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Hi everyone,

I've decided to bulk up on dates, since I don't like bananas (though I wish I did...). I live in Germany and the cheapest place where I could find dates (in large quantities) so far is HERE. I want to order three 5-kg boxes a month (I can't afford any more). A 5-kg box is 39,90€ and when I buy at least three boxes, I get a 5 % rebate on each box. I don't know how much that would be exactly (I can't do such math problems!), but I know it would be 120€/month or a little bit less.

If anyone knows how/where I can find cheaper dates, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance. :)

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If you find out, pls let me know as well!!!! In Serbia, you can get from Iran 600g for 1,5e.

Hi Marina, :)

1,50€ for 600g in Serbia??? If I'm understanding correctly that is cheaper then what the dates that I've found (on the website) would cost in that quantity. Though please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm very weak in math. *blush*

Marina, do you order your dates online or do you buy them directly at the shop?

It is in a store. Do you want to order via me? :))))

Wow, that's so generous of you Marina! :) Do you mean it? Would it be any trouble?

I will check later tonight to see how I can make an international transfer from my bank. We can PM each other for more details. I'll get back to you either later tonight or tomorrow on that. :)

Thank you again for your kind offer. :)

Hey Athena! I asked the salesperson finally. We could send you dates if:

- we can send them via a bus - we can ask the driver to take them and then u wait for the bus...

- do u have anyone coming to Serbia who would take them for u?

Hi Marina, :)

with the first option do you mean someone would deliver the dates by bus all the way from Serbia to Germany?

I don't have anyone that would go to Serbia and get them for me.

Though it would probably cost extra to have someone deliver it to me by bus. Or am I wrong?

The cheapest possibility that is mentioned here (or in one of the German-speaking groups) by Lissa is this online-shop based in Hamburg.

I'm in Germany too and I always buy my dates from http://erdennahrung.com/shop/

They sell organic mazafati dates at 6,25 Euro/kg. Cheap and they are delicious. The website isn't always up to date, but you can order/ask questions via email.

Thank you so much Sheepmobile. :) That's good to know. Are they really raw? Because I think I will look there instead.

The guy selling them says that they're raw. Not sure if it has anything to do with anything, but the mazafati ones are still nicely moist and soft. Great for blending.

 And to answer your question below, they are not pitted, so you will get slightly less per kg, but then 1 British Pound equals more than 1 Euro at the current exchange rate, so no idea which ones would work out cheaper in the end...

Thanks Sheepmobile. Are both the medjools and the deglet nours not pitted or only the medjools are not pitted?

Yes, I would have to ask someone who's better at math if they could judge which is cheaper in the end.

I've only ordered mazafati dates from there so far, but with my last order I got a bunch of deglet nours as a gift and they weren't pitted either. They (the deglet nour dates) were rather dry and not quite good as the mazafati ones, but maybe that's just me ;-)

Wow, that was nice when you got deglet nours as a gift. Did it come with it for free?

Regardless, thanks for your advice. Despite how good the ones look from Great Britain (that CBraunmuller orders), I think I order the ones from the site you recommended because they are cheaper and although dates will be a big staple in my lifestyle, I will also eat other fruits and greens as well (but also mono, as I am a mono-eater).



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