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The hunt for Kalimantan durian (Borneo, Malaysia, Sabah) from 6 to 9 of November, anyone?

Very rare wild species of durian which you can get only on Kalimantan island (non commercial variety) and the best time to head for Durian there is October, beginning of November.

Who would like to join us on our journey to discover unique, amazing, dainty Borneo

I and my lovely fruitarian friend will arrive on 6 of November to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,
Malaysia. We will be happy to see any true fruit lovers and share new durian
expirience. Welcome!


Archie aka Fruit Eater.

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we'll be going to borneo late next November. Would love to know about the wild durian near Penang, as we will be beginning the Durian Project in Malaysia on January 10.

Now, that should be an interesting book.

In the time we were on (northern) Borneo there was no Durian at all (February). We followed every hint on Durian but didn't find any in the province of Sabah.

We asked around and the most people said there are two Durian seasons a year. The main season is July and August, the minor season is mid December to mid January. It also depends what kind of Durian you like. In general it is difficult to say the season start this day and ends that day. If you are in another valley there could be Durian two weeks later than in the rest of the province because for example the rainy seaon started later there...... On mainland of Malaysia (south of Thailand) the seasons are different: March+April and September+October. Indeed we found some in March in Kuala Lumpur.

Here at the caribbean site of Costa Rica are also 2 seasons a year. But the seasons are less stable. They may vary a little. E.g. this year the season was from July to September instead of the usual season from August to November. But Malaysia is closer to the equator. I can imagine that's the reason why the seasons are more predictable there.

I am currently in Costa Rica. There were some fresh durian in Semptember, but none now :(

I have contact of a guy named Jesse who managed to get some seeds of rare durian varieties in Borneo, the Graveolens etc. Would have loved to go check out his farm, but didn't have time.

Constantine, where are you in Costa Rica? I have been in Puerto Viejo the last 10 days.

Also, I am under the impression that mainland Malaysia's durian season is June-August. There is a  festival in Penang the entire month of June.


indeed Durian is rare in CR.

We live close to Puerto Viejo and know in this area about 40 adult trees. I have eaten Durian only once at the Pacific site (actually it was Central Valley, close to Grecia). The most years you have two seasons at the caribbean site (August till November + March and April), up to 6 month!! This makes me remember to stories about Ko Samui (Thailand). I also doubt that there is enough Durian for hordes of raw foodists ;-) But to be honest: at the Pacific Coast it's worse. I know Jesse face-to-face. He has got no fruit bearing trees. Most of his trees are around 3 or 4 years. He told me he "helped" the trees during dry season by watering them (he lives in the central pacific area). Another guy I know has got fruit bearing trees close to Rio Claro (southern Pacific area/ Golfito area) where the most rainfall is at the whole pacific site of Costa Rica. Even there you only have 1 season of aprox. 2-3 months. In Dominical (central pacific) lives a guy called Brian (not sure about his name). He has got some old trees and he sells fruits during the season (for very high prices that nearly remember me to prices for fresh organic  Durian  in Europe/ US). I believe he is the one who sells the Durian at the San Isidro Market.

The Durian production on mainland Malaysia is far more commercialized compared to Borneo. I heard that 80% of the Borneo production comes from natural forests!!

I only know Sabah. I haven't visit the indonesian part or Sarawak.

Till know I only found Durio Zibethinus species in CR. I think the Durians I had in Grecia were the type Morn Thong. In the caribbean area I had a lot of semi wild ones from a botanical garden, another type I cannot describe exactly (maybe D24 or Chanee) and another Morn Thong variety.

Jesse told me that he's got - I believe he told me - 6 or 7 different edible species of the Durio family. Along Zibethinus he got Durio Dulcis, Durio oxleyanus (I believe that's one of the red ones), the others I cannot remember.

In our nursery we got all the different seeds we could find in CR. From Europe we brought different types of Morn Thong, Gahn Yao).

sorry, the second, smaller caribbean season is FEB+MAR not MAR+APR

But in general the small season varies more in the ripening time than the long season.

You can find some average facts about the caribbean climate of CR. But reality shows that in some years it's raining more in the months that are actually drier than the rest (MAR+SEP). This is the main reason. You cannot count on Durian if you try to figure out if you find some in e.g. February or November. But I would say there's a 98% chance to find Durian in August.

Thank you for all the wonderful info Konstantin.  I'm on the Pacific side and I can confirm too that durian is hard to come by here.  I know Brian and you are right about his prices.  Do you have specific contact info for the durian on the caribbean side?

A little off topic, but I've been getting fantastic jackfruit here.  Do you have much on the caribbean side?

Hey Brad, Ojochal is great.  I'm enjoying some sun, but most days are still rainy a lot of the time.  Where are you now?  I see you've been traveling lots-even got to go to Thailand with Grant-lucky you.

Hi, here we have plenty of Jackfruits at the moment. Durian will be in (a short) season in one or two weeks. But the trees from the botanical Garden La Isla haven't flowered. Luckily I know some other trees that have nearly mature fruits :-)

Hi Durian Peeps!

Rob and I have made it to Sabah. No durian here quite yet, need maybe three more weeks, but should be coming on soon.

Is anybody coming?

i read that borneo was the birthplace of the durian so have always wanted to visit & try find lots of the varieties. 

this november i decided to do that but saw a raw fooder who is going to be in thailand trying to meet other raw foodists. i prefer to meet other raw fooders when i travel so thought i might join him in south thailand but if you will be in borneo for a while then i will definitely join you guys. 

how long do you think you will stay there for? just until 9th november?

i will be leaving amsterdam around the 20th november for SE asia & have still not decided which place to go first so let me know what you plans are i would like to meet you guys if your still there.



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