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The real deal with Hawaii and many other tropical places I've been to



Just going to share a bit of what I have meant to post, I have been researching all aspects of this planet for many years, traveling, watching, listening.


I was going to collect my thoughts but wrote this out in the Hawaii group, and realized it's really better for everyone. (part of it, this has been updated)


While I do think of the island, and dream of living back in the tropics again, the main issues with Hawaii are:

Tsunamis (one good one and it's all over)

a Volcano that can blow itself in half with resultant force to decimate the island (look it up),


It is a small island, there are a fair amount of violent people, both white and Hawaiians, someone I know was on the beach when some people came by and told him they were going to kill him later on.... For no reason. Lots of stories, lots of vibes. Lots of fake hippies who are totally confused.


Also, large dry areas with no rain water or potable water (whole side of the island) lava rock desert.... I don't get it, it's paradise in many places, but you have all these wannabe gangsters who want to fight on the island, drink, eat meat, smoke, etc. And if the economy is bad in the mainland it's 2x as bad on the island, and you think your fruit farm is safe from thousands of ghetto folks (who'd love to kill you) who don't even have running water or sewage? When they are hungry?


Believe me, I am thinking all over the world, south/central America, cartels, drugs, destroying their environment... cutting down the forest for slaughtering cows... Thailand is flooding, civil strife, and let's face it communism and islam (=shariah law) around the middle east, china, and many Asian countries. What I said about south America applies to central America as well, roaming gangs and drugs, anti-tourist/foreigner sentiment, corruption, runs deep, all over the world. If stuff is bad it's usually bad all over, so the fantasy of some isolated place, well, I don't see it right now, but I'm always looking, there is no true isolation here, those nooks and crannies.. People have made choices, many people, many strings. 'Nuff said fo' now.


Truthfully....California too, for all down there how many gang members are in Oakland alone? In LA? Tons. And it's a polluted desert. How many hours up the highway is oh...Santa Barbara or something? Not very far. Florida? urbanized, gangs, nuclear power plants, Homestead is full of ghetto kids, the one place where the best fruit grows. Hurricanes, up there with the monsoons and tsunamis. Australia? Well, some parts turning into a desert, and other common problems of a large country, the rest of the world is going through. All these other cold places? Most people have nothing sustainable, and good luck growing enough fruit when they aren't even growing enough carby veg. Hope you are ready to eat animals to survive in Canada. I'm not sorry to be grim, I want people to wake up from some of these false ideas I see sweeping every culture and subculture. If I touch on some of that (not my main point in this article) then so be it.


Not to get too off topic, as this is was started to discuss locations, (it's all tied together) but instead of trying for civilization, we have corruption on both sides, confused anarchist hypocrite protesters, government, corporations... People bent on intoxication and poor-excuse of mating with anyone/everyone like monkeys...


We need civilization, intelligent civilization. This planet could be permacultured, people could drink from the deep well of truth....To be continued.

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Thanks so much for sharing.  Any info you have on your travels would be most helpful and useful to me.

I am looking for a safe sustainable place for myself and my 3 year old daughter to grow up in and be somewhat stable through the financial crisis inevitably coming...  With like minded people to surround ourselves with.

  We are considering Taos NM.  Not tropical but very sunny enough for some food to be grown year round and some local water.  Earthships originated there which are self sustaining homes which run on rainwater and have a built in permaculture garden based on the greywater system.  My goal is to maintain all my creature comforts but not be reliant on "the system."  It is not densely populated there and the sun makes solar power and gardening very doable. 

  I lived in Cali and the "crowded polluted desert" thing was my vibe as well as well as the "fake hippies" whose values really are materialism and money over everything else resulting in financial scams and tons of pollution.

Once I have the money, I'll probably settle on New Zealand. Far enough from the crowds, nuclear free zone, plenty of space, warm enough in the north (not tropical though), too civilised like most of the world but living in the countryside should still be fine. Expensive but once I grow my own food, I won't mind...


However whatever I choose to focus on, including any future Mad Max scenarios, are more likely to happen simply because I focus on them. Not necessarily through some quantum field or mind over matter but simply because whatever I focus on ends up affecting my actions. The subconscious mind is hugely powerful, so I concentrate on focusing on the beautiful.

Maybe you'll be there one day :-)

oh the winter there is harsh!

I'm from Auckland, New Zealand and where I am the winters are really mild, further north is called winterless. It is subtropical where I am, we can grow bananas (small lady finger types), cheriymoya in my backyard in the city. It does get cold in winter but that is kindof because we don't heat our houses. I would call it mild.

I do take your point that some parts of New Zealand the winters are harsher like might get snow on the ground once or twice in the year but winters in Auckland are not like I grow bananas in my backyard.

I'd be living in Northland, northermost tip of the north island. In most places it never freezes and is more +14 - +20 C (55-70 F) in winter, which is plenty enough for me. Where I grew up, we had -40 C/F in winter and snow from November till May.

Does having a parachute mean you will fall out of the plane? (in response to Jack)

[see later post on intention/attraction/mind/]

No. There is a balance between understanding what is going on, being prepared for it and what you focus on. You need neither ignore nor despair. You can educate yourself and make good choices, believing in a beautiful tomorrow, even if you don't see all the steps to it. You can educate yourself on facts and not ignore them, and still focus on the beautiful, whatever happens.


Among people who survived horrible things such as nazi concentration camps and Stalin's Gulag, those who came out with the most intact mental health and subsequently had a life worth living were the ones who focused on something beautiful, no matter what they had to endure. Those who focused on all the injustice, abuse and horrors they saw and feared did not fare well afterwards. Sure, it takes a stalwart mind to focus on beauty in the middle of horror, but it pays off. Focusing on the beautiful does not equal ignorance.

Agree for the most part, though I myself would replace the words "believe" in a beautiful tomorrow with something like "hope" or "would choose", but if things look otherwise.... There's a chance still, as far as applying that example... At least I'd like to think so...


Witness the beauty of annihilation!!!

Thank you, Dante!  ♥  Many excellent points!


Yes, I often wonder if there is anyplace left in this world where one can live freely and in agreement with Nature.


Maybe 60-70 years ago.  But I really doubt it now.  However, I remain hopeful and hold a vision of a permaculture paradise where all is freely given and shared with all beings.  : )


I can't help but see that life on this planet is challenging for all creatures.

your picture looks sad and what you wrote is just the same ... I am sorry you see the world this way ... what about to be the change you want to see?? ... what about concentrate on positive things? ... I am well aware we all die one day and this planet as well but since we can change nothing about why bother ?? the same as getting robbed by someone ... just my thoughts, nice day to all



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