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My parents and I had a long conversation about my move to a high carb raw lifestyle. They are worried about the bananas and no chicken and blah blah blah. I have given them things to read and they have even watched you tube videos. I know they are old school southern black parents but how do I deal with their criticisms? This is a hard enough transition without them (and others) making feel like I am crazy :( What to do?

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greetings shore! and welcome to 30bad!

parents can be a problem admittedly, but if you stick with it you'll win - if only by outliving them. :D

my parents thought i was going nuts when i went veg 4 decades ago. my father who is a doctor accused me of being criminally irresponsible when we chose to bring up our son as veg.

they lost ... and they're still alive. in fact, they've been veg for the past 12 yrs because my son forced them to go that way (which is likely why they are still alive).

part of any worthwhile endeavor is to meet and deal with adversary. how you deal with it becomes a statement of your own character.

so see your parents' and others' criticisms not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity!

in friendship,


Ahhh, so good to see you and your sweet posts! :)

+1 Shell. Great advice Prad. 

"part of any worthwhile endeavor is to meet and deal with adversary. how you deal with it becomes a statement of your own character.

so see your parents' and others' criticisms not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity!"

Wonderful post prad! You made me laugh, thank you : D

don't try and change them. if they don't want to change, they won't. just assure them you're healthy and realize it may take time for them to accept it but they'll come around.

If you read through previous posts on here, you'll notice that a lot of people have the same type of issues.  My parents believe I need to eat something 'of substance'.  My dad has had a gastric bypass and my mom has multiple issues.  Me?  Well, because of 811, I haven't had a seizure in almost two years.  Luckily, I have a very supportive husband as well.

The criticisms are just one thing you'll have to ignore.  Instead of trying to change their opinions through words, try it through actions (such as you gaining health through 811).

Thank you all! I am going to do it. I want to be healthy I want to lose weight I want energy I want to have children one day and be able to play with them. I want to live! So I will do my best to hold my head up high and eat my bananas and persimmons and dates and to heck will all the jibber jabber lol. I am doing this for me!

I love your enthusiasm.  :)

Hi Shore! Two years ago I was in a very similar position to where you are at, in terms of concern and disapproval from parents. 700 odd days later, 80 pounds lighter and immeasurably happier, I am now all the proof that they needed. Now my mother speaks of going raw - something which amazes me.

My point is that, if possible, don't give up on yourself or your parents. Keep your long-term goals in sight.

I believe you must do what is right for you! Granted I have not been on 811 long enough to talk a lot about it. I transitioned to vegetarianism in high school, but I was lucky my Father was also a vegetarian. However, my extended family eats meat meat meat. Also, there has been many cases of diabetes, and kidney failure. My father is in excellent health.

The best thing to do is to be well educated, and answer their questions. One book you can read is called Becoming Raw By Vesanto Melina/Brenda Davis. (In addition to what you have picked up from 811). I am medically trained, and it has a bunch of scientific evidence that raw diets are perfectly feasible. It reads a lot like a text book.

Be bold and confident in your new lifestyle, and think about all the rich rewards. They may not understand your choice, but if they see you thrive... they will likely begin to encourage you.

And make sure you have a network, or people to talk to if you feel discouraged or need assistance. I don't think this lifestyle is common amongst African Americans, it would be great to have more people to spread the word about veganism. Especially given the prevalence of many diet related disorders! Take care and Good luck!

Tell them that Venus and Serena Williams have gone raw vegan, which they have, and that may allay there fears.

easy shut down criticism by hearing the needs behind and translating them to requests and giving them empathy. 

there is a NVC group here maybe join it and we can get deeper into it.




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