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Teeth, what to do if you come to this lifestyle with large cavities.

I ABUSED my teeth, for about a year, really badly. 

I am now paying for it, I have 7 large fillings in my back teeth and need a further 4. :/ Eek. 

My teeth have become super sensitive over the past 2 months.

I am now, brushing twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening, using disclosure tablets in the evening, using dental tape afterwards. 

I use toothpaste, with a medical grade amount of fluoride to keep the dental disease at bay. 

I read money by the mouthful, and this seemed like the best thing to do. 

I have another 4-5 cavities, probably pretty deep. I'm so scared to have my teeth rot out. Has anyone else come to this diet in this state? Help :/

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It's all documented in this book:

Health and Nutrition Secrets

(go to "books")

Do they fluoridate bottled waters too? Bottled waters like crystal geyser for instance?

They do not fluoridate bottled water unless it is labeled fluoride added.  However keep in mind some bottled water has fluoride in it if the water it is sourcing it from has fluoride in it.  For example a lot of bottled waters are filtered tap and they don't filter out the fluoride.  Secondly some natural spring water has fluoride in it due to industrial waste in the surrounding city contaminating the run off water somehow.  I forget the exact details of how it contaminates it if it is from the water table or from run off or whatever but it gets in the natural spring water in the mountains somehow in some areas.  So crystal geyser brand does not fluorinate the water but if you look on the bottle it will tell you which spring they sourced your water from if the one are drinking comes from the spring they use in CA it has fluoride in it.  I think their California source is the only one that has any fluoride but there may be one other that also does from a different state.  However, most of the springs they use don't have it.  Look on your bottle if it comes from the California spring it has fluoride.  Evian water doesn't have fluoride neither does Fiji and I there is one other brand that doesn't but I can't remember which one off hand.

+1 - in the US they do that a lot, I think in Australia and NZ laws prohibit that kind of additive without labeling BUT it's still no guarantee. Laws around bottled water are actually pretty lame and at least in the US you can put anything in there and it's basically not regulated.

Dr. Nara has some great info. but he is wrong about the fluoride.

Similarly Dr. Huggins DDS has some great info. but is wrong about the ancestral diet.

Great talk by a courageous activist and Neurosurgeon on fluoride:


That's a great video for sure everyone should watch it. Blaylock is a brave guy speaking out on vaccines, autism and fluoride. Interestingly he says that everyone has it wrong solely blaming mercury in vaccines for autism, he says it's much more than that and I agree, so he has the "alternative" community hating on him as well as the pharmaceutical nazis. (they literally are nazis if we're talking about ideology!)

Just on the teeth thing, I had a huge hole in a back molar appear seemingly overnight a few months back so I stopping putting refined sugar in my smoothies and just went with the natural fruit - I'm lucky I get awesome bananas where I am, very ripe very sweet organic, and it's already almost completely receded. I'm not saying sugar is the cause, I'm still overweight although I've dropped a lot over the last year I still am carrying way too much fat - probably 10kg I'm guessing. I think if you're lean and have been on this diet for at least a couple of years then I agree with DR refined sugar is not a major issue but I'm guessing if you're not at that stage yet it can still cause problems. Just a guess.

I think those plastic toothbrushes are way too rough on our teeth and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there was some other kind of conspiracy going on between toothbrush makers and the dental association higher ups because frankly I think most people brush way too often way too hard and are removing enamel. That's not paranoia just knowing how the entire system is one con after another top to bottom, it just wouldn't surprise me at all. I have no evidence on that, just my own observation and current opinion. Years ago I used to brush often with fluoride toothpaste as well and I had so many cavities it was not funny. I still have mercury stains on one teeth which one day I think I have to remove or something even though I had all the amalgams taken out. Only on a high fruit and therefore high organic mineral diet have I noticed my teeth seem stronger and better. Just an observation of course. These days I just brush once a day gently with filtered water - toothpaste is a totally unnecessary bit of nonsense IMO.

Whatever you do get fluoride free toothpaste if you want to use it. I was using a pretty well priced decent brand called coral calcium toothpaste you can get it on vitacost or other websites, but when I ran out I just realised it's pretty redundant and unnecessary and maybe abrasive on the teeth anyway. Saving my money instead now and not suffering for it.

Good video ednshell thanks for posting

Mike is totally correct, please do check his references, the evidences are piling up at huge cost. But there are forms of fluoride that have been proven to be helpful such as in licorice root bark and sewak barks. Esp. sewak barks contain quite a bit of natural fluoride and if I believe the tests that I have read about them, they are decreasing decay by 80% compared to the usual fluoride tooth pastes.

