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At my new job I am noticing that the only way to really fit in is to party with my co-workers. They go to the bars frequently and are a tight knit group. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do? How do you deal with the pressure to drink.. I just really don't want to hear that I need to sacrifice socializing with people who don't agree with my preferred diet. Life should be all loving and all inclusive. 

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You will come to learn what you and your friends are made of in such situations.

Take Care,

Just do what you want to do. :) Go to their parties if you want, have a good time, and if they offer you a drink say "no thank you". :) They'll see you can have fun without alcohol. Stay carbed up on fruit and maybe they'll see that's where the party is. :p

Just don't drink. Pretty simple.

You could probably still go to bars with them and enjoy their company without drinking. It may seem odd at first to be in a bar and not drink but it would allow you to still socialize with them without doing anything you don't care to do. You may even be able to order a drink without the alcohol and chances are, no one will probably even notice you're not drinking but you could still have a drink in hand so as to not feel out of place. Sticking to what you want to do is important, though, and as long as you're not telling them not to drink, they should be cool with it if they're worth hanging out with. Good luck!

Do what you love and love what you do because those that matter do not mind, and those that mind do not matter! Durianrider has quoted this many times, and I try to keep it running around in my head in those situations.

I'm constantly in situations where I meet new people and only last night a guy said to me "so.. you're a vegan AND you don't drink? You're well boring then" He actually said this. We then went on to have a laugh over the course of the evening and any talk of whether or not I was drinking alcohol dissolved.

Your personality is more important than alcohol. People who still want you to drink even if you're having a great time are probably only wanting it to make themselves feel more comfortable about drinking when they know it's not that healthy.

Hi Melissa!

I come from a party background. I spent a lot of my life "trying to fit in" by drinking and acting a fool with the crowd. I came to the realization that I was only harming myself in the process. When I let my friends know that I was done with the booze, a lot of them applauded me and said they wish they had the strength to do the same. I still hang out with them sometimes and I just drink bottled water with lemon and or lime. I still have a good time and now I become the designated driver. I love my friends, but I love living a healthy life too. I think that if you can just live your life, eventually the good you do will rub off on them. I have a few friends that have seen the transformation in my life and they are asking questions and some have taken the steps to change.

I hope that you can see that you don't have to drink to be social. You just have to be yourself.

Have a blessed day!


Hey, you could be the permanent "designated driver", they'll love you because no drinker wants to make that sacrifice. I would guess over time like others have stated, that you may grow tired of socializing with people you don't share values and interests but you never know. If you're fun to be around, that's all that will matter. Good luck!

I say put on your best clothes, get carbed up, and go out and have a great time! You can drink fruit juice or sparkling water all night, turn up the charm, have great time, if there's a dancefloor get on it! The best way to approach something like this is to embrace it and use your HCRV energy to be the life of the party!

Hi Melissa. Dont worry about how ppl would take if u dont drink with them. I dont like alcohol, and hate being drunk, let alone the hangover that comes after. I love to go out and dance and i notice that if i drink the first thing i loose is my coordination, whats  the point then? Just go out, ask for water, keep hydrated, and have a great time! It will be strange for your friends at first, but they will get used to it, and u will c, some ppl actually will look up to u for it, u might even set an example for some.

And as for u.. I remember when i first said no to even one beer, i found it a bit more difficult to relax into the party, was too concious to let go, but u will get used to it soon, and u will have a better time than anyone else (u will also get more confident in other situations eg taling in public that others would only dare to do when drunk, lol). This diet and lifestyle will make sure that u will be up for the longest, and thanx for not ruining your body with alcohol u will recover faster.

Dont let others stand in the way of your health. Let Them get sick if they ask for it, but y should u, too? And if anyone wont accept u coz u dont drink, well... thats their loss.

However I do think its ok to drink sometimes, I know it has positive sides, too. I would actually drink alcohol about 3 times a year (and it doesnt mean i would get drunk, but drink some). It reminds me of the taste :) It also shows my friends that if I want it, I will drink it, so they can stop pushing it onto me.

I've found it's really easy to go to clubs or parties while just drinking water. The first couple of times it felt awkward but I found most people really don't even pay attention to what you're drinking. If you look around a club some of the coolest people are drinking water. Gravitate towards them for your safe zone.

Actually you can use it to an advantage to test a persons character. If they ask, tell them you're the designated driver or you're training for a triathlon. Whatever truthful goal that fit's your particular circumstances will work 95% of the time. When I say I'm cutting for a Triathlon they almost instantly ask about the Triathlon and the subject is re-directed. Then they become fascinated that someone my age and size could do one. If the person try's to coach you to drink they failed the character test. Look at my pics, I'm 48 and hanging out with Ryan Sheckler for his 21st birthday in a club.

You could always order a water with ice and a squirt of cranberry juice. It will look like a drink and nobody will care. 

After a while when you realize it doesn't matter if you're drinking you can joke about it and be "really loud and boisterous" just ordering a water. Order a double of water on the rocks with extra love. 

It also saves a ton of money and you wake up feeling great.

Offer to be a designated driver or something, just make sure you don't let them walk all over you. Also you could say you are on a special diet for your doctor but you like going out for the dancing and conversation. Be confident enough to party while in your right mind. 



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