I own & practice ( can't believe I'm actually admitting this one) carmen electra's striptease work out.


okay your turn.


I felt I had to add more cause everyone else was admitting so much!

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Hi Hellicat-


Your "short" leg is probably caused by your C1 (atlas) vertebrate being out of alignment.  This is the vertebrate that  your head sits on and can cause all sorts of misalignment issues.  You can see a chiropractor who specializes in this adjustment to get it taken care of (http://www.nucca.org) I had the same issue for years without realizing why and suddenly became afflicted with vertigo this year.  It's a really simple adjustment and makes you feel like a new person.  Just thought I'd share :)



oh wow thanks for sharing that...i too have a short leg and have started experiencing major vertigo, i may look into an adjustment if i can find the money
Yes, you're quite welcome.  It's well worth the money for relief.  Just find a chiro that specializes in Upper Cervical Care or the Grostic Method.  good luck!

Great info! Thanks

Yes, yes I do have one leg shorter and hip pain when I stand for long period of time or work too hard. I even got mild scoliosis because of that :(

Time to finally get that sorted!

I loathe wearing socks as well. I also eat things in 2s, 5s, or 10s. 

But I have to sleep furthest from the door lol

 I don't understand this 2s, 5s, 10s thing, like why.. a few people said it, I didn't even know it was a thing

I used to do the shower curtain thing too :o)
Me four! They're also a huge pain when you have to shower with them. Confession: I'm that person who always leaves the shower curtain on the other side of the bath tub when I shower. I don't even care that the floor gets wet. I'd rather clean that up than have some nasty shower curtain touching my leg. ACTUALLY speaking of gross shower stuff, who else can't stand people who leave hair in the shower? People who do that don't deserve to have hair, period.

I do this too! It's much easier to always leave it open.


Sometimes at night It's very dark and I can't see in the shower...I usually end up running back to the bed and getting back in it as fast as possible.....As if it will protect me or something...

Yup me too. I heard that story and it freaked me out in this way. I also had the same thing When I read Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher when I was 15 on holiday. I actually had to stop reading it 3/4 of the way through as all I could think about when I went to the toilet was some evil alien parasite coming up through the toilet.lol.


Take care


Adam x

I really love kissing my dog on his forehead, but I accidentally ate one of his eye boogers, so I guess I'm not vegan anymore.



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