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Hi everyone, I'm dealing with some health issues and am looking for advice/support on how to transition to a high carb low fat diet in a way that's safe and gentle on my body.

I was diagnosed with SIBO a month ago and took a round of antibiotics (Cipro and Flagyl) which resulted in blood sugar spikes and oral thrush. I am scheduled to have an endoscopy/colonoscopy procedure this Tuesday (8/16/16) and am taking a host of medications: Ranitidine for acid and allergies, Omeprazole for gastritis, Allegra for allergies. Two days ago I discontinued taking Nystatin for the thrush since I felt it was doing weird things to my blood sugar. 

I'm also taking various supplements: Triphala, DGL Licorice, a B12 lozenge and vitamin drops. I've been drinking about 1.5-2 liters of water first thing every morning and have been on a diet of mostly cooked  vegetables and a little fruit. I recently had some quinoa and ate (out of desperation) some shrimp despite my vegan principles. I felt a bit sluggish after trying these things. I had been including coconut oil on my cooked food and have been oil-pulling which seems to be keeping the thrush under control.

After coming off of the Nystatin and antibiotics, any fruit I eat is causing my blood sugar to spike. I'm hoping that if I eliminate all fats for a few days I will be able to eat more fruit. I'm concerned about getting enough calories leading up to my procedure. 

My main symptoms are a pain on my right side under my ribs after I eat, gastritis, headaches, and all over foggy feeling and tons of anxiety. I'm kind of a night owl, so I don't go to bed before midnight usually and wake up between 9:30-10am everyday. I'm managing a little exercise, taking short walks or doing sun salutations for about 20 min every other day. 

I have a problem with binge eating and the other day had about 3/4 cup of nuts which made the pain in my side and gastritis flare up big time. I find myself in this cycle where I'll binge, feel awful, detox, feel better, then binge again. :(

Any ideas, suggestions, support, and well wishes are appreciated! I would love to adopt a fully raw vegan lifestyle and I know that I can do it, I just need some advice on how to ease into it from my current state. Thanks! :)

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Thanks Marin. I'll try the less sweet fruits! I'm hoping to wean myself off of all the supplements and medications eventually, but right now since I don't have a firm diagnosis from my doctor, I'm going to keep taking them since they're working. I should know more about my condition and how to treat it after next week. 

I would say like Marin, try to eat some fruits which are less sweet, Papaya or wild berries would be very good i think, also (fresh)figs if you can get your hand on them. For fats trying to soak the nuts before you eat them and try to buy them in the shell or better, eat your fats in the form of avocado or young coco. Look around if you can harvest any fruits directly from the tree's, thats the best and i love to do it because you get some movement with it as well and now is the fruit season in the northern hemisphäre if you live there...

Thanks Matthias, I live in the US and there are all kinds of fruits in season right now. I'm just wondering if I need to give my body a chance to eliminate all the fat from my blood before I begin eating more fruit and if so, how long that takes. I read somewhere a few days, but I'd like to see if anyone else has experience with this. I've been eating more quinoa and I'm wondering if the fat content of quinoa is too much for someone trying to transition to lfrv and overcome candida and high blood sugar issues. 

Yes theoretically it can take quite long i remember from the 801010 book, but if you sleep well and long and do some exercises in the morning after a day of eating no fat fruits everything should be fine. The fat content in quinoa is for sure not too high id say, some fat you need ;)

Thanks Matthias. Update: I ate a ton of melon today and also some grapes and blueberries and I feel great. Also, my candida symptoms are pretty much all gone. I think the coconut oil is working. I took your advice and did some yoga before eating anything. Unfortunately, all the fruit is keeping me awake, so it's 4am here on Sunday and I can't sleep! I'll try to take a nap at some point today if I can. My procedures are Tuesday and I have to fast on only clear liquids all day (Monday). Wish me luck! :)

To deal with initial blood sugar issues use apple cider vinegar and fenugreek.




Also eat a half of head of lettuce with every meal.

If I had SIBO I would correct it by taking pro-biotics while eating a high raw or all raw, high fiber, high carb, low fat diet. I have tried about a dozen kinds of pro-biotics- most are dead on arrival.  This one actually has live bacteria> orthomolecular ortho biotics.  Anti-biotics will actual cause SIBO.  I think that a colonoscopy seems useless to help with SIBO.  Doctors tend to cause more problems than they help, use them at your own risk but I would solely rely on my own research not what they tell me.  

Please learn about the risks of anti-biotics here> http://drsuzanne.net/dr-suzanne-humphries-antibiotics-antivirals-an...



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