30 Bananas a Day!

How did it go for you? What were reactions?

So I finally to my mom the other night while she was making beef and noodles trying to tell me that they were healthy and I needed meat. I was straight with her, I go do you see all the fruit I've been eating? She had called me a monkey earlier in the day for going to buy more bananas (my 3 walmart trip for bananas) anyways she shock her head and I told her. I go, I went raw a week ago, and I don't want meat or really any cooked food thats processed I feel better doing this I lost 10lbs last week without even trying. And my mom said ok she was happy for me and kind of left it at that.... They haven't cooked a meal here since though.... they go out to like mc ds, burger king, DQ without me and bring back the drinks or bags of trash and she goes we just went out we don't wanna tempt you on your new diet....or we didn't say anything because we didn't want to tempt you.

I can't decide now if it's they're real intent not to "tempt" or to undermine and show me that they can eat out and I can't, but 3 days now they've ate out of the house and I kind of feel like I put them in a bad place..... like they want to eat out rather then watch me eat..... and I don't want them to eat out all the time... it isn't healthy for them.

Guess i'm just seeing how others family and friends reacted when telling them.

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I'm not worried what they think so much as it is their health. I don't want theirs going down why mine goes up.

The best thing you can do for them is continue to educate yourself so that when they question certain things you will have the right answer to give them.  Try to expose them to information gradually such as getting them to watch Food documentaries or getting them to read 80/10/10, The China Study, Sexy Bitch or whatever, even if it's not HCRV but much healthier than what they do (anything helps).  And do everything you can  to assure your success with raw foods.  When they see you transform and thrive, that will be the biggest influence on them.  Always stay positive about HCRV too.  If they make a negative statement such as "I couldn't eat a meal of 10 bananas" respond with a positive statement like "I love it and it just makes me feel wonderful".

Don't let it bother you too much, it's hard for us to see our loved ones suffer when we know they can be doing so much better.  But we all make our own choices and we need to respect that as well.  Positive influence is best we can do.

Funny you say the food documentaries thing, I'm getting my sister to watch forks over knives today :p just sneaking it in there....

That kid lives on fast food, pizza bagel bites, hamber helper cups, and mac n' cheese bites.

I'm hoping she'll watch it and something will click with her to start eating healthier.

Honestly I wouldn't care if my parents stayed meat eaters I know this is a southern town but if they rearranged and made it healthier less grease less fast food and make the meat choices smaller and the veggies and fruits more I'd be happy with that too. Cancer is on both sides of the family, so are heart conditions..... I'd hate to see either get those.

I don't use the word diet because it's temporary and usually unhealthy I use the word lifestyle.

Haha your brother sounds like my pain in the ass 13 y/o sister.

and I had to tell them even though i'm 23, i'm back under their roof and they still try to feed me.

haha I understand. My one cousin(I have 40) is grown and has 3 kids of her own and still finds it funny to pick at me for stupid shet because i'm the different one in the family.

I'm this families "black sheep" but i'm ok with being different it's just funny how adults can revert back to children.

But it is a complete lifestyle change. it's not like you're planning on going back.... unless you are then it's a diet/challenge thing but if you plan on keeping to vegan/lfhcrv then you have changed your lifestyle and the way you live.



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