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I know I don’t need a safe little bubble to survive and thrive as a HCRV enthusiast, Lord knows if I did I would be very isolated. To a point I suppose I am looking to hear about people’s struggles with becoming HCRV so I don’t feel so alone. I don’t want to open any wounds, I just feel so alone sometimes despite knowing that there are many of us struggling with the same issues. I live in a small town, Vegan is code for brain damage and sickly here, I suppose it is in many places. I have managed to be an encouragement to some close friends to eat healthier, but everyone I know continues to eat the typical western diet, which is of course there choice, I simply long for the community that can provide local, consistent encouragement and support for one another. I receive the criticisms that I used to give to a girl I knew in High School, the only other person I ever knew that was openly Vegan, I feel horrible for not  being understanding or inquisitive, I could have learned from her, I could have found the joy of this lifestyle sooner... As with her, people purposely eat meat in front of me, they act like it is the best thing in the world and that I am truly missing out on sheer bliss. My friends are mostly understanding, but I still get "Hey, you want to get a burger? Oh, right, you don't eat meat... We could grill you a tomato" a har har har... In the end it doesn’t really matter, I am so much happier being HCRV then I ever have been in the past. I have energy, I am positive, I feel amazing, I am creating for myself the body that will be healthy and strong when others will wilt and fail from abuse. I am not perfect of course, I struggle, I make poor choices from time to time, yet the joy I have from living pure, eating pure, is my new euphoria… I ramble… Feel free to comment, encourage, offer advice, slap around, tickle, or otherwise harass. Most of all… Hello

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I am a Minnesota man. I suppose it is mildly ridiculous but I am so excited about how wonderful the lifestyle is that I cannot, most days, shut up about it. Perhaps one day I will find a little calm, until then, carnivores and Junkfooditarians beware.

I have actually taken to doing that, cart spying... Meat, white bread, pasta, chips, pop, ice cream, oh wait, there in the back, on the bottom, in the corner, is that? Yes it is, a pint of blueberries... I look down into my cart, sixty pounds of bananas and other assorted fruits, mostly it makes me sad, I will keep looking though. I will hunt the Vegan until I catch and befriend the Vegan, this... is my mission.

Can you believe this stuff also happens in Everett, WA?!!!  How amazing that the people in your small town could be so much like the foolish people in my small town!!!  When I quit smoking, I got a hard time from smokers....  When I quit drinking, I had a hard time with my old drinking buddies...it was almost as if they didn't want me to quit!  If I admit I'm having problems with my drinking, then quit, what does that say about them??  Especially if they were drinking more than me?!!

Last year I lived in one of those 55-and-over apartments.  When I tried to go raw-vegan I got so much crap from the other residents that I had to move out of "the community"!!!  When I no longer came to their BBQ's, potlucks, and coffees and turned down their offers of pastries & junk food it must have made a statement about them that they didn't like!  They were heavier and sicker than me!  They already had cancer, diabetes, and heart disease!  I was trying to quit junk food because I didn't want to have these things in the future!  What does that say about them?

One of these fools was named Ken.  He was so fat that he couldn't walk--and he couldn't fit in a standard wheel chair--so he had a double-wide wheelchair--and it was electric because it was so heavy that he couldn't move it!!!  One day I said, "Ken I'm trying to start a discussion group on how to prevent heart disease.  Would you like to come"?  He became very angry and began insulting me.  He continued to insult me for two weeks solid--then he died--from a massive heart attack!!!  Stupid Ken!!  Tom was also insulting me and he insulted me right up to the day that he went into the hospital for a heart transplant!  Stupid Tom!!  Myrna was a fat slob.  She called 911 and said that I was stalking her!!  The police couldn't believe it!  They said that she put on a performance that deserved an Academy award...then they left without arresting me.  Myrna had a hip replacement a month later!

I finally decided, "why do I want to live with fools"?  Why do I care what fools do or say?  I moved to a one-bedroom apartment by myself and joined the Y.  I don't hang out with smokers, drinkers, drug addicts, carnivores, sugar frieks or food junkies any more.  Why would I want to hang out with those people? 

I try to go on with my life.  I bought a bike, some jogging shoes, joined the Y, 30BAD and Meetup.com and began looking for Meet-ups in Everett with people who are not mentally, physically and spiritually sick.  Why would I want to continue hanging out with those people?  Just because I've always done it up to now?

Buddha says that the first requirement for Nirvana is to live apart from fools.

I find that keeping a positive attitude, no matter the situation, has a profound affect on those around you.
Most of the time, people are just curious. If they're mean, it's often because they're confused/unsure/afraid, because what you're doing is so different from what they're doing.
If they see you feeling vibrant, happy, full of energy, they'll want that too. Share it with them. If they ask questions, or make rude comments, just smile and tell them what's true. "You need carbs." -"Actually this diet is very high in carbs." "Eat a steak." -"Nah, doesn't make me feel too great. Eat some fruit? ;)" Just be happy for what you're doing. Others will see the light you're shining, and follow. :)



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