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I am currently taking care of my elderly, frail & sick 85 & 86 year old parents.    For the last month, I have quietly managed to put them on a high carb vegan diet that is improving their health tremendously.  My mother has dementia and is incontinent.  When I started taking care of them she was barely conscious of her environment, she never went out and would barely smile. My family was on the verge of committing her to a long term care facility permanently.  I insisted to my family that this was the last time I would have a chance to spend time with them, so I took a leave of absence from my job & took over their care.  They finally started eating better, getting regular walks outdoors and socializing more. I have watched the life come back to them and it seems miraculous.  She talks easily and readily, remembering more and more of the current moment.  She rarely soils her diaper during the day and she is using her port-a-potty regularly and consistently at night.  My dad no longer sees her as just a burden.  He can now smile at her and converse with her instead of barking orders at her to comply because he was resentful of having to clean up after her.  I am so encouraged by their progress.  I dream of watching them live out the rest of their lives in relatively good health and going peacefully when it is their time.

However, there is a dark cloud in the horizon.  There is a possibility that in a few months, I may no longer be able to care for them.  My siblings would like to hire a regular live-in caregiver to take over.  They don't believe that my dietary & lifestyle changes are what's causing the improvements.  I don't want to see them returning to their old diet & lifestyle because I know that the moment they go back to that their health problems will return in full swing.

How do I find a live-in caregiver that would follow our lifestyle?

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Have the same issues. Take an ad out in the local paper or try a line in Craigslist. Looking for a vegan caregiver or something like that. My mom started the 811. She is 82. Blood pressure 190/90. Gone. Had constipation problems since she was in her 20's. Gone. She has tons of energy. High cholesterol. Gone. High triglycerides. Gone. She has trouble getting around because of a bad knee and does no exercise. Lost 6 pounds in 8 weeks. This lifestyle is definitely excellent. So I would advertise and I will bet you can find someone. 

Is there anyone from the Toronto, Canada area of our community that might be interested?  It would be a temporary live-in position  from November 2013 for 4-5 months because I would return after that.  My parents are pensioners so they can only pay $1600 a month, which would include food and lodging.

Find a local pub to put that in and try craigslist making sure you get verifiable references but mention veganism in your ad. The above sounds good. Just add the vegan component to it. I'll bet you get some takers.

Also look in our groups for your exact or near location, Via, and post there.

That is a great story though about the turnaround in health your folks are experiencing even at this stage of life.  Congrats on making it happen for them.  Never too late to feel better!

I never even encouraged my mom to eat vegan. I told her I had to do it for my health which was in serious trouble. When she saw how much I ate, she was an instant convert but it is important that I am the billboard for veganism. I could not care less what other people do with their food and i have many many meat eating friends. The funny thing is that they all always always comment on how weird my eating is but I never comment on their habits. I know beyond a doubt that they are all obsessed with what I have that they do not like energy, sense of happiness, unlimited food to eat, exercise etc. They see all this. They see the proof and i know I am making an impact on all of them. Don't need to lecture one bit.

Hell my mom's doctor, also a woman, was asking my mother for the guidelines for eating vegan after she saw the weight my mom was losing at her age of 85 with no exercise. No need to preach veganism. You become the proof and they start coming out of the woodwork wanting to know what secrets you have they do not. It gets really funny at times. 

Hear, hear!

Thank you. I'll do that.

So your siblings have seen the improvements in your parent's health?  I was thinking after reading this that if they have not lived with and cared for your parents, they may not have a real grasp of the differences in their improved lifestyle.  Could you outline these in writing and just ask your siblings to review the changes and ask them what they think themselves?  How did these changes happen and how can we ensure their health does not slip back with a new caregiver.  Start talking more about these changes.  Can your father help in this?  Are you the eldest?  How many siblings?

And I just have to say I think you are a wonderful daughter for caring for them so lovingly.

I am the youngest sibling, so I've rarely been taken seriously.  Unfortunately, my older siblings have always looked at my diet & lifestyle with misgiving.  They think it is a phase I've been going through (for the last 7 years-LOL) and I'll grow out of it...(yeah right).  I haven't been too obvious about the exact changes I've made.  I haven't dared put them on an all raw diet because I know my parents wouldn't like that, plus that would really stir up the proverbial with the rest of the family. When my parents visit with the others, they eat whatever the others eat, which is the usual SAD fare.  Happily they only go over about once a week.  Yes, my dad has helped convince the others that he's feeling better than ever and would like me to continue taking care of them.  It is going to take many more months of improvements before I will be able to confidently spell out in plain language exactly what is necessary.



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