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Has anyone else heard of or use the Law of Attraction? I came across a movie - The Secret a while ago and have watched it 4 times. I'm only starting to use the Law of Attraction.. and so far everything has worked for me.

You can see the trailer and buy the movie here - http://thesecret.tv/thesecretfilm/
Or just watch it for free on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pDdHxARkc

What have you guys experienced in the subject? Do you believe in it, or do you think it's some spiritual woo-woo as Harley would put it?

I just thought it was really interesting and wanted to share with everyone, since I believe it can be very helpful in life.

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I think its important to try and look past the suffering even in painful situations. There are a lot of people who struggle to find food for every meal or have lost a loved one, but that doesn't mean their lives are completely over or necessarily "worse" than someone living under different circumstances. We're all doing the best we can. Because someone loses a child or their home it doesn't mean they can never find happiness or joy again. Many times the death of a loved one brings people together and creates something beautiful. 

Someone who has lived their whole life in a nice home, raised by a good family and has tons of support may also be subject to chronic psychological turmoil that can be just as painful as being hungry. Given our life circumstances, we're all doing the best we can. When we look at other peoples lives and compare them to our own or even each others, there is a degree of separation that breaks our compassion into various levels. Instead of trying to classify each others struggle shouldn't we extend our love and compassion to all who are suffering? 

I agree with you in saying "you deserve this pain" would be completely inappropriate under any circumstance. In a time of suffering we need to take the foundation of this law and put it into practice - knowing that we are all connected, your pain is my pain and we will get through this together.   

*Its best to love under any circumstance, happy or sad, in joy or in grief - no one deserves pain, no one deserves love, they are a part of life and life only works when we're together.  

Sure, I agree, but the person who has to look past the suffering is the person who is suffering and they wont do that until they are ready. I really think all we can do is support them and if/when they ask, we can suggest things like philosophy, but they will only accept it when ready. Until them all we can and should do is love them.

What I am really addressing more are conversations I have been part of where one person is in anguish and the other suggests that the hard truth is that they attracted that suffering.

I look at that the same way I look at something like the sin concept. If I sin I have consequences and I use that to learn something. But when I try to use someone else's sin to show them the consequences, it is almost always universally rejected. That is because something like sin is to use as a mirror for one's self. There are times when one is invited to help "make sense" of something, then if approached gently someone can offer words of advice which when rooted in compassion and advice may be accepted, or may not, it just depends on where the person suffering is, and whether they can really trust you, know your love and care is real.

But too often, people say "look at what you are doing, you are a sinner! that's why you are suffering and if you don't stop, you are going to hell! If you do as I say, maybe you can be saved and join me in the 'good club'" But by then, who the hell wants to be a part of that? And too often people who are into law of attraction would tell someone, "well, you have all the power, so you can attract anything you want into your life. You or your child must have somehow attracted that man to come and molest your child. Or, you or your child must have attracted that car accident that left them crippled. etc. etc.

So I think it is good to figure things out for yourself and offer it to others if asked, but it's not something to just paint on, willy nilly, to any situation, with a broad brush, showing how you have it all figured out and they could escape their pain if they just did too.

Oh and just to clarify, I was not meaning to imply that the only time to love someone is when they are hurting, it's a damn good time to make sure you are though.  :)

I agree, telling other people what to believe is never a good thing. Theres a time and a place to be fascinated by these sort of things and have discussions but nothing should be used as a weapon to make snide comments towards anyone. in a time of great suffering its better to just return to our bodies and feel for each other, cry with each other, embrace one another - not isolate ourselves and try and intellectualize the situation, thats really not helping anyone. 

it certainly is, and now that i think about it if you're a person who tries to belittle someones situation by telling them what they did wrong - your action is imbued with a feeling of separation, fear and lack of empathy which will, under this theory, be reflected in your own reality. the more people who make the conscious effort towards love and compassion, the stronger and easier it will be for the rest of civilization - it is a system, a body that sustains itself, lets feed it the good stuff and create something beautiful :D

Great plan, I'm in! :)

Nice work Martin :)

it defientely works!

I believe the secret leaves out a bit of how it works which can throw people off.  Here's a bit of science that perhaps can explain this better to people. 

I personally put this law to use everyday and have had some fantastic results with it!  It literally has changed my life!  But ultimately it's up to the individual if they wish to believe it.

That's really interesting Keith! Thanks for sharing :)

I think one of the greatest things about the law of attraction is that we can use it to empower people, so that they can know that even though this planet is a bit crazy and society can be pretty oppressive and on and on and on, people can know that they can find peace right here and right now; that all you have to do is tune in to that frequency of gratitude and appreciation; that even though things can be tough and even though there are challenges and struggles that each person is extremely powerful - not the government, not the military, not anyone who thinks they're better than you is actually better than you or more powerful than you. Each person has all the power of the universe within them and that even though there is so much suffering on this planet that now is the time for us to remember where are power truly lies and that we can choose peace whenever we want; to know that it is up to us, not the government or our parents or anyone else to choose that for us; isn't it empowering to know that? Isn't it a true sigh of relief and freedom to really embrace that and know that, though we may suffer, that no one can MAKE us suffer and that we don't HAVE to suffer, that everything is truly within our own hands, that the choice is ours if and when we choose to take that opportunity? Let's all take a deep breath :)

I use the LOA every single day and it just keeps getting more amazing.  I believe the only reason a lot of people believe that it is nothing more than "spiritual woo woo" is that all of the information regarding how to actually use the law of attraction in a practical way has simply never been *fully* revealed to the mainstream. So, many people use it but they don't actually use it and then they blame the whole law! people get really excited and then they get frustrated when it isn't coming in as fast as their minds believe it should. you have to be patient, and you have to let go and simply enjoy what you are transmitting, regardless of what comes in or doesn't. 
and then, when you honestly don't care whether it comes in or not, and you're just enjoying your life immensely and with deep satisfaction  THEN it will start coming in. and of course it may not be what you thought it would be, it might be something *apparently* totally different,  but you have to remember that the universe will always give you the FEELING that you vibrating, not *necessarily* the physical thing.

it's very simple, and also takes a lot of real conscious effort to make it work for you in your real life. it's not all "sunshine and roses" but it also IS sunshine and roses - if that's what you want :) haha!

it's about belief. if you believe you can't, you're right. if you believe you can't, you're also right. it's the thinking that makes it so.

well said!



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