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I live in Michigan, and would really really really like a travel buddy to the Thailand fruit festival! I want to go very bad and my boyfriend said he would go but he isn't a vegan, and I want to be able to share my passion with whoever I go with. I am 20 and female and would like someone around my age who is also female to go with me! It would be even cooler if we could get a group of people! 

Also, for those of you that have been before, what should I pack if I am staying for 2.5 weeks? 

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Hi there! I'm 27 and have lived in FL, SC, NC, NY, and VA/DC area. Unfortunately I have prior travel plans for the 2016 event already, but I'm hoping to go in 2017 and would love to meet more people who might be there!

Regardless, I was going to offer my advice on traveling as a young female in a generic sense, if you have any questions. I'm just starting to travel as a lifestyle (I work from my computer) and one of my best friends is heading to Thailand in just 2 weeks. Just let me know if there's anything you think I might be able to help with. :)

Also, I can tell you Thailand in June is crazy hot! It'll feel even more hot to you, if you're coming directly from Michigan. Think 95-degree weather, plus humidity. Some of the best people to meet will be spending quality time on their bikes. So whatever you pack, make it as lightweight, comfy, and variable as possible. You'll be sweating! Sunglasses are a good idea too. I don't recommend bothering to bring things like hairdryer or straightener or much makeup, as it'll all sweat off pretty quick. Some SPF and a swimsuit (or two) would be a good idea. Comfy walking shoes (maybe a pair of flip flops and one or two pairs of tennis shoes, depending on what you're using them for). Quality cycling gear (especially shorts) is a good idea if that applies to your goals. You can rent/purchase the actual bike over there, if you want. I believe bringing your own helmet would be a good idea though. Yoga can be done in almost any comfy clothes, but you might want to plan on buying a cheap mat while you're over there too. For 2.5 weeks and the hot weather, you could likely travel with all of these things in a carry-on bag plus personal item, so no checked baggage needed!

And above all - have funnn!!

Oh, and depending on who you're staying with/where you're staying, it's usually a good idea to have ear plugs and a sleeping mask, justttt in case you need it. They're so small, better to bring and not need 'em than to not have them if they're needed!

If you're worried about any specific bath products, face wash, etc there will be lots of brands you're used to available for purchase over there. The limits of liquids in carry-ons can be kind of tough. Depending on where you stay, the hotel or Airbnb host (or whoever) frequently provides some variety of toiletries as well!

If you haven't looked already, I highly recommend using Airbnb to keep cost down! Just stick with places that already have great, thorough reviews. Don't bother risking a new place without reviews yet. And as a rule of thumb, generally speaking, there's no reason for anyone to have 4 stars or less on their Airbnb cleanliness rating.

Also out of curiosity, check out some of the "monthly" prices. On rare occasions it can be cheaper to rent a place for a whole month (even if you're not using it the whole month) than it is to rent the same place for just 2 weeks!

Hmm. Also keep in mind that you can always piece together one-way tickets to get the cheapest price and see more places while you're all the way on the other side of the world. Use Google.com/flights and/or the Skyscanner app to find the cheapest days to fly.

Thank you so much! These are all things I was having questions about! I will definitely keep you updated with further questions I might have. It would be great to meet you once we get there! You sound like you know what you are talking about, the help is really appreciated! 

No problem :) haha I don't know everything, but for the things I don't know.. I usually can find a friend that does!

Me! I'm 19 from California and I'm also hoping to go this year and looking for a buddy!

I would love too! Inbox me! We might be able to figure something out with our location difference. 

hey ok update, I'll be doing research in Uganda for the next four months and flying to Bangkok straight from there :/ let's meet up in CM though!

heeeereeee, meeee hahaha!

i was just thinking about that today actually. i'm 21, i'm from germany and i would love to go to the thai fruit festival this year, unfortunately none of my friends are vegan (yet haha) :(

i would love to meet up with awesome people :)

What area of Germany are you in? I'll be in Germany for 4 days in early May, passing through Cologne and heading to warmer areas first haha.

But I'll be back in Germany during the second half of July and possibly early August! (was thinking about Munich and/or Berlin) It'd be great to meet up if you're home from the Thai Fest by then. I have no vegan friends either, that I've met in person yet anyway haha.

I'm traveling all over Europe May through October (ish) 2016. Then going to Thailand shortly after that, actually, haha.

I'm 18 (19 this year) and I want to go too !! But none of my friends are vegan :( I'm from Spain !

omg, that would be amazing !! I'm so excited to meet vegan people and go to the festival just to enjoy the vegan food and share the experience with open-minded people :) I'm not 100% If I'll go, it depends on my exams, but If I go we can make it to go together !

yes !! it's June Ulacia Insausti , add me :)



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