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I seem to be taking a long time to transition to all raw. I get the high carb low fat part, but I seem to crave cooked starches such as potatoes and sometimes bread (yikes). Recently, after overdoing these foods for a couple of days, I noticed I was getting increasing stiffness in my muscles when working out. My instructor asked me: what have you been eating?

When I told him he explained that starch wreaks havoc in muscle fibres and can interfere with their efficiency. I had no idea this was the case. I keep thinking of marathon runners who carb up on pasta the night before a race. Were they doing the wrong thing after all?

Postscript: since I learned that I decided to take the plunge. For the last couple of days I have been 100% raw, mostly fruit. The water is fine, not too cold at all! 

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whenever i crave cooked starches i eat a ton of dates and drink lots of water later too

after eating 20 medjool dates or more i don't want anything dry! 

i'm pretty new here but from what i've read, just eat more fruit - your cravings are because your body needs/wants more nutrients, more fuel - so give it some rocket fuel!

whatever is your favourite - for me, the sweet sweet sweet dates are like candy and i can easily eat more than 1 lb in a sitting, if it keeps me from going back to cooked, which it does

the other one that works for me is a huge batch of banana ice cream, sometimes with chopped dates stirred in for more sugar :) if i eat 10 bananas made into ice cream i won't be craving cooked anything either

@ CherryBom

those are all great suggestions. I will bear them in mind. I think the cooked starches thing was also a craving for something warm and filling because we are having a cold winter here in Sydney.

The good news is that the weather is getting milder, and mangoes are starting to appear. No trouble staying 100% raw in these conditions.


Some runners do not eat the starches everyday in huge amounts as that would make them fat and sick.  But they might eat a lot of them the night before a race to fill glycogen stores, even add to a little body fat, and to carbo load for the race.  

Yes, in some sensitive individuals like myself, starches make us fat contrary to what some popular book writers might be trying to sell to the masses.  

Starches are also high in oxalate.  Short term, oxalate can cause digestive upsets, but long term, contributes to kidney stone formation and kidney disease, and calcification of arteries and tissues with long term heart problems and stroke risks, and arthritis, osteoporosis and dental problems.  

Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce

Oxalate Health Impact

While the media might hype about the Japaneses living slightly longer than other people, did you know they have higher rates of some cancers like stomach cancer than those in the USA, and higher rates of cardiovascular and stroke risks from calcification of the arteries.  Staples of their diet include the starchy rice, soy products, and sweet potatoes.

Diet and Health in Japan and USA

Everything is relative in this world and I am not looking for ways to be less sick, rather not sick at all:-D

Peace, PK

Heart disease comes from fat consumption, not from (complex) carb consumption:

A snippet from Dr Esselstyn's book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease:

“The key is plant-based nutrition. Let’s review what we know about the science. Heart disease, as I have already stressed, develops in susceptible persons when blood cholesterol levels rise higher than 150 mg/dL. The converse is also true. A person who maintains cholesterol under 150 mg/dL for a lifetime will not develop coronary artery disease – - even if he or she smokes, has a family history disease, suffers from hypertension, and is obese! One case in point: the Papua Highlanders of New Guinea. These people are traditionally heavy smokers. Even nonsmokers among them breathe in lethal doses of secondhand smoke in communal hutches. Not surprisingly, the Papua Highlanders suffer many lung disorders, thanks to the smoking. But studies of those who live into their sixties and beyond have shown that despite the well-documented risk to heart health that is posed by smoking, they have no coronary artery disease. They are protected by their diet, which consists almost entirely of nineteen separate varieties of sweet potatoes. (37)


I am not interested in books or health plans that sell to the masses and only appeal to people who  only want to make small changes like changing from a beef burger to a soy burger.  I am interested in guiding people to optimum health, and I am doing independent research in doing so.  

I am not interested in being less sick rather not getting sick at all.  

Regarding heart disease and cardiovascular conditions

There are several types of heart disease.  Some of them are genetic and out of our control.  Some of them are related eating cholesterol and animal products, so some of the information you shared here is correct.


But there are some forms of heart disease that come from a hardening or stiffening of the arteries via calcification which is also called arteriosclerosis.  Calcification can come from such things as smoking, medications, eating grains, eating high oxalate foods even though vegan. Long term, this type of calcified arteriosclerosis can cause cardiovascular risks and or stroke, and can happen in slim people and SAD and cooked food vegans. In fact, these types of diseases are one of the number one killers in Japan. Diet and Health in Japan and USA






Almost all of these articles I have just posted refer to hardened and or calcified arteries.  

Here is a really thought out essay on what the various forms of arteriosclerosis and their causes and manifestations are:


As I mentioned in my blog post on oxalates, a common cause of calcification of tissues and arteries includes eating high oxalate foods.  High oxalate foods include almost all starchy foods, almost all grains, tubers and potatoes, legumes and beans, most nuts and seeds, and most processed foods.

Please read the blog posts I posted above as well as the medical references I referred to in those blog posts for more information.  

Peace, PK

BTW, I forgot to mention that eating 1-2 pounds of lettuce greens a day can alleviate cravings.

Benefits of Lettuce Greens

I am getting back on to the salad greens. As soon as I put them in my mouth my whole body seems to say: "Yessss".

Wherever did you find such an enlightened instructor??  

Not that you need his full dietary support, but it's nice to have confirmation.  Does that mean he's pretty happy with 811?

Ha Ha. He is brilliant on anatomy and showing people how to get fit and toned while avoiding injury. Not too sure about his dietary knowledge. Heard him speak about eating meat and drinking beer. Oh well ....


I get stiffness and joint pain as a symptom of gluten sensitivity.  Maybe try gluten-free starches. Potatoes can also trigger joint stiffness in some people... what happens when you eat corn, sweet potatoes or quinoa? I'll bet you're less stiff.

       I vote winter squash; many of us find it remarkably easier to digest than other forms of starch.  It is botanically a fruit.


by winter squash, do you mean pumpkin? I agree it's much easier to digest. I am even happy to eat it raw.

Or if you mean zucchini, I prefer them raw to cooked.



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