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The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, What are your thoughts?

My good friend, Keyth (liverawkstar on youtube), is super obsessed with the Body Ecology Diet. He insisted I buy the book. I just received my copy through Paperbackswap.com. I haven't read it yet. I got the 5th edition, but you can get the 9th edition on Amazon.

Based on what he told me about it, the diet is pretty much opposite 811. It seems it is very high in fermentation, like coconut keifer and kim chi, and it even allows for cooked foods.

Without having actually read the book, I think I can see the benefit of raw veggie ferments, but whenever I eat any kind of cooked food, even just steamed veggies or brown rice, I feel unwell. Perhaps it's psychological.

I do like the premise that the body is like a microhabitat for billions of little organisms (helpful and harmful), and that we have a responsibility to maintain homeostasis by thinking of our bodies not just as a hunk of flesh and organs, but more as a planet of inhabitants.
I am just guessing that that's the premiss.

I was very reluctant to read 80/10/10 and I finally gave in and I'm glad I did because I seem to do much better on primarily fruits and greens in general. I don't want to be closed-minded though, so I plan to give the BED a fair read. I don't know if I will be adopting any of the principles yet.

Has anyone read the book? What are your thoughts?

By the way, if you haven't signed up, try paperbackswap.com. I rarely pay for books anymore. Some times I have to wait for the books I want to be listed (as was the case with Body Ecology Diet), but I just put it on my wish list and it was sent as soon as it became available. My account there is "thrivesurvive".

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It's one of the best books I've read on health. I tried it out awhile ago, I got so tired after a couple of days like I was in a serious detox, and then started to feel better but I couldn't stick with it. I was craving fruit too much. She doesn't allow for fruit which really sucks. I am going to try it again in the winter. I was thinking... summertime and no fruit? hell no, I didn't just stay raw all winter to avoid fruit now lol.

You can adapt the diet to whatever style of eating you prefer. She talks, about the raw food diet and doesn't believe it's ideal in the long run. Alot of her book made sense though, can't wait to try it again this winter.
Thank you very much for your helpful reply. What you said is very reassuring. I have sort of trained myself to accept and consume a lot of fruits after adapting a lot of the 811 principles, so the idea if just abandoning that feels weird. I think it's a good idea to try it over the winter though. I don't know what kind of fruit I will get in my organic co-op box this winter, but I'm sure my husband will enjoy it while I eat all the veggies. I am glad to hear you detoxed. It can be really hard, but I think I can do it as long as it's nothing like a juice or liquid fast. That's too hard for me. I'm also really in the habit of eating a lot of bananas now, so it may be hard to re-train myself to avoid them. During the winter I crave heavier foods anyway, so maybe it's a good time to try the BED. I'm looking forward to reading the BED now. Thanks!
Fruit is harder to get here during the winter so it's a good time to try different approaches.
I have yet to find the ideal diet for me. It's quite possible that 811 is that diet, but I also have emotional eating factors and teeth problems. I don't want to rule out everything out there and have tunnel vision until I am comfortable and confident. It doesn't hurt to read the book, anyway, even if I never try the plan. Understanding different approaches is never harmful. Sometimes we learn something new, and sometimes something we learn helps.

are you SURE you're only 20? there is so much wisdom in all that you write. I really appreciate you.
That's not what I'm doing. I understand where you are coming from, but I think the human body is more resilient than we give it credit for. I have no intention of doing Atkins or anything like that. believe me, cheeseboogers have no allure for me. I am glad you have found the ideal diet that works for you and your lifestyle. I am still working on finding mine. It may turn out to be 811. It may not. I was mostly interested in reading the book because my friend highly recommended it and I want to be respectful of him.
Citrus is a problem for me. I didn't consider nuts. Thank you for your feedback.
Be careful with anything dried. Dr. Graham mentions the calories in raisins in 811 so I thought they would be okay to eat. My teeth hurt for days. I went through the exact same thing as you last winter. In New England it gets below freezing for weeks at a time and winter goes strong up to 4 months. Plus nothing grows here past October So everything needs to be trucked from thousands of miles away. So, I started eating more fat than I should. Fasting helped along with green smoothies. Greens are really satiating.
That's exactly what our body is though, a microhabitat!! Our skin, mouth and stomach are thriving with bacteria. The whole good/bad bacteria term riles me. Someone recommended I try the BED but it's true, any diet that doesn't involve a lot of fruit just isn't appealing!
I can't really understand a diet without fruit. It seems like it's not fit for primates. Like I said, I haven't read the book yet, but right now, I am thinking maybe of just adding fermented veggies to my fruit-heavy diet. I'm not 811, but I have really started eating a lot of fruit and it really feels good. To take fruit out just seems like it would be a heavy, clogging diet, like a dirty diet. I guess I had better read the book before I pass judgment though. :)
That makes a lot of sense to me.
I have a hard time keeping fat under 10% though, especially when I'm cold and I don't have many options of fruit. Maybe that's just my candida detox telling me to eat fat so they can live. I haven't given it a whole lot of thought lately.
Historically, it seems people have always eaten ferments. I don't know if it's good or bad, or if it was out of necessity or preference, or if it started out as necessity, then became tradition. We do a lot of illogical things based on tradition.
I don't really like ferments, especially the heavily cultured ones. They really do taste like rotten food to me. I do think I need more healthy flora and I do suspect a candida issue. My teeth are so sensitive though that I have a really hard time eating so much fruit and I end up craving cooked foods and raw fats because they don't hurt my teeth so much.
I will read the book and see what she has to say and if it makes sense. I'm not sure if I will try it though. My life is pretty busy without trying to implement any major shifts in diet right now.
I appreciate your response. :)
Have you tried it? a lot of people get results. just like alot of people get results on 811 and some don't. I've been doing 811 with 90% compliance for nearly a year and still feel like crap. I remember my week and a half on the body ecology diet when I went through a real detox. not this so called prolonged 11 month detox lol. my skin cleared up to where my forehead was so smooth it was amazing. it's never been that smooth. Went back to fruit and back come the forehead bumps. I'm very much looking forward to trying it again.



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