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I was talking to my sister about this diet. She is currently doing Atkins and she says she's losing a lot of fat eating a lot of fat... I've never done atkins, and never would, because I don't eat meat but she has lost a lot of weight..  So, is this saying not true for people on Atkins? 

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Atkins died obese at a weight of 258lbs. Atkins fanboyz like to say the he died looking like 126lb Bruce Lee and there is a conspiracy theory that was pumped full of water to make him look and weight obese on the coroners report.


His wife also confirmed that he was riddled with heart disease.


Atkins diet makes you fat as ever. Just not in the first month lol! Its a bit like a credit card. People say 'HEY!! My mate got a new car and didnt even do any work for it! Why am I working to save for that new car????'


Your mate will pay, thats for sure. Just not today. ;)


Atkins starvation diet or STUFF YOUR FACE EVERY MEAL FROM CARB diet? ;)


Freelee on low carb and now high carb.


To be clear, eating fat isn't necessarily going to turn into body fat. The basic way that we gain fat is when our blood sugar and blood triglyceride levels are elevated. If we are eating a sufficient amount of calories, especially from carbohydrates, then any fat we consume will not be needed to be used much for energy. This means that if the body doesn't need to use it for other things, it will have no choice but to store it as fat. If we restrict our carbohydrate intake a la atkins, and increase protein intake significantly, then we restrict our calorie intake and we are going to need to use the dietary fat that we consume for energy production, rather than for storage. We only store fuels of any description, as fat (whether they are fat, protein or carbohydrate) when we don't need to use them for anything at the immediate moment in time.

Atkins is very effective for weightloss. I don't think this has ever been in question. But that isn't synonmous with saying that Atkins is sustainable or good for long term health. Atkins guidelines have improved significantly over the last few years to include some more fruits and vegetables in the diet, but essentially, it is a low carbohydrate diet and a high protein diet. There are questions and concerns about these types of diets in the long term in terms of long term health. 

Atkins works by simulating the starvation response, since restricting the carbohydrate intake and calorie intake triggers the body to start breaking down its own body fat for fuel. This makes it great for rapid weight loss. And because protein tends to promote a more rapid satiation than carbohydrates (ie. you feel fuller faster), but is less satiating on a long term basis when carbohydrates are restricted.People often find they gain more weight than they lose when they come off such a diet as their metabolism slows down when it thinks it is starving.

Take care

Adam x

From Atkins Exposed

By restricting carbohydrates drastically to a mere fraction of that found in the typical American diet, the body goes into a different metabolic state called ketosis, whereby it burns its own fat for fuel. Normally the body burns carbohydrates for fuel -- this is the main source of fuel for your brain, heart and many other organs. A person in ketosis is getting energy from ketones, little carbon fragments that are the fuel created by the breakdown of fat stores. When the body is in ketosis, you tend to feel less hungry, and thus you're likely to eat less than you might otherwise. However, ketosis can also cause health problems, such as kidney failure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, cancer, kidney stones.

Thought you might like this. The following picture is of Jimmy Moore. He went on Atkins 1/1/04 a lost a LOT of weight. So much so, that he released a book called, "Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationally Skinny In One Year" in 2005. In 2009 he wrote another book called, "21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb" The following picture if from Jimmy's blog/web site. It's from April 2010.

Let's be honest now, if Durianrider looked like this, would any of you people be here?

Jimmy Moore is looking pretty slim in his blue shirt. Here is a more recent one. At a bbq. He must be sneaking bbq'd low fat bananas cos he is obese again. 


Here is the photo Jimmy Moore uses on his site to promote bacon and eggs aw weight loss. This shot is about 10 years old. I did an interview with JM and he is a nice guy. Destined for a heart attack. Yet another delusional obese person thinking full fat dairy and bacon are slimming foods.

He doesn´t look very happy in his orange shirt does he?

Not a very convincing argument for Paleo/Atkins/Primal/BS diet when the low carb guru goes from 410 pounds in 2004 to 303 pounds in 2012.  I think I'll stick with what works and is sustainable!

Paleo fx had a convention in Austin Texas. He was in the promo shown on youtube. I am willing to bet he is closing in on 300lbs.No exactly a ringing endorsement for how thin that diet will make you.

Great replies! I didn't think it sounded healthy at all. 

The Atkins diet is very convincing. I read his original book several times. I went on and off that diet for a few years. I tolerated it less and less each time. Initially, I lost quite a bit of weight. In the end, I could only eat so much meat cheese and eggs. I always lost weight. I always gained it back like lightening the minute I ate anything else. I ended up with severe Gall Bladder disease. I passed all the scans. All my reports were negative for stones. The attacks, once they started felt like I was trying to give birth through through my right shoulder blade. I had incapacitating pains that came every couple of minutes and lasted for several seconds. The first two years, the attacks came about every 6 months and lasted between 3 to 10 days. I would be completely incapacitated. About the third year, the attacks came more often. I had all kinds of scans, MRIs, sonograms. ER visits. Spent all my vacation time for sick time. This went on for a total of 5 years. The last year I was losing my quality of life. The attacks were frequent, long lasting and devastating. The pain finally moved to the front in addition to the back and I couldn´t hold anything down. I thought I was dying, went to the ER and stayed in hospital for a week getting re hydrated. One of the trauma surgeons worked me in between her cases and took out my Gall Bladder. She said it was completely inside my liver. So all those scans over all those years...they never actually even saw a Gall Bladder much less any stones. I also ended up with diabetes type 2. I don´t think Atkins or SAD is a very good idea. Just saying.

I agree. I hope my sister doesn't do it for long. She just scoffs at me when I talk about LFRV. I'm sorry to hear about your past problems, it sounds terrible.  Has this way of eating helped you? 

Oh yes very much. By the time I got into surgery, my blood sugar was 198 fasting. I had been so ill for so long while they kept screwing up my diagnosis, that I wasn´t sure if the diabetes was caused by diet or by constant stress. I forgot to mention that I developed blood pressure problems too. Every time I came into an ER or my doctor I was in agony and my blood pressure was through the roof. My surgery was a year ago, April.  My blood sugar stays around 70 fasting, no meds. My doctor took me off my blood pressure meds on my last visit. I go back in a couple of months to see if I can stay off them. I had a chronic pain issues, old injuries, arthritis. Everything is much better now. I feel like a new person. I don´t know how long she can eat Atkins. Eventually, she will want something sweet. 

I did this diet and lost 30 lbs 10 years ago after my first son. However I had zero brain power and barley could keep up my strength! I felt gross inside! I gained all my weight back when I stopped it. Raising a little one w no energy or brain power = a disaster! 



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