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hey all,

i'm looking to buy a tent to travel with, and with so many here with interest and experience in travel and camping, i was wondering if i could get some recommendations

my biggest requirements are:
-big enough for me (all 6'4", 195 lbs) and optimally my pack as well, so probably a 2-person
-compact when stowed

it will likely only be used in warmer climates where rain would be the only real extreme weather consideration


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Hey there Ryan!

Hope your trip back north went smoothly!

The last tent I owned was a REI 2 person Half Dome tent. It was light weight and had enough room for my pack and for me. You are taller than I am, but I think you could still swing it. You'll want to check the dimensions It was on sale when I bought it too (check out the REI or some other similar sites for the "specials". You can read the specs (weight, dimensions, etc).

In what kind of weather are you planning on camping in? You will need a more re-inforced roof I believe to handle large amounts of snow.

Some of the quarter domes are more compact, and some are designed a bit differently than others to be advantageous in certain conditions. As far s the dome nomenclature goes, a full dome will be taller, the smaller fraction domes will have a lower height/width ratio. Reading some of the reviews never hurts. I felt this was a good tent for 1 person + gear, though not big enough for 2 + both gear. If you pack light and take mostly essentials you will have more than enough room, if you pack ultralight and compact, you will have a luxurious spacious tent experience. I've had very cheap single person tents that are not on the same level at all. Read up a tiny bit to make sure the tent has quick easy setup, durability, repair kit, and any accessories you may desire. I've also used huge 6-10 person tents before that just wouldn't fit well. There is a bit of a premium to pay for really great tents but there is plenty of range.

Hope this helps!
awesome eric.. thanks a lot

the trip back home went fine.. i stopped to visit my aunt near tampa, then handled the 15 hr drive back to jersey all in one go the next day.. it was a lot of driving, but listening to dr. graham's cd's made it enjoyable
One Planet have a great range of lightweight tents, although a bit pricey.

these look cool, but they don't appear to be available from any US distributors.. at least you reminded me to note that price is also a factor lol
If you live near an REI or EMS(I forget if you have those + EMS in Jersey or just EMS) hit it up, they will setup a tent for you in the store so you can check it out before buying. REI's return policy is great.... "Return Everything Incorporated"
I had this tent in Washington State. Man you pull it out of the bag and pull a string and it fowms into a perfect tent for one, with no work. It took me 1 minute to assemble
my brother has something like that.. it's just a big circle when it's folded in the bag, then you just take it out and throw it in the air and it springs up.. pretty cool, but a bit bulky

after a few hrs of research last night, i think i might order this one:

Tarp tents, interesting. I might have to look into a tarp tent arrangement when I buy a tent, since I'm also after ultralight. Although the lightest of all would be no tent at all, you could just sleep under tree when it rains. :)
that's really sweet nadia, thanks for the offer.. i'm actually back in jersey now :-/

the new one isn't that expensive and believe it or not it's like half the weight of that one you showed me.. i pretty much was looking for the lightest and most compact i could find for backpacking (that still had a bit of room inside) and this seems to be perfect
you can get a 30$ cheapy from wall mart or offline and it will do the job but wont breath or be as light as a more fancy tent. but ive used em and they work pretty good unless its raining really, really hardcore and then you might get some leaks. but to keep the bugs and snakes out, they are great.

i also use a 'bivvy bag'. its basically a body bag made out of gore tex and cost a few hundred dollars and packs up real small and weighs under a kg (2.2lbs). that is what i also recommend.

my bivvy bag is made by outdoor research. they come with a lifetime warranty.
yeah a bivvy would be optimal size and weight for backpacking, but i thought it might be good to have shelter where i can have my pack protected from rain, etc. and also a place to lay and read at night without getting mauled by squitos



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