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I am a science nut. I like to spend my free reading articles, which usually leads me to reading related articles, and scientific journals.  So, I came across a video recently talking about the science of over population. 

Here are some of the foot notes:

There are 7 billion people on our planet. 

200 years ago, there were only 1 billion.

Thanks to the industrial revolution, we can sustain our population. 

We are not running out of space on our planet, we have plenty.  

We produce enough food on our planet to feed 11 billion people.

Only 1% of the water on our planet is fresh, and 70% of that water is frozen in the ice caps, the other 99% is salt water. 

Most of the fresh water on our planet goes to watering lawns. (<--- this pissed me off.)

Here's the problem though....

We produce enough food on our planet to feed 11 billion people, but 1 billion people on our planet don't have enough food.  So where's all the extra food going?  To feeding live stock.  

Our planet has enough to sustain our growing populations basic needs.  Food, water, and shelter.  It doesn't have enough to sustain the needs of the rich though.  And when i say 'rich' i don't mean the 1%.  I mean most people who live in a 1 first world country, is by worldly standards, rich.  

The average person who can afford clean water, electricity, and meat, are using enough resources to accommodate 32 people in Kenya.

I just thought i'd share this with all of you as a little extra motivation to STAY VEGAN.  I don't care if you're raw, high fat, low fat, or anything in between.  You are doing your body, but most importantly the planet a favor, by not being a part of something that wastes resources to accommodate the rich.

I could go on a tangent about the use of water on our planet too, but I don't want to bore you all.  

Thanks for reading.

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It is the manner in which we live that's the problem - that's the point. If we woke up tomorrow with a world population half of what we have today, we'd still be destroying life on earth. Not because of the figure, but because of what we're doing. The evidence is emergent from what we're doing - it doesn't and can't prove anything intrinsically devastating about there being as many humans as there are. We're just not organising ourselves in a rational way.

Thanks for posting, DR! That makes sense!

Good post SD. This is why we created this forum. To spread the message far and wide vs create micro economies which we can funnel into expensive retreats or sell em juicers n crap.

All of the negative issues that have been brought up here are already being taken care of. Not all of you may see or be aware of them, but it is all working itself out. Chill out, be positive, love life, and give it some more time.

The best thing you can do for anything and everything is Love Your Own Life and be as happy as you can be without being a total ass to the planet.

Any type of fear will only perpetuate the negative stuff. For everything that already exists and is perceived as negative has been created by fear. Everything happens as it is suppose to for that is the only way it can. Everything is just energy fluctuations (vibrations/frequency) and all moments are only one, there is no separation. Science continues to prove this more and more as time goes on. It is really very trippy but totally graspable. 

I would love to go into more detail on all I have said but this initial comment into this discussion is not the place. 

Yea I like to research these kinds of things too.  

Going vegan and or reducing our consumption could improve the lives of many people living today.  

Going a step farther, if we focus on (fruit) tree based permaculture, we would get more calories per acreage, and have trees that recycle much of their nutrients, and some of them can live for decades or centuries, and other benefits include holding down top soil, etc.  

That being said, I still like to look into the future.  Since the industrial revolution, we have really messed things up on earth. Sure, we can feed more people, live longer (partly thanks to medical and sanitary industries), but even as vegans, can we continue to sustain our exponential breeding?  

This is a philosophical idea I know, but I ponder the benefits of responsible breeding from choosing to be childfree, to only having one child per person, or perhaps, family units of four.  

I understand our animal basic instincts to procreate, but for the last few hundred years, we have been borrowing from future generations.  There may be a sandwich generation that will have to make sacrifices if future generations are going to continue to enjoy a sustainable life here.  

I dont claim to have answers to all these issues.  Just questions and thoughts.  

Peace, PK



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