The other thing is to decrease stress and source of it. What about locating any source of it and get rid of it, solve it, go away from it, however you want to stop that source, just make yourself happy. Force yourself to laugh if you have to. One can destroy one's body just from stress, including organs, nerves, bones, etc. Since teeth are connected to organs, they'll tell you what you are doing to your organs.


Even if you fill the teeth up but continue to stress out, wait a few more months or years and there will be more decay under the fillings, etc. Best thing is to get out of stress first. Off course while having the best diet, rich in minerals, keeping a high hygiene, etc.

What is the difference between Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Carbon Monoxide in the human body. One is a naturally occurring harmless waste to our bodies that plants breathe in and metabolite into oxygen which they breathe out the other is a deadly gas that is not common in nature except if a volcano goes off or a forest fire is burning. One is what kills when people try to commit suicide with their car running in the garage with the door closed. They seem similar by chemical name but they are really not the same at all. (Yes CO2 will kill you in high doses but so will oxygen, too much water can kill you too but they are not toxic at normal levels).

Just because the chemical name has "fluoride" in it doesn't mean anything. What is it actually, what does it do actually? What do the studies show? CO2 and CO are NOT the same thing, or even similar in their action on the body. A knife and a spoon are both made out of metal but if you stab yourself with a spoon not much will happen.

So it is with fluoride. They say "fluoride" but what they really mean is a whole group of possibly extremely toxic waste products that now come under the header of "sodium fluoride" actually they have many other names. The point is, there IS a naturally occurring forum of fluoride which is calcium fluoride that is present in TRACE amounts in water and foods. But again, even if it were the case that calcium fluoride is so miraculous at preventing tooth cavities and you can just go on and keep eating carcass and fat and all manner of garbage but as long as you have that trace amount of calcium fluoride boosted in your water supply you will have reduced cavities, it is all a product of reductionist science which is really IMO bebunked for most purposes, certainly nutrition.

Think about it, why aren't they worried about how much magnesium you get? That's a much more significant bone mineral than trace calcium fluoride (which is a completely different molecule that they don't even use anyway). What about phosphorous or vitamin D? Never hear about that.

If you watch the Dr. Paul Connet lecture he goes into some basic detail about how this all came about. One of the first studies that was used to justify water fluoridation was conducted by one of the leaders of the Manhattan project, where they had copious amounts of deadly sodium fluoride waste from their nuclear experiments and nuclear refinement processes. He was a scientist who injected patients with plutonium. That's the kind of trustworthy safety studies that were conducted before subjecting the population to this idiocy and genocide. If you can politically dumb down your population by 20IQ points on average well that practically makes you a genius.

Recent much more transparent studies from China, to the USA and elsewhere show that fluoride that is added to toothpaste and water is a deadly toxin, and it de-mineralises the teeth *and bones*. The teeth are just the bit you see.

I am living in Peru and a relative of mine here as a son who when his baby teeth came through the enamel literally peeled off like an egg shell on a boiled egg and underneath they were all brown and rotten to the roots. His mother had the same thing when she was that age. Her adult teeth came through OK. One thing that heavily de-minerlises the teeth and bones is cows milk, not only because of the acidification due to the proteins and other things that we aren't supposed to be eating, but because of the chemical concentration up the food chain, and most processed foods have super high levels of residual fluorides in them from pesticide concentrations.

It's about as normal to have teeth without enamel as it is to have osteoporosis at age 5 - it's not. That doesn't mean YOU aren't normal it just means your body is seriously lacking in minerals and the best minerals you can get come from fruits and veg and lots of it.

rinse with bicarb soda after meals, brush after meals and use xylitol to kill bad bacteria.  floss. eat lots of greens and get enough vitamin D. dont snack on fruit, instead have 3 or 4 large meals a day.  get fillings if you need them. read book 'kiss your dentist goodbye' :) 

How much do you rinse with? I've found it makes my lips chapped and it gives me dry-mouth?

Everyone has dental issues to some degree. If everyone got dental xrays, that rate would be even more cos with x-rays you can see what isnt visible to the human eye. 

Pretty much everyone with a good smile bought that via dental industry products be it braces, dentures, fillings, lazer treatments, caps etc.

If I had a cavity, Id get that sucker filled. Also beware that dentists love to give root canals cos they are the highest profit margin procedure. Tell them upfront you don't want a root canal. Lots of info on the net why root canals aint the best route for many people.

A lot of uncertainty is around teeth. Im glad I deal with weight loss cos thats ALWAYS certain.



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