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Hello all!

I don't normally post here, but I'm usually lurking around and reading tons... :)

Right now I'm in a bind and I'm freaking out! I would love some feedback or anything to calm me! And I apologize in advanced because this is so very long...

Here's my problem: 

Because I am still "in recovery" from my eating disorder, my mother insists on taking me to see a therapist, nutritionist, and medical doctor. I see myself as nearly 100% recovered now, and that only happened after adopting this diet and following it to a T. As far as the doctors go, the therapist I'm fine with, but the other two refuse to accept or even entertain the notion that this diet is healthy! 

I explained an average day to my nutritionist being: 

  • Breakfast: 9-10 bananas
  • core exercises for about 30 minutes then a 30-50 minute bike ride or a 20 minute run
  • mid morning post workout snack: 7-15 dates and a 4-6 banana smoothie with whatever greens are available (celery, spinach, romaine, etc...)
  • Lunch: 5-6 bananas or a whole melon, or 5-7 mangoes
  • dinner: 1lb of mixed greens (spinach, red leaf lettuce, romaine etc...) 4 tomatoes, whatever other veggies are on hand, (celery, snap peas, sometimes carrots) and a dressing of some sort, usually consisting of 2 mangoes, a handful of scallions, a tomato, and a date

She then proceeded to tell me that I wasn't getting ANY protein or fat! God forbid I eat don't eat nuts and avocados! I tried to explain to her that fruits and vegetables have all the protein and fat we need already in them in the correct quantities and that eating nuts would skew the ratio because they have far more fat than protein, but she wouldn't hear it. She (and my mother) kept saying that they weren't the right kinds of proteins and fats and I got so worked up and felt so cornered I started crying. They aren't the right kinds, yet I'm gaining weight as muscle, I can bike ride farther everyday, want to explore and smile and share my happiness with others because I have more boundless child like energy than ever before! But they aren't the right kinds so clearly I must have low energy, be freezing all the time because I never eat fat and exhibit signs of protein deficiency! Its funny, because these things she expects were all the side effects of eating nothing as when I was deeply in my eating disorder. I just wish everyone would understand how amazing I feel when I eat this way! It isn't fair. They say it is wrong and weird and crazy and unhealthy yet they have no idea. They have never read the things I've read or seen the things I've seen. They haven't tried it, they've only heard of it and think it crazy but they don't know how great I feel!

She also continuously mentioned that there were no long term studdies on the health effects of this diet. I said sure, she had me there because I didn't know of any off the top of my head, but I'm wasn't really looking at studies of people, I was looking at the actual people! So many examples exist on this site alone of all the successes! Just look at Durianrider and Freelee for crying out loud! I wish I could have told her that I like to take advice from people who are actually fit. Sure she looks relatively decent as far as health goes but clearly doesn't exercises and only god knows what is going on inside her body.

She tried to convince me that I should at least look into tofu and soy milk and I cringed. I kept thinking, why should I?! I get every nutrient I need from my diet besides vitamin D, which I go out in the sun around noon everyday to absorb, and B-12 which I take a supplement for. I eventually ended up telling her I would look into soy milk and that seemed to placate her a bit. But still, here is the biggest problem:

She had my medical doctor order a blood test for my albumin levels. She is concerned that my protein level is dangerously low. I agreed that if the test came back and was indeed lower than average as she so passionately expects, I would look into increasing my protein intake. 

But I don't want to! I don't want to change anything. I am finally happy and getting healthier by the day as I feel my body thank me each time I eat and exercise and sleep.

I'm nervous that the test will come back low and then everything will come crashing down around me. I'm nervous that I'll be pressured into eating stupid GMO soybean products, or other less than optimal foods like quinoa, beans, or rice. The last time I had rice, I thought I was going to be sick! The taste is disgusting without salt and sauces. I don't know how I could change my ways now that I have found my groove and love every single meal! I finally love life again! Not to mention my disordered thoughts have practically vanished! I know that if I go back to a cooked diet the thoughts will return and I will be sucked into my eating disorder again. 

