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I can't manage to link to where I found this because my phone was built to drive me insane (don't buy a sony xperia z, serious) but I will post later from laptop. I am just really excited! I used to frequent these proana (thats pro anorexia btw - anorexia as a lifestyle not a disease) support sites as a teenager, and I cant think of a group of people more vulnerable and more in need of some serious carbing up! Can you imagine if this catches on in the underground anorexia glamourising community and they all stop starving themselves, both severly eating disordered and those looking for just a couple tips to lose weight quickly and think the experts to go to are anorexics, the best at losing weight. This would be a social revolution amoung young girls/women ( a few guys go on too but doesnt seem as many). Omg freelee could end eating disorders and poor body image in western society. Who else is super excite?

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I am more excited to end obesity to be honest, but hey anorexia and undereating seems to be a huge issue too...anyway i think that a vegan diet is the solution to almost ALL problems in the world and Freelee and Durianrider have already saved my life and many other lives too...I really hope that together we all as vegan pioneers can turn the world into a vegan paradise I mean how cool would that be? As Leo Tolstoy said: As long as there are Slaughterhouses there will be Battlefields...<3

You're right obesity is bigger problem, but I guess I'm excited about this because I have no experience of obesity but remember being a very insecure young girl wanting to emulate nicole richie and posh spice and lilo and etc when they where all "ana chic". Heal the whole world for the win dude. Also how proud and awesome would it feel for freelee and durianrider and I guess all the high carb low fat vegan pioneers, what a claim to fame!

I think that obesity and anorexia are part of the same problem, though, girls growing up with little or no self esteem, along with mass media telling them what they should look like, and how important that is.

But I'm not sure I understand your post connecting the proana site and Freelee, can you elaborate a bit?

Just that I noticed on the pro ana sites they were discussing freelee and raw till 4 ( positive and negative opinions expressed). Basically these girls study every eating plan that claims to help weightloss, I think if they decided to give this lifestyle a go, i.e. A radical increase in calories from their normal near starvation fad diets, they could heal themselves similar to how freelee herself overcame ED. Even if their initial intentions are just to get skinny, part of the ana thing is it gets worse the more you starve because the brain cant function properly without fuel. From what I understand, the barrier is they dont eat enough to achieve a sound mind due to fear of not contineing weightloss, but if they believe this 4000 calorie plan will cause weightloss, that barrier dissolves. I have never had anorexia myself, I was just a wannabe so I dont know exactly if it will work, but the prospect is exciting.

I see what  you're saying - it IS exciting to think that these girls are getting referred to a program that is healthy and good for them.  

I actually found out about Freelee on a ProAna site! They were making fun of the lifestyle, and so I looked it up! It made total sense! I chose to recover and go 80/10/10, I've never made a better decision.

Great! Point in case, or is that case in point, something like that! :D

Persistence is a skill anorexics and near anorexics DO possess, in excess! So they really just need to believe. In treatment clinics, their prescribed diets are designed for weight gain, with no promise of eventual weightloss from continueing them. Big barrier. Big cause for relapse. A life getting fatter and fatter is their biggest fear, right? basically the whole problem. A lifestyle that will cause them initial weight gain but overall health and a promise of their body eventually settling down to a thin healthy, attractive physique like freelee's, sounds like a cure to me! And they do view freelee as thin and attractive and what they want to look like, for the most part.

@#$% calorie restricting... if i knew better before i restricted i wouldn't have to go through this emotional/physical and psychological bullshit that raw foods now have to heal... aside from all those bodily problems people set themselves up for a FAILURE at being ANYTHING MEANINGFUL in their life and DOING SOMETHING.....

It's great the MESSAGE IS out there, doesn't matter PRO ANA or wherever. The world needs to get this message... and i believe that once the person is ready (obese or starved) they will step on the right path.... all we can do is just to continue spreading the word and carbing up :) 

that is where I first heard about freelee. myproana.com I think. They are big on mono meals because if you eat the same thing every day it doesn't make you gain somehow ?? Not sure on that but it is definitely what sparked my interest and helped me heal before I got too bad

I tried to lead my anorexic cousin to this lifestyle by pointing her to Freelee's videos (I sent her a link to the "51 bananas in a day" video) but she said she just couldn't watch it, it was hurting her :-\



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