30 Bananas a Day!

     I know, I know.  We've heard this a million times and I'm sure you're all tired of answering the same questions.  Yes, I could type into the search engine and find my answers but this post isn't just about the question, it's about finding others who support this new lifestyle. 

     I've tried to talk to so many friends and family members about this and they can't seem to hear me - only the word vegan.  I've tried to not use the term, maybe get rid of the negative connotation, but they seem to reach that conclusion anyway.  I find most of my happiest moments are sitting in front of youtube or on this forum with my smoothie, watching others who feel the same way I do.  So my question isn't just a question and this post isn't just a post - it's also hopes to connect with those who understand why I'm doing this and why I feel so much better now that I've made this choice.

     I guess my current troubles are transferring from my calorie restrictive lifestyle to one of abundance.  I'm addicted to bananas and dates and I feel like I could eat a million if I was allowed.  BUT, My mind won't shut off my old bulimic habits. 

     So in light of my needing support and wanting to find others in this lifestyle, I reach out to you all.  How did you get over those negative thoughts?  How much do you actually eat in a day?  How do you look past the weird stares and the criticism?

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Hey Hillary! I come from a background of a 2.5 year eating disorder from anorexia. I finally stopped talking to my friends and family about it and I just do me. The way I got over my anorexic thoughts/ still getting over some of them is that I can see the health benefits happening to me and I always remind myself, gain weight now and forever be healthy  or torture and slowly kill myself (which I've already done and had I kept up with my eating disorder i would have died) ? haha It's a pretty easy choice after that. 

I eat as much as I want in a day which is anywhere from 2000-3500 calories. honestly **** the weird stares and criticism. do what makes you happy, not other people. I'm not eating this way for anyone else but myself, and anyone who wants to say something about it can but I'm not going to let that affect me or change what I do. 

If you ever want to message me or just talk totally feel free too! (: 

Thank you so much for the support and for sharing your experience.  I love the way I feel and the health benefits that will come with this lifestyle.  It's so wonderful and inspiring to see that others have been where I am and have made it to the place your at.  Thank you!

i dont let myself think negative thoughts anymore, i keep myself too busy :P watching every single video freelee uploads helps a lot too, its taken me MONTHS of research to finally jump in with the unlimited calorie thing...but im so glad i did!!!! 

these days i average about 3,000 - 3,500 calories.

also in my calorie counter (my fitness pal) i made sure to set my goal at 3,000 so that thing is pushing me to eat more.

also im not a fan of criticism when its unnecessary, i dont just "take it" i shoot something right back at em.  

now no one i know even mentions my eating in a slightly bad way otherwise they get a verbal butt kicking. hahaha

I use myfitnesspal as well - I'm still set at 1,300.  I've consistently gone over this amount and I'm not longer 'mad' at myself when this happens.  Slow progress.  Thank you so so much for your response.  It means a lot to hear your story

Hey!!!!! I also come from a background of really bad bulimia and anorexia as well.
I used to be so preoccupied with what ppl thought of me and was always trying to be "perfect". When I started this lifestyle I literally told myself that I was going to have to overcome that. More than anything what this lifestyle has brought to me is self love. It is self love that allows me to eat 10 bananas and NOT CARE what anyone thinks...
It is self love that has allowed me to realize that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks!! At the end of the day, you got to do what's best for yourself.

I've only been on this lifestyle for a month (prior to that I was restricting binging & purging). Every time I have negative old thoughts I just remind myself that I'm actually going to do something for myself for once in my life. I am actually going to put myself and my health first for once in my life.... I get a little tony Robbins-like on myself lol... But hey
This has been working for me... I hope this helps you..

I eat around 3000 cal a day sometimes 3500. (One time I ate like 6000) lol =) good luck!

I just truly committed to this a couple weeks ago and I already feel better.  It's just getting over calorie counting - I would measure everything out and punish myself with the gym and laxatives.  I'm so grateful you shared your story with me - it really gives me hope that I can reach a point where I can love myself and not worry what others are thinking.  Thank you!

I'm just starting this as well - it's been a slow transition process.  So I definitely relate to how you're feeling.  Thank you for your input!  It's really nice to hear that I'm not the only one struggling.  I love how this lifestyle makes me feel and I'm never going back - it's just getting past calorie restricting and bingeing.  Thank you again!

