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Hi everyone,

I've been researching out of curiosity on bras because I have heard from sources from someone here that wearing bras are linked to breast cancer. Is that so when one wears them longer than necessary or is that so in general?

If  it's the latter, what are the alternatives, especially for a large-breasted individual?

What are your opinions on bras in general?

I would love to hear experiences, opinions, and knowledge (especially from the ladies here).

Many thanks in advance.

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def not natural i prefer women didn't but it's society who tricks them to think the use of makes sense for aesthetics and 'support' (as if more like dependancy)

I have no shame in relying on my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.  I wish I didn't, it's another vanity point for this diet for me, if it decreases my overall size they'll be smaller, yay. 

I wonder if there are specific shrinking exercises.  

my mother has huge ones and she's never worn a bra.  dependance leads to sag.  free hangs keep cells healthy and perky

many get bigger because their hormones finally start working properly

I think it's my genes. I'd be willing to go bra free if they were a A or B but no.. they'd kind of get in the way, it's annoying enough when I sleep bra free.  It wouldn't even look like boobs under my top if i went bra free it'd look like an extra pair of arms trying to flail about.

I don't know about bra-dependance leading to sag, but breastfeeding and yo yo dieting has already done that to them.  Mostly breastfeeding, but it was worth it.

My sister used to be too small to fit the smallest bra (different genes) and she got implants because she felt that kind of pressure that it wasn't sexy and feminine.  I'd hate to feel that way about them.

Guys don't know unless they grow their balls to grapefruit size and had them flopping about while trying to do stuff like cycling and hmm skipping ropes... most extreme thing I can think of.  Then when you lie down, they flop down to your butt, which would be the equivalent of having a boob try to hide in your armpit.  
Yeah, you get some bigger balls then well talk :P  

i personally don't feel comfortable wearing a bra but i know many women who do and prefer it that way. its a personal choice, it has nothing to do with being natural or unnatural. a woman who doesn't wear a bra or chooses not to wear make up or dress up in heels is not inherently better than a woman who does.

better in the way of more health most certainly .   for bone structure of the feet and toes and for having plastic(polyester) in contact with the skin

hard to say really, if your posture is already compromised after a certain lifestyle your body may require extra support for a certain amount of time, it really depends on the individual. but putting yourself in immediate physical pain and upsetting the integrity of your body, sacrificing nerve and fascial health because you're afraid of polyester doesn't make much sense to me.. just do what feels right. health is an experience that will be different for everyone 

Yes, that is the sad part. Everybody thinks that we have to wear a bra otherwise our breasts will sag. What about your mother´s breasts? you said she has never worn a bra, so how are her breasts now?

I made some research on google, and what surprised me the most was that actually lots of women find that gross if other women don´t wear a bra! Some say that they hate bras themselves but wear them to be appropriate, that it´s not good to show our nipples, that they don´t want to see other women not wearing a bras, they feel offended....it shows how crazy our society is! not wearing a bra is not gross, it´s just natural and healthy. You should also see all the videos on youtube showing stars going braless and how they are made fun off. I am sure stars are smarter and know the relationship between bras and health.

Women not wearing bras - rock on.  :)  I would actually be envious, I wouldn't think it were gross and I think it's awful of people to think so, my mum doesn't wear a bra because she has RA and osteoporosis and basically has no shoulders, she can't bend her arms up to get into them, every now and then she buys one to try on because of a wedding or something, but then ends up not bothering with it.  

I like bras, I kind of like constrictive clothing in general, not uncomfortably tight and pinching but snug shoes, tights for running, snug jeans, snug smaller sweaters, close fitting tops, I like them, I don't even like my hair flopping about. 

Depends on the bra and how long you wear it. I only put on a bra when I am not being lazy as I can get away with wearing tight tank tops/t-shirts and it's not too much of an issue. Otherwise I just put on a sweatshirt/light jacket so no issues with anything sticking through my shirt. In my opinion, as long as you aren't wearing bras to sleep you should be okay...but I have seen some of the contraptions that larger breasted women have to wear :\ so I don't have much experience with those type of bras. The important thing is to not wear a bra that is too small or one of those push ups where you have to adjust the straps to make your boobs push up. A lot of my larger chested friends usually wear sports bras, perhaps this is a more healthy alternative, as long as it's not too snug, of course. 

Also if you are worried about the affect bras have on your health, but you don't want to go without them try a breast massage at night before bed. They are great for breast health. 

My breasts have really increased their size since going HCRV, but I have no idea what size/cup size they are. I'm beginning to wonder if I should consider a bra because from what I understand it's the wired ones that lead to breast cancer.

Bee recommended ahh bras or genie bras and both look very appealing. I'm all for natural too, but when it hurts having giant melons 24/7.......... :-/

I just wear tight fitting tanks.  Layers help prevent nips from showing, but I am not embarrassed to show a little nip. :) When I am cold again I just layer.... I have also noticed my girls have gotten larger since adopting 811!!!  No complaints! When I run or exercise I sometimes wear a sports top or loss sports bra.....but then again I am small A/B so have no idea what it would feel like if they were larger.....



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