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So after years of fighting, my mom finally decided to try go vegetarian. This is a massive change for my mother. I am so so happy that she has finally made a step forward. She is also lactose intolerant so basically the only animal product she will eat... If she pulls through are eggs.

Here is the problem. My mother also recently went gluten free for her health. Coming from a South American background where animal products are in everything and never having to avoid gluten before in her life, my dad, the cook of the house, as well as my mom are infinitely perplexed as to what to cook for her.

Being vegan for almost four years now, I thought it would be a great opportunity to help out in the house and cook gluten free vegan meals that my mother could enjoy, seeing as she's a terrible cook.

However, because my mother is a very picky eater, I am hesitant to simply going into the kitchen and cook something that in my eyes is delicious but my mother would deem disgusting. So I googled 'vegan and gluten free recipes' and came down with a host of different delicious meals. I keep trying to show them to her, saying that I am more than willing to cook for her myself.

And then she angrily yells at me that I am leaving in just two months (for college) and that this is HER problem and that she will figure everything out herself. Yes, figure it out with processed food is what she is doing. I am trying to help because I want her to commit to being a vegetarian. But she just pushes me away. If she doesn't figure it out soon I fear she is going to go back to eating meat with a vengeance. This is a woman who hates cooking and only knows about 10 different dishes, which is all she cooks. All the recipes she knows come from learning from other people.

I don't have faith in her, and that's why I want to help. But she won't let me.

Should I just play the lottery and cook lunch randomly, hoping that she will eat it? I don't know anymore.

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I do my own thing and try not to push it on the rest of the household tho i like to spout off vegan phrases like "hen periods" and "maggots eat that" just to razz them. But the kids will pull a cup out and beg for banana smoothies etc.. Sometimes its like HEY thats MAH FOOD!! but I gotta remind myself its good if they want this stuff so i should encourage it.

My wife gets mad that i wont eat pretty much anything thats prepared for the rest of the house. Its proabbly annoying that she puts hard work into prepareing a meal and i'm not even interested. Its sad because I also like that feeling you get when soemone else tastes your dish and says man this is good!

But in order to retain your own sanity and happiness you cant thrive on those sorts of reactions nor get caught up in how everyone else around you is eating. It can just bring you down. You can gently suggest you can make some awesome dishes and say sure i'll share! but you'll never force anyone to anything gotta let them make there own choices. I'm sure you'd appreciate it if they allowed you to make your own choices? Reverse it what if they where all SAD eaters trying to force there ways on you? right or wrong you'd be annoyed.

Maybe you could make some raw recipes 'for yourself' and then share them with your family. Like salads, banana ice cream, smoothies, date bars, that kind of thing, and then even if it was only part of her meal your mom would at least get to try some healthy vegan recipes. She might really like them! Or you could offer to make dinner for your family and make lots of raw dishes to share, with a high carb cooked dish to supplement you mom's meal, and lots of fruit to add to yours. That way you wouldn't specifically be focusing on what your mom is eating.

It can be really hard encouraging others to eat healthy/ethically! Especially family! But you are doing a great job setting an example :)

My Mom is basically at the same point right now.  Only she has a hard time keeping on it when presented with another option.  So when she goes out to eat or is around friends she tends to go with the normal American fare.  

She wants to be as successful at this as me but she doesn't want to change.  So it's a weird situation.  I just keep promoting a HCLF lifestyle and trying to show her good vegan food.  At this point her main problem is under eating and just being lazy.

You should definitely keep trying to push your Mom in the right direction even if she resists.  Maybe it would help if you took the recipes she already knows how to make and make them vegan somehow.  

South America? won't she eat some simple rice and beans?

i think this might be more of a separation issue surrounding your leaving for college then about food, at least for your mom. trusting her in her own journey will speak loudly too, as your mother she also has had to accept your choices even if conventional wisdom says its dangerous and undo-able.

plan some family dinners with the intention of bringing everyone together before you leave for school and make it exciting. cook with her instead of for her. preparing a meal with someone can be just as meaningful as preparing it for someone.

especially in this situation you don't want to create a new way for your mom to depend on you so that when you leave, making vegan food subconsciously reminds her of "lacking" her daughter. instead, building a new memory of something you are doing together will strengthen that invisible bond that you have and turn this step for her into a positive, communal experience versus negative and lonely. 

i totally wish my mom would do something like this. i get excited for her every time she makes a salad instead of a frozen dinner or even prepares a wholesome meal including some meat.. just knowing that she is slowing down and taking the time to think about what she's eating..i've noticed the days that i show my mother the most love and silent blessings are the days she tries to be more healthy. i think sometimes she has given me so much love that she forgets to love herself. you just don't eat mcdonalds if you love yourself. so i give her all that i can. <3

May I advise using Happy Herbivore? My very picky permanent room mate likes a lot of the recipes. She can get the meal plans once a week for $5 and it has meal plan for 7 days and all of the recipes and a grocery shopping list for that week. We used it once for a week and for one person including the meal plan, the weeks groceries were around $40-$50. Her recipes are oil free and have a lot of easy gluten free substitutions. That would be an option for when you do move away. Then all she would have to do is have one day of cooking and the rest of the week just heat up what is left over.

Have you told her to eat more fruit?  All fruit requires zero cooking.  If she is lazy to cook for herself she is probably undercarbed.  I tell my dad to eat more fruit all the time and he says well its not satisfying enough.  I'll be hungry again in an hour. LOL



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