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I was talking to my sister about this diet. She is currently doing Atkins and she says she's losing a lot of fat eating a lot of fat... I've never done atkins, and never would, because I don't eat meat but she has lost a lot of weight..  So, is this saying not true for people on Atkins? 

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Did your diabetes clear after going HCRV? And if so how long before you came off the meds I want my mom to do this with me I'm as healthy as one can be at my weight( really had a doctor tell me I was the healthiest fat person he had ever seen). But my mom has MENNY heath problems.

I did Atkins back in the late 90's, the first time it made a big comeback, and everyone was doing it.  I read his book.  I'll tell you my experience too.  Yeah, I lost a lot of weight fast, and had more energy.  lasted a couple of months.  couldn't keep it up, I was dying for some bread.  My breath was horrible, and my kidneys hurt.  like someone had punched me in the back on both sides.  and when I stopped, I put on more weight than I had lost. a lot more.  I think people lose weight for a couple of reasons.  one, they cut out the processed foods, white sugar, white flour, packaged foods.  good idea really for anyone.  this was true for me.  before that diet, I would sit at my desk at work and eat bags of chips and drink coca cola.  another reason is they get dehydrated, and lose a lot of water weight, and the number on the scale goes down (and the volume of their body too). and the third, as mentioned before, is that they are burning fat for fuel.  highly inefficient way to break down food.  your body expends a lot of calories to get calories.  It's a horrible idea.  i think that the only reason I didn't do more serious damage to myself was that I was so young, and could bounce back.  but it f'd up my metabolism for a really long time.  Long term, the fat you eat will be the fat you wear.  Absolutely no way around it.  I have never seen anyone who did.  It's true, Dr. Atkins died with heart disease, diabeties, and kidney damage, and was obese. I couldn't believe anyone would still do it after that happened, but for some reason they do.

you lose weight on every diet if you eat very little calories

I also did Atkins for 3 years and it almost killed me.  Initially, I lost weight very quickly, went from about 315 to 240 in about 6 months.  At about 2.5 year mark, it suddenly quit working for me, and I started gaining weight.  I also had problems with my breathing, and I had to quit working out as I found it difficult to complete workouts.  I gained back up to the 335 lbs.  My blood pressure shot up to 190/104.   I also had severe intestinal issues, such as hemorrhoids, bleeding, and a lot of pain.  After a 31 day water fast, and 6 months of 80/10/10, I've been able to get the intestinal issues eliminated, and my blood pressure probably averages about 114/72 now.  

Wow! That's awesome that this lifestyle has fixed your health problems! Has it helped you lose weight too? 

I lost a bunch of weight through fasting, so my weight came way down before I started this lifestyle. I have actually gained some weight since starting 80/10/10.    I'm sure it will eventually go back down, but I think my body is still healing and doing it's own internal housecleaning before it will let me drop weight again.  

Thank you, I was quite worried for a long time, but my health is much improved.

People on Atkins initially lose weight for two reasons...

  1. Atkins is a "Ketogenic" diet--when you restrict carbs, there is no glucose that triggers an insulin response, and this causes a hormonal change in the body so that fat is consistently metabolized for energy.
  2. Protein makes you feel "full"--High protein diets supposedly make people feel "full" a lot easier. The average person starting on the Atkins diet only eats 1450 calories. Calorie restriction always leads to weight loss.

For these reasons, people often lose a lot of weight when they initially start on Atkins. This weight loss comes at a cost though. On the atkins diet, 68% report constipation, 63% report bad breath, 51% report headaches, and 10% report hair loss (China study, 97). Other studies link Atkins to cancer, kidney damage, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and a lot of other problems. Moreover, all the people usually gain their weight back after the first few months. Calorie restriction is never sustainable.



It is not the fat that makes one fat, but it is how fat and carbs work together.  It is ironic that Atkins says to eat a high fat and protein diet, and skimp on the carbs.  Even Dr. Atkins recognized though, that his diet was deficient in vitamins and minerals and recommended and or sold many supplements. 

We at 30 BaD say eat a low fat high carb diet, and skimp on the fat. We do not have to sell you supplements because you will get enough in eating a rainbow of fresh raw fruits and leafy greens. 

The common denominator here is how fats and carbs work.  Lipids in the blood stream will coat the blood vessels and gunk up the blood and lymph.  In return, the cells cannot absorb calories, carbs, vitmins, and minerals.  Blood sugars in the blood remain high and will be stored in the fat cells as future sources of energy, and thus one gets fatter, and may have other problems like diabetes and candida.  A high fat diet may also cause an acid condition in the body that is buffered by depleting bones of calcium leading to tooth decay, gouty and other forms of arthritis, and osteoporosis.


My journey on Atkins:

I yo yoed up and down 20-30 lb.  It was just too difficult to stick too long term to keep the weight off.  I ended up with kidney stones and surgery and a damaged kidney.  Borderline cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure problems. I had unstable body temperature that ranged from 95 to 101 F and sometimes within one day.  I also had dizzyness, tunnel vision, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Most of those problems have been cured by eating mostly overt fat free.  The kidney will probably never be right, but I will take what I can get:) Due to age and past problems, my weight loss has been slow, but even that is going in the right direction:)

Thank you pioneers who have gone before us and researched, practiced, and then showed me and others like be the path to paradise and my own little garden of eden.

Peace, PK

I did atkins for about a year. I did lose about 30 pounds but I looked like hell. Huge dark circles under my eyes, low energy, blemishes, etc. I can't imagine what my poor kidneys & liver looked like.

The reason people lose fat is because they aren't consuming any sugar (glucose), so their bodies go into ketosis which means stored fat is used for energy (converted to glucose). But ketosis is a "survival mode" and not something for long-term. Our bodies aren't designed to run off of fat, in fact it's very taxing on the body to do so. And as soon as you start eating carbs again, your body is so happy to get some readily available glucose - and scared you might not eat any again -  that you'll gain weight like crazy. I know I did and so does everyone else who stops low-carbing. Long-term ketosis is not sustainable and VERY unhealthy.

And of course we all know what happens when you eat animal products. Clogged arteries, stressed glands & organs, putrefying flesh in the intestines, etc etc... just because you're losing weight doesn't mean you're healthy. It's so sad that people don't care about health, they just want to be skinny as fast as possible at whatever cost :-/ Never works in the long run...

Atkins turned me into a fruit eater.

I did this diet years back and lost a ton of weight. I had never eaten much fruit before, but on Atkins I found myself actually dreaming about oranges and pineapples. Seriously, I literally craved clean carbohydrates, plus I'm a runner and could barely move my backside out the door for a run. Just no energy, and I put the weight on again. You just can't sustain that way of eating. I feel gross when I think of what I ate... :(


just look at this and how terribly he looks now...i scrooled down and someone asked him why he gained weight, and he replied:

"There are hormonal imbalances that can impact individuals that even low-carb can't necessarily fix. I'm dealing with a low testosterone level along with a high leutinizing hormone (LH) which has led to infertility. This is not directly related to my diet but hormones are so interconnected that having one out of whack can impact others like insulin and leptin. I'm working through these issues as we speak. Trust me, I'd love to be at a perfect weight. And I'm not giving up!"

crazy huh!!! so show ur sister this video and ask her if she wants to look like this in 2 years...



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