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The hunt for Kalimantan durian (Borneo, Malaysia, Sabah) from 6 to 9 of November, anyone?

Very rare wild species of durian which you can get only on Kalimantan island (non commercial variety) and the best time to head for Durian there is October, beginning of November.

Who would like to join us on our journey to discover unique, amazing, dainty Borneo

I and my lovely fruitarian friend will arrive on 6 of November to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,
Malaysia. We will be happy to see any true fruit lovers and share new durian
expirience. Welcome!


Archie aka Fruit Eater.

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that looks AMAZING :)
Woah!, you should see how much my face has just lit up looking at these delicious durians! I really wish I could try these! Perfectly ripe!

The third one looks like a giant rambutan!

I would consider joining but for me, If I was to travel to Malaysia, I would would want to spend a couple of weeks there & enjoy lots of exotic fruits.
Hey Archie! Man this pics look awesome! So yer only going to be there for three days hmmm? I'll give this a thought and get back to ya, cause it sure would be fun! I fly into Bangkok on the 2nd of November and am a free bird from that moment on. I had been thinking of visiting this area of Borneo in December but it sure would be fun to hang out with some other aficionados! Incidentally, with this variety be available in December? Talk to ya soon!
About December not sure. May be some variety still will be available. Hope you can join to us in this November. Let me know.
Yeah awesome ....... love to hear how the expedition is going .... nice thread ........
Hi guys,

A friend of mine, living in Thailand is not able to join you (may be next time). Nor is he able to post here now so he asked me.

He is in Thailand for 4 years, continuing to grow a all kind of fruits trees with the family that receive him (french guy, and Thai wife and their 3 raw vegan children). He does some collaboration for an other similar garden (collection of tropical/subtropical fruits) of a friend (french raw eater, married with thai, 1 child).

He is asking you to send him seeds of all the fruits that are quite specific of the prospected area (Borneo). With an emphasis on:
  • wild/rustic and semi wild durian (even better, the red ones).
  • the PILI nut (canarium family) you can eat the flesh and the seed. Dabai is a pili brother, smaller, little difference, less appreciated but ok too.
  • all kind of durian borneo, the 8 and more others edibles famillies,
  • same for the marang (terap->malay), all the kinds (wild/small or bigger)
  • binjai, lamantan, mujau(nephelium), Ucong, belimbing hutan, Kebuan (nephelium....). I stop, so many could be spoken.
Some pictures of the fruit would be a must for us.
He will will pay you back the post fees. Pack(s) of 250 gr to half kilo it should be 10 to 20 ringgits on normal speed.

He gave some advices/instructions: select the good fruits (tasty and well mature); clean the seeds (as much as possible it is important); keep a minimum humidity in the bag, aerobic as much as possible (it means not water proof to avoid fungus).

I hope you will help him to propagate rare varieties/species.

His address:
Jeanluc BRILLAUD P .Box 4 . post- office 84180 KIRIRATH THAILAND

Contact me and I will give you his email address.

Thank you. And good luck in you (vegan) hunt. Enjoy your trip.
Wow thats cool I met Jean-luc in Sumatera 11 years ago ..... lost contact with him ...... awesome ....... good to hear he is still living the good life .....
My friend is on this site now so you can contact him directly

hey, wow, me and my familiy want to travel to the north of Borneo in beginning of 2011 for 2 months.

the photos are amazing.

can anybody tell us if there is Durian available in march and april?

what time is the highseason in the province of Sabah?

are there two high seasons?

we also would like to meet some people there who share our interests.

we are travelling around the world and are looking for a property to buy in Central America, Borneo (malaysian part) or Gabon. At the moment we are in Panama and soon in Guatemala.


more infos and information about us (needs an update)




Hey Jessica,

I believe high season is november-December.

I contacted a farmer in Sarawak this week and he told me that durians are in season right now, but will be finished in 2 weeks or so.

 Is it a wwoof place where you called Lindsay?

No, but I called a farm in Sarawak. I'm attempting to write a book about durian and I need to find some wild jungle durian!!



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