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I know I don’t need a safe little bubble to survive and thrive as a HCRV enthusiast, Lord knows if I did I would be very isolated. To a point I suppose I am looking to hear about people’s struggles with becoming HCRV so I don’t feel so alone. I don’t want to open any wounds, I just feel so alone sometimes despite knowing that there are many of us struggling with the same issues. I live in a small town, Vegan is code for brain damage and sickly here, I suppose it is in many places. I have managed to be an encouragement to some close friends to eat healthier, but everyone I know continues to eat the typical western diet, which is of course there choice, I simply long for the community that can provide local, consistent encouragement and support for one another. I receive the criticisms that I used to give to a girl I knew in High School, the only other person I ever knew that was openly Vegan, I feel horrible for not  being understanding or inquisitive, I could have learned from her, I could have found the joy of this lifestyle sooner... As with her, people purposely eat meat in front of me, they act like it is the best thing in the world and that I am truly missing out on sheer bliss. My friends are mostly understanding, but I still get "Hey, you want to get a burger? Oh, right, you don't eat meat... We could grill you a tomato" a har har har... In the end it doesn’t really matter, I am so much happier being HCRV then I ever have been in the past. I have energy, I am positive, I feel amazing, I am creating for myself the body that will be healthy and strong when others will wilt and fail from abuse. I am not perfect of course, I struggle, I make poor choices from time to time, yet the joy I have from living pure, eating pure, is my new euphoria… I ramble… Feel free to comment, encourage, offer advice, slap around, tickle, or otherwise harass. Most of all… Hello

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Be the example you wish to be and people will follow you.

I found out the only ay to make people passionate about these things is to be  leader and step forward alone at first. In no time as long as it takes to get results, people will come and follow.

"Those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind" - Dr. Seuss


That has been a really positive thing about sticking to my guns so to speak, people start to see the results (I am down over 80 lbs. among other things) and all of a sudden they start to wonder if I'm not actually on to something worth while. It's good to remember, thanks :)

And you'll always have friends here. :)

Welcome! You are making the best first steps for yourself and everyone around you– raising awareness. 

I cannot imagine that I am the only person this happens to... Have you found that whenever you tell someone about the lifestyle you have chosen that all of sudden, regardless of profession or experience, everyone is, all of a sudden, a health and diet expert?!? God help me I've heard more opinions and horror stories than I could have imagined, I take it as an opportunity though, I ask questions, find out what "patient x" did, did wrong rather, and use it as a chance to try to plant a seed of light that will, hopefully, become a new and beautiful tree of life... I am made joyful, thanks :)

My coworkers are extremely closed minded and give me a hard time for even being a vegetarian...they don't even know that's the tip of the iceberg. "Eat a damn steak, boy!" They'll even say extremely ignorant things like, "You need yer carbs!"

One of my closest friends got in an argument with me over it. He is getting his Ph.D in pharmacy and was trying to convince me of the dangers of bananas. We agree to disagree. My current roommate and good friend completely showed her lack of encouragement when I took on this lifestyle, said it was, "dumb and excessive." I tell her the relativity of that statement and she just repeats that she thinks it's excessive. And I'm sure we all experience the same innocent jabs and comments from the grocery clerks day in and day out; "Making banana pudding??!" Even my vegan friend gave me a hard time.

Anyway, you sure can feel alone when you're surrounded like this. As if it weren't hard enough in it's own way... I just keep telling myself life is beautiful and it's all worth it...unless I'm undercarbed, then I'm pretty much a raging pessimist, like the rest. Fruit is life.

My sister lost it on me, I was eating a load of vegetables while everyone else was eating meat... "Why are you just eating vegetables?" I launch into the "You know why" conversation, she says my body is going to eat all my muscle because I have no protein in my diet... Lord help the uneducated. Ended up preaching about amino acids being the building blocks of protein and how raw has more than enough to provide for my bodies needs, she would not relent, "YOU NEED MEAT PROTEIN!!" I understand the agree to disagree option, though it can me maddening, there is just so much indoctrination to overcome. I bought 57 lbs. of bananas one day for $5.00 they were speckled so no one else would buy them, sigh, great for me of course, but everyone wanted to know if I was making lots and lots of banana bread... God forbid you peel and eat, I feel bad for people sometimes. I also have the pessimist issue when I am under-carbed, I am absurdly giddy and outgoing when I am fully carbed, my family doesn't like being in public with me when I am that way, I draw too much attention apparently... The day I found the 57 lbs. of bananas for $5.00 I was laughing manically while loading the trolly and asking the produce fella if they had more free bananas, I thought it was awesomely funny, my brother just kept telling me to shut up. You are right, Fruit is LIFE!!

You are not alone my dear. Take heart and know what you are
doing for yourself is admirable and amazing- not only for yourself but for our planet. I struggled so much 
in the beginning as the only vegan I knew personally was thousands of miles away and had no support from family. 
I have since met other vegans and raw 811 vegans but alas, none local. I suppose it comes a but easier for me 
as I am outgoing by nature and use my "crazy" eating as a way of striking up conversation. But always remember you are not alone..
You have a whole community of like minded people who are here to support one another! <3 

I am starting to see that!! I do hope to find some people locally that share my passion, that or I'll start converting people against their wills :) I find that the cleaner I eat the more wildly optimistic and outgoing I become, I am finally able to be the person I am supposed to be, I am so happy and grateful for the knowledge I now have, it will only continue to grow. I think this site is really going to help a lot, so far I am heartened by the kindness, encouragement, and joy that everyone is sharing, thank you :)

Tell your friends to grow up. "Hey, you want to get a burger?" I mean really? I stopped getting that about a week after going vegetarian. At least my friends (the smart ones anyways) make original and hilarious jabs at my diet. Good jokes or bad, you're always going to get em. Get good at taking them or do what I do, which is get good at throwing them back in their face(s)!

All that really matters is you've found your new euphoria in raw food, so really, the joke will always be on them.


I did get the last laugh actually, I went to a little bar and grill with some friends called "Hillbillies" knowing with near 100% certainty that there would be no "raw vegan" options I took a bag of dates and some bananas... the closest thing they had was "Hillbilly Health Sticks" Breaded and deep fried green beans... yee haw! They ordered, I took water and sneakily ate my fruit, neither of them finished their food, it was horrible apparently, I could not stop grinning, later that night they both had some pretty powerful reactions as the "Hillbillies" really hit em... Thank God for LFHCRV!

Congrats on your weight loss! 



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