You may take comfort in the thoughts of a buddy of mine here, Adrienne, from about a year ago:


and again in a recent update:


Thanks for posting this, Hillary! It's so nice to know we're not alone :)

I've been vegetarian for 15 years and I've been high-carb vegan for 13 months now. I too come from a past of calorie-restriction, excessive dieting and an eating disorder. I started dieting when I was 8... I'm now 29... I've undergone therapy for my eating disorder, beat depression, and have recovered, but I know my body has almost 20 some years worth of healing to do :/

I eat 3,000-4,000 calories a day and I've definitely had my fair share of weird looks (especially at family gatherings or from co-workers), from my experience people are more perplexed than anything... kudos to all of us for keeping people on their toes! :P

As for motivation, I see this as an amazing personal accomplishment! I never thought I'd be able to put away that much food guilt-free :)

I should also note that I have been steadily gaining weight the entire time I've been on this lifestyle. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my metabolism is in very poor shape. I've moved up from a size 6/8 to a 12/14 now and that has been something that has shaken my confidence at times, but I really want to be a success story one day and I really want this to work so I keep going :)

Best of luck to every single one of us! Cheers :)

I really appreciate your story!  It really is so wonderful to see this much support from a post.  This is definitely something I want to stick to, no matter how I end up looking or what others think, I feel so much better with this lifestyle.  Thank you again!

Oh it looks like Bryan deleted his comment here before I could finish this, but I'll add it here in case it helps anyone else!

Bryan had posted:

In the end its all about calories in vs calories out for weight loss. A question to you Eva, do you exercise? and if you do, what do you do? (You dont have to respond if its too personal)

Hi Bryan! As a web designer, I spend MUCH of my day in front of the computer, but I do spin the legs with my cyclist enthusiast hubby (I think we average around 20 miles) 3-4 times a week or I might go for a walk (3 miles) a couple times a week. But I'm by no means a fitness fanatic (like I once was in the prime of my eating disorder days) — if you ask my hubby, he'd say I'm quite lazy ;)

As for the note about calories in vs. calories out, I definitely understand the logic behind it, but I'm not sure if it's that simple for someone who has really abused their body? I'd be curious to hear if others have had similar experience to me on this?

I'm certainly not an expert, but back when I was obsessing about everything little thing I ate, working out for literally 3 hours every day, and abusing diuretics, laxatives, and weightloss pills, I was still quite "fleshy" with both fluid and fat — by no means have I ever been skinny or thin, which you might expect from all that "effort" — unhealthy as it was.

From what I've been studying it sounds like if your hormones and metabolism are all wonky, and if your body doesn't trust you, things might not function the way you'd expect for a while.

My body has been very ill as a result of how I've treated it in the past and I'm paying my dues.

Back in college, I started having trouble with my small intestine, which lead to an ever-expanding list of food intolerances, for years I wasn't able to eat anything even mildly acidic without doubling over in pain. I had to keep a handy list of "foods to avoid" and "safe foods" with me at all times. And I was terrified at being told I'd have to be hooked up to tubes for the rest of my life.

As for metabolism, I was diagnosed several years ago with a very under-active thyroid, and I took Armour Thyroid for it, but I didn't like that it was made from pig thyroid :( I had a real problem with that and quickly stopped taking it. While one's body temperature isn't an exact measurement of metabolism, I've been monitoring my temperature (basal and throughout the day while on this journey) and it averages around 96-97 degrees F so something still doesn't seem quite right. I notice that on days when I drink more water, my temperature will increase slightly.

Getting enough water in is still something I struggle daily. I've learned how to become comfortable with the fullness of food, but the fullness that accompanies drinking enough water is still something foreign and at times, very uncomfortable for me. So that has become my focus as of late.

Anyways I hope the helps give some more insight into this weird complex puzzle! Curious to hear if anyone has had similar experience (or advice too!).

Thanks for taking an interest! :D

I eat Bananas and dates till about 6pm then have rice and curry vegetables or pizza or tacos. The dates are amazing. im eating while i drive around for work. and some times eat them at the same time as bananas cause they mix well. But thats it and water and coconut water. Maybe some fresh veggies at work from 6am-2pm. cause im chopping it so i eat some. PPl think im weird too. Im like you need 10 bananas just to get the minimum potassium need for good health. They people sort of understand or grasp it they dont think like us they think "I'm Hungry so lets eat what tastes good bacon on beef on bun done!" we think about fulfilling needs for the body not just are taste buds.



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