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Has anyone else heard of or use the Law of Attraction? I came across a movie - The Secret a while ago and have watched it 4 times. I'm only starting to use the Law of Attraction.. and so far everything has worked for me.

You can see the trailer and buy the movie here - http://thesecret.tv/thesecretfilm/
Or just watch it for free on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pDdHxARkc

What have you guys experienced in the subject? Do you believe in it, or do you think it's some spiritual woo-woo as Harley would put it?

I just thought it was really interesting and wanted to share with everyone, since I believe it can be very helpful in life.

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I like that it a positive motivator for people and do beleive that if you hold things in your mind you're more likely to bring that to you.  But The Secret is based on manifesting and there's not a lot of talk of action, or how different people can be.  If you are interested in it, it might be enjoyable for you to learn more about Aura types - generator, manifestor, projector. I find it interesting and can see how people are these things, it's sort of like personality tests for your energy.  I relate to the projector type, so I don't feel manifesting really applies to me. 
Personally I like goal setting, I take a goal, break that down into steps, then break those steps down, so eventually I achieve things that way.  

Although I will share, when I moved here I saw a medium and she said I wouldn't need to worry about money (I know that seems like a way to get money off someone, but it wasn't like that)  and she said it would just be there if I trusted it would be.  That year was amazing money-wise, I would be down to the last dollar and there would be nothing I could do and I'd need some money for something and it'd just show up, even when I gave the last bit of cash I had away, I'd end up getting the same amount back :)  

Sounds interesting. How does one find their aura type?

I guess you just apply what description feels appropriate to you.  There are four types, I forgot the reflector type. 
When I first started getting a feeling for exactly what auras are, I started looking for definitions and ways to understand them and came across this guy on youtube - 

I find him really funny and sweet :) but found it better than trying to read various written pages on it.  



They both offer slightly different info, like one has "signature" but the other doesn't. 

that's crazy, I didn't realize they work it out to birthday, but yep the second site puts me as a projector.  

the first link seems to be broken? 

thanks for info.  

Hmm... works for me. I searched "human design chart" on ecosia.org, its the first link. 

ah it didn't reload to the country, not that I'm in australia, but that's what it's come up with

It works for me too but I don't believe in it. I never believed in horoscopes either, if for the simple fact that my twin sister and I are completely different personalities but the readings are always the same.

Here they ask for the time you were born, but the reading is still the same anyhow

I'm suspect of things that go by birthdate too, but it matched to what I thought mine was so it's weeeird. :)  

I started to see these things with people well before I looked for an explanation or names for these types. I'll try to articulate just from my point of view: 

Generators - They are like big turning wheels I think of Da Vincis The Vitruvian Man when I think of these people, and their body movements go with that too, they move as though they are a wheel.  On their bad days they move like a cog.  Very confident outgoing people, but they can have their own insecurity with relating to people. But they influence people so easily.  And because they're turning their wheel, they can get burn out.  But most of the time, they're wonderful big energy balls. They are the ones you're most likely to feel, because they are so big you end up in their energy. They are doers.

Manifestors -  They are so closed, mysterious types, they'll put shields up and what they look like to me is a ball tightly wrapped and instead of going outwards like the wheel, they go inwards. They can seem uptight and conservative, hard to soften them up.  Their movements are slow, calm and close to the body.  But really they are people with really big hearts, and they are most likely healers.  

Reflectors - They're more of a fuzzy creature and when they're not doing great their fuzzy turns to spiky and erratic so they can easily offend, but don't seem to see that themselves.  They're the most confusing strange types. Their movements will be either sharp or wistful. They can come across like a friendly puppy or they can come across as spiteful, and harsh. They sort of sit back and look at everyone else in a learning way because they are the ones who have the most to learn here, They are more likely to be overcome by stress if all they're learning is frustrations around them.  But I think overall that's what they are about to simply learn what life is.     

Projectors - They are projecting outward but taking in everyone and everything around them, they'll feel what everyone else feels, good and bad.  They're about helping people. Rather than notice their movements, it's more likely others notice they are just different, strangers will have conversations with them because the stranger will just know that's a person who'll help.  But they're at risk of taking in so much of others burdens as well.  It can be difficult being in a group of people.   They have to take time out to be alone and in their own space, because they're spending so much time with others feelings, and working out how to help them.  Others around them might see them as lacking motivation for themselves and try to push projectors to do things, when really they don't need to, all they need to be about is helping.   

(.. but there is more to people than this) 

this is so great! wonderful explanations and distinctions.. while reading it I classified people I know

cheers (:

Well, if we agree that you attract whatever actually is on your mind, then the law of attraction becomes pretty useless. Why? If you want something that is missing from your life, what is on your mind is scarcity - and that is what you will attract more of by logical extension. Yet people promote the LoA as a method to get everything you ever wanted. Hmmm. Doesn't add up.

But the point of the LoA is to think of what you want not what you don't want. Or think of the things you want to have as if you already have them. Just think positively.



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