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My sister sent me a link to this popular buzzed article about the evils of sugar! So basically this actor ate 40 tablespoons of sugar a day in so called 'healthy foods' such as yogurt and cereal (possibly with milk). After the experiment the actor experienced a plethora of health issues like fatty liver and pre diabetic symptoms and is blaming the sugar for this. I personally believe the fat found in the foods he was eating is to blame because if it wasn't then why are so many cultures that live on carbs and sugar slim? Yet more anti carb and anti sugar propaganda! It seems that lately it has become fashionable to hate carbs and promote a 'paleo' carnivorous diet.

What do you guys think about this?

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Do the same with 40 tablespoon of the so-called healthy olive oil and you'll be at least as unhealthy. We all agree that health problems occur with a combination of sugar and fat.

You're exactly right.    Like most things in fashion, it was orchestrated by powerful lobbies to MAKE it become fashionable.  This war on sugar is the perfect way to combat the war on fat(MEAT).   It usually comes back to meat guilt.

From what I understand, there is a significant difference between processed sugar, which I stay away from, vs natural sugars occurring within fruits and other whole sources. I seem to recall Dr Gregor making this point.

Perhaps someone with more advanced knowledge on this can assist?

Is it also right that processed sugar is acidic? whereas fruits containing natural sugars are generally alkalizing?

Further, processed sugar is void of the actual nutrients that come with the fruit, hence, I wouldn't support or stand up for 'processed sugar'. If one eats loads of sweet fruit, there should be no need for processed sugar.

The actual sugar molecule has a neutral Ph.

My understanding is that the combination of sugar and fat in your digestive system and bloodstream at the same time is very problematic. Simplified, the fat stops the sugar from leaving the bloodstream and entering into your cells. This leaves a bloodstream full of sugar and fat...leading to high blood sugar levels. Doesn't sound good to me. If the fat is not present then the sugar can leave the bloodstream and get to the cells where it is needed, blood sugar levels stay good. I don't think it matters too much about the 'natural' or 'refined' sugar...just that the sugar + fat combo = bad. Correct me if I am wrong :) 

You're right. And wrong :)

The terms "sugar" and "fat" are too vague and cause confusion. Neither is all good nor bad. Processed sugar is bad even in the absence of fat. Really bad. Sugars consumed in their natural fiber are good. Polyunsaturated fat is bad. Trans fat is poison. Saturated and monounsaturated fats are generally considered good according to the latest studies (these use to be considered bad). Good fat + good sugar combo may be problematic but it depends on the amount eaten. Durians are high fat and high sugar btw. There's this guy named Durianrider... but I don't think he eats durians any more :)

@Annie. The main cause of fatty liver is alcohol intake. Alcohol beverages are high carb.

People can be slim on high carb or high fat. Obesity It has more to do with metabolic damage than food intake.

Metabolic damage can be many things but it usually has to do with some dysfunction when converting food to energy.Two hormones of particular interest are insulin and leptin. Insulin regulates sugar in the blood by carrying glucose to the cells. Leptin signals your brain that you are satiated ("I'm full"). If your cells become insulin resistant then there will be too much sugar left in the blood. This can lead to Type 2 Diabetes and  other problems. Leptin resistance means your brain won't know when to stop eating. That leads to obesity. These two hormones have a certain interaction. Insulin resistance will force your pancreas to produce even more insulin to try to compensate. Excessive insulin blocks leptin signals from reaching the brain. This is why obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are associated with each other. 

Some causes are: over consumption of processed sugar, alcohol and bad fats; lack of fiber, lack of exercise. There may be other causes that I haven't listed. Some people are born insulin resistant (possibly due to how the mother ate during pregnancy). And some people are carbohydrate intolerant (you can get tested for that) so a high carb diet won't work for them.

Eating disorders cause a different series of damage to the body. I'll save that for later.

Yes you can reverse it. Eat whole, unprocessed plant food. And give it time.

He was a redneck meat head. It was the animal foods that caused the problems!

This anti carb thing is another thing propagated into the world through various channels by the satanist powers that be.. just like the new age movement, epi-eugenics (eugenics through mind control) etc.

Hi Annie

Maybe a bit unrelated, but here is a good, unbiased article about insulin, carbs and weight gain:


I’m finding that I’m becoming increasingly unconvinced by most studies. Anyone can overfeed people or poor lab animals with just about anything and get the results they set out to find. Not that there is no validity in scientific studies, but really, either side can tweak studies or look for only the results that they would like to hear (including us). Most people eat such a mixed-up diet anyway, that it is pretty hard to prove what is really causing x, y, or z. My new approach is that the proof is in the pudding. I feel good and societies following a traditional high-carb, low-fat diet do extremely well long-term. Some of these are mentioned in the article I posted, and then there is of course the super 801010 athletes:


I mean please, go tell these people (who don't have cancer, diabetes or heart disease following a 801010 diet) that they are unhealthy and should switch to low-carb instead.

Short-term benefits of a low-carb, high fat diet also seem good. What the long-term effects are, no one knows. I think studies are in the pipeline. I have a theory that people generally eat less meat on the low-carb diet than the general public. Friends on the diet report that it gets too rich after a while, so they try to fill up with veg and salad instead. I know they are also supposed to get their fat up, but not their protein, and you can’t eat unlimited meat without getting your protein up as well, right?

Junk-food, fast-food, processed food, non-food is the one common denominator that is affecting everyone’s health. And yes, these ar almost always high in both fat and sugar.

Sugar-greetings and take care.




I wouldn't eat processed sugar if I don't have to for sure (some minute amounts maybe) because it's devoid of minerals and fiber so it does burden a body in some way and if I understood correctly creates a very acidic environment in the body.

agree with Nicolas this is not about sugar ....

Most people are uniformed "ignorants" glucose, sugar, fructose, etc etc is part of our healthy  diet ... 

Ask yourself this question .... what would've happened if he added those 40 tablespoons of sugar  to a fruit salad, or banana smoothie on a vegan diet ....  the answer is nothing...

The problem is not sugar.. the problem  is the  "healthy" animal yogurt and other animal based products that sugar gets mixed with.

Be well! 



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