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Hey guys!

Today is day 18 for me completely and 100% raw vegan! I've been known to be an extremist although I don't know if I would consider myself one. About two weeks ago I decided that since whatever goes on my skin is absorbed…I'm ditching everything chemical. Here's what I shunned:



Hair products

Hand creams (I use coconut oil)

Body lotion

Shower gel

Skin products/Facial products

Lip balm


Toothpaste (I dry brush & floss)

Soap (For hands, dishes, etc EXCEPT when dealing with meat at work or canned food for my dog & cat)

So anyways, instead of using shampoo I head that you can use baking soda & water and instead of using conditioner you can use watered down apple cider vinegar for the first week. Then after that only once a week. After I month my hair is supposed to ease off the oil production and become soft and shiny. I have super long, damaged hair that has been dyed. I was wondering if anyone else has done this? My hair feels like it has a thick, heavy coating on it and I have white flecks all over like dandruff! :( Will this go away? I'm not tempted to use other products again, I just feel a little embarrassed when people notice. 

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I am going through the same process now!!!! keep messing with the ratio... if you have very oily hair try just doing the ends with the vinegar and maybe some more baking soda. My friend did it and now he hair is GORGEOUS. in the mean time i have been wearing my hair up...

I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!! Add way more water to your baking soda (life half and half or more) and then REALLY scrub your scalp with your fingernails/fingertips. Make sure you get it all over then let it sit for a bit. Then rinse it super duper well. Next, mix your apple cider vinegar with about half or more water and pour it all over your head and hair. Allow to sit for a bit then rinse again. Oh. My. Gosh. My hair has finally renewed itself! 

Hope this saves you from a future doomed with greeeeeasy hair! <3

As a human being, destined to follow the second law of thermodynamics, that that is entropy never increases, you will, no matter what you do, radiate disorder out into the greater universe, the death of your very own cells, which might I clarify must die as your body has to rid it's self of cells which are no longer functional or those which have mutated due to, for example, the cosmic microwave background... along with these biproducts there is also insoluble fiber and non-required nutritional content from your foodstuff intake.

Theory Debunked, unless you plan to hoard dead mutated cells, excess fiber and the biproducts of  metabolic catalysis.

I'd love to give this a go but have super greasy fine hair, and need to wash it every day before work, and I work in an office, I don't have the time to wait for my hair to sort itself out.
I wish I could have a month off work to try this out



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