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Seeing as how we're a fit bunch, surely most of you have heard of the "Coregasm", yes?

A quick Google search will divulge the full details, but briefly: an exercise-induced orgasm experienced by many women during intense exercise- particularly abdominal ones- with no genital stimulation whatsoever. Apparently, it has everything to do with contracting the (primarily pelvic floor) muscles.

I myself have inadvertently experienced it during high-rep core exercises like hanging leg lifts and planks with one raised leg. I knew achieving it that way was possible but was pleasantly surprised by one during a 5-6 mile run a few months back, towards the final mile. No clue how that one came about, as I don't recall doing anything special or feeling any particular way during that run. Just your average fantastic run.

Anyway, my questions are: who out there knows what I'm talking about?? Thoughts? Had you experienced the coregasm before starting this foodstyle? After?

AND is it only ladies? How about the men out there??? Which exercises do the trick?

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Well, now you must experiment!

try the hanging leg lifts, til you're ready to drop

I am not sure if anything would be experienced by guys.  females have their sex organs inside the body and this might be why they are stimulated when doing core exercises.  jealous:)

This was how I discovered masturbation when I was 5 or so - doing strange contortions trying to pull myself up on a rope swing that was too high for me.  Best discovery ever.

Sometimes I've noticed that engaging my mula bandha in yoga can be somewhat sexually stimulating (contracting the perineum). However, I just keep drawing the energy upward.

well that sounds like a nice surprise :) LOL, but i've never had one during exercise.  

It sounds so interesting, I wish I could experience it. Imagine, if it happened every time someone engages in activity.......I doubt there would be very many couch potatoes then. 

Sexxxxercise. Try it out, you more than likely can

That just might be the thing to get me to the gym :-)

Yes, yes, yes. The naysayers just haven't gone at it hard enough yet ;)

it makes sense if you think of the chemicals releasing during exercise (similar to during sex), and you're all hot and sweaty perfect time for an orgasm.

women have almost the same amount of erectile tissue as men, it's just all internal. so core/ pc exercises just stroke that whole area. also helps control orgasms during sexual stimulation.

same thing goes for guys. no one talks about that much, but it's equally important for guys to tone their pelvic floor. Helps with urinary tract health, guards against incontinence issues later in life, and helps control orgasms and/or ejaculation. 

(sry for the bad grammar, typing with one hand. the other one is broken...)

This is CRAZY!  My first orgasm happened while trying to do the AB roller  video with Brenda Dykgraaf.  I was 15 and had never had an orgasm.  I was already turned on from watching Brenda Dykgraaf, and there are so many motions that involve your legs moving up to your chest and for a man we already have extra in between our legs, so that provided the other 1/2 of the scenario that Brenda wasn't providing.  Anyway, I felt it starting to happen, but at 15 I pretty much walked around with an erection 24/7 anyway, so that wasn't odd.  The feeling though was really strange and I stopped and was afraid something was wrong.  I restarted and as the feeling started happening again, I thought I don't care, I'm keeping on.  20 seconds later I looked like I had peed my pants.  I'm not exaggerating either.  There was so much cum that it literally looked like I peed my pants.  THAT has never happened again, not sure why.  I was actually ashamed for a while and was only 1/2 sure that I'd had an orgasm.  Anyway, that's already too much detail. 



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