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Hi everyone,

I've been researching out of curiosity on bras because I have heard from sources from someone here that wearing bras are linked to breast cancer. Is that so when one wears them longer than necessary or is that so in general?

If  it's the latter, what are the alternatives, especially for a large-breasted individual?

What are your opinions on bras in general?

I would love to hear experiences, opinions, and knowledge (especially from the ladies here).

Many thanks in advance.

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Yeah it actually becomes a pain to not have support when they're bigger. :/ Hurts me. Im 5'1 and weigh 115 with C's and being in soccer...omg. And yes, it's all a personal choice. I like to keep things to myself. :D I had no idea about bras possibly leading to health issues? I understand the circulation issues maybe from however tight but dang.

hahaha BeachVegan, this is so funny, love it thanks.


That reminds me of a mistake I made as a little kid. I watched the film "The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite" and there was an evil bezir. I always called him (because I really thought that was what he was called!) the "evil brassiere". :D LOL

That sounded rude to me.. I aplogize for how I worded that. I meant to put my things* because I am a very private one lol! Just always have been.

Stopping wearing bras did not make my breast sag. My breast size change quite a bit from a big A to a D depending on how fat I eat and how muscle I build up there. Mostly around B. I do quite a lot of trampoline but without bras cos my logic is if I'm increasing lymph circulation by exercising on the trampoline and then i seriously slow it down by having even a sport bra or anything then the accumulation of lymph would be even more created around the bra line just because of the increase of flow. So I either hold my breast or heavily exercise my breast area before jumping like crazy on the trampoline. So far this was never a problem. They are perky and quite hard compared to years ago when I did not exercised that much. Also I feel so released to not have to wear bra.

Very interesting Heloise! I wonder what do you do when you say that you exercise your breasts? it´s  a good thing to know that we can make our breasts more perky and hard :-). What I do at the moment os  just press my hands together and I feel my breasts muscles contracting. I don´t know if that is enough?...

the exercise you mention was the one i was doing up til my 20s or so. I am also doing the one where you hold your arms straight on each sides of the body and turn them around back and forth at different speeds and radius. I would go slow first and increase the speed/radius to strengthens all the muscles around the breast incl. in the back and the shoulders and around the neck. Now I also do facial exercises which is keeping the skin on top of the breast tight.  It kind of make natural muscled bras :)

great tips :-). Thanks Heloise. Wow I am very happy that we can share our experiences here about going braless or about alternatives to bra. Only a couples years ago, I didn´t even thought that it was an option to give up the bras!

me too I'm so thankful of this forum. When I think of how much time and money I spent worrying about buying the right bras for such and such occasions or situations... I feel so much free from all these now in all directions hehehe

oh one more exercise which is I think is very convenient: try see if you can tense your muscle in any chosen body part, say the bust in this case. One can do this anywhere, anytime, on the bus, in the bed, waiting for street light to turn green, etc. I can also feel this is helpful to do it not just one part of the body but the other parts that are somewhat connected to that first part in order to create balance.

I also like the exercises from DoAFounder on youtube. But I'm too lazy to really do them for real :) They are real good though.

Hey, good idea Heloise. I will look into those videos as well. Thanks :-)

And you can look Christie Aphrodite on youtube. She is a very funny and interesting woman who made some videos on being braless (and she has big breasts) and tips to dress up. really good.



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