I feel lost and scared and I wish I could be confident that my protein levels will be quite normal but I feel that its a toss up at this point!

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If your blood protein levels are being measured, then this could help soothe your worries.

thank you! This made me feel a bit better :)

thanks! Me too. I keep telling them the proof will be in the (banana) pudding! Now I just hope it is.

Okay, first of all, you should NOT be scared of the test results. If you have a dangerously low protein level, it's important for you to know that.

This is what I would do if I were in your shoes:
Explain to your mother that you definitely want to be both happy AND healthy, and since you both have the same goals, it's only a matter of how to achieve them.

Explain how wonderful you are feeling, and mention the gains in strength and fitness you have been experiencing.

Remind her that any deficiencies you have now could have been caused from your previous dietary habits.

Suggest that, no matter what the result of the test is, that she support you in continuing this lifestyle for a period of time you both can agree on (like a couple months or something.)

After that time period has expired, you get tested again. If you've improved, she should support you for say a year or two, in which time you can get tested again.

I think I'm more so scared of being wrong because I have so much conviction for this life style and I want to prove it works. So if I fail to come up with that proof I don't want others to use it as an excuse to shoot down my reasons for continuing to eat the things I do.

For what its worth, I don't really think I'm protein deficient, or at least I don't exhibit any signs. My hair is thick, strong, and shiny, not falling out like it used to, my nails are so long and strong they refuse to break! yet they used to be so brittle I could flake them off in layers (it was kind of gross), and my legs are not covered in bruises like they used to be. I'm trying to be more confident about it but I'm still nervous because I can't stand being wrong.

Definitely good advice though! I will explain more thoroughly just how great I'm feeling and the increase in fitness along with getting another test done a few months after this one. A deficiency could definitely stem from previous dietary choices! I used to go days without eating and I was without a doubt protein deficient then.

I understand why you're scared :) I'm just saying that a bad test result right now doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong to do 811. Your levels could have been way worse before!

I think you should try to think of this as an opportunity: now you will have these tests to compare future ones to! If anything, it will likely convince your mom that this is a great lifestyle for you. If for some reason a future test comes back worse, it is also good to know that so you can make educated tweaks to whatever you're doing :)

you're right :) I should think positive! Life is a learning experience anyways.


To me "The Math" is best thing you can do to show that 80/10/10 is a healthy lifestyle.

Download Cronometer:

Then as accurately as you possible can, track everything you eat then show them you are indeed getting all the nutrition (protein, fats, so no...) your body requires.


If you eat 3000 Calories a day of 80/10/10 then you are getting 300 calories of Protein and 300 calories of fat a day.

Protein has 4 calories per gram and fat is 9 calories per gram

300/4 = 75 grams of protein and day.... more then enough

300/9 = 33.3 grams of fat a day.... also more then enough


I don't use cronometer regularly but I do use an online food diary (myfitnesspal.com) because there is an app for it so tracking my intake is much easier.

However, I'm always closer to 90/5/5 than 80/10/10 but I'm about to add back in overts to see how they will affect me. Anywho, I average 40g of protein every day which is pretty close to normal as far as I can tell.

Thanks though! I'll print off a few days worth of cronometer info and probably a bunch of studies/references to give to my nutritionist next time I see her.

this is week 8 of complete lfrv 80/10/10, before that I was vegan for about two weeks with relatively low fat, but not 10% or less and vegetarian for a year and a half. All I can say is that each week on this lifestyle it gets better and better! 

cronometer has an app, but it's like $2.. worth it

there's an 80-10-10 setting on it so i prefer it to other food journals

I was going to suggest what Analucia and Kenny did, and since they said it so well, I'll just second their posts!

I'll bet your protein levels will be fine.  You're eating plenty of food, including lots of veggies, so you're taking in lots of amino acids in your food.  And remember, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.  Emphasizing that your health is your top priority with your mom, and showing your therapist the data from cronometer could really help them relax and not worry so much.

Good luck!  It sounds like the diet is really working for you already, which is so wonderful.  I hope your mom and therapist can see how happy and healthy you feel eating this way.



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