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Teeth, what to do if you come to this lifestyle with large cavities.

I ABUSED my teeth, for about a year, really badly. 

I am now paying for it, I have 7 large fillings in my back teeth and need a further 4. :/ Eek. 

My teeth have become super sensitive over the past 2 months.

I am now, brushing twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening, using disclosure tablets in the evening, using dental tape afterwards. 

I use toothpaste, with a medical grade amount of fluoride to keep the dental disease at bay. 

I read money by the mouthful, and this seemed like the best thing to do. 

I have another 4-5 cavities, probably pretty deep. I'm so scared to have my teeth rot out. Has anyone else come to this diet in this state? Help :/

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Do your best with dental hygiene but don't overbrush.

Never leave fruit acids on your teeth.

Use Xylitol after all meals.

Eat plenty of greens as desired plain and in raw soups/smoothies/salads.

Make sure that your vitamin D level is within the range.

Fill those large cavities.

Make sure that your saliva is alkaline by sticking to alkaline forming low fat diet.

Listen to your body in regards to cravings for fruit, greens, and vegetables.

Enjoy your life.

I would discontinue the use of fluoride toothpaste.  Fluoride causes cavities rather then prevents them and it is a toxin.  Fluoride reeks havoc on your hormonal system as well. 

Some people handle fluoride better then others in the sense that some people handle toxins such as smoking better then others.  Some never have noticeable health issues from smoking until they get to the age of 95 while some people get health concerns at age 25 it depends on how well you handle it.  And by hormones let me clarify fluoride is bad for you thyroid in particular.  And it isn't effective against cavity protection.  Communities where they don't have fluoride in the water and they don't use fluorinated toothpaste don't get nearly as many cavities as communities that use it or have fluoride in their water.  Do a little research fluoride is toxic and ineffective. 

But you gave some great tips otherwise.  If she followed your tips minus the fluorinated toothpaste I am sure she would have success with her dental hygiene

Community's that don't have fluoride in the water and don't use fluoride toothpaste, probably can't afford to eat the food that causes cavities. 

Mine came from utter abuse of my teeth :/ Chocolate, take away, pizza, chicken, donuts, you name it, I binged like never before! Haha! 

No offense but is that a clinical diagnosis? The most recent American Dental Association study which was formulated from a collection of studies concluded that fluoride is only useful topically and only on 1/16th of ONE tooth surface. In other words, it's useless. Remember that was from a collection of pro fluoride studies.

The main problem with teeth is not sugar, it's fat and animal brodeen, although I'm still dubious about refined sugar.

Sodium fluoride and the many variations they use are to be avoided at all costs. It is in the same class of neurotoxin and carcinogen as Mercury and Lead, ie. do not put in your body.

It's absolutely worthless at preventing cavities. And a recent Harvard Study confirmed it causes IQ reduction aka brain damage. The former long time head of the US cancer institute is quoted as saying "In point of fact fluoride causes more cancer than any other toxin". or something to that effect. A large well designed government study from China confirmed that it causes IQ reduction - up to 20 points IQ reduction from childhood to adulthood. That's literally like a chemical lobotomy, sort of having your soul stolen from you and never knowing it.

It is banned in most of Europe from the water supply, and in Belgium it is also illegal as an additive and illegal as supplement (fluoride pills).

It's first clinical use was in Switzerland before WW2 it was used on patients with elevated thyroid function as a pharmaceutical to lower thyroid function. The amount used to achieve clinical results is the same amount roughly in a pea sized amount of toothpaste, or a glass of water if you are unlucky enough to live in a fuoridate mass medicated society like Australia or most of the USA. If you shower in it you are also getting a lot of it through absorption.

Subsequent to that trial it was used in both Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany on prisoners and the population. During the Nuremberg Trials it was revealed to the effect that sodium fluoride targets areas of the brain associated with self preservation and compassion, and it made prisoners docile and uninterested in escape. The Nazis said "Sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place / in prisoner control." I always used to wonder why the inmates didn't charge the often few soldiers who were imprisoning them.

It is a highly acidic substance, and is a key ingredient in Sarin gas, a chemical weapon (as used by  Al Qaeda against the Syrians, and on the Tokyo subway attack in the 90's).


"UK accused of ‘breath-taking laxity’ over export licence for potassium fluoride and sodium fluoride"

It is a de-mineralising element and also a catalyst in the blood amplifying the effects of other toxins, from alcohol to mercury. Studies show 4X increase in bone cancer. On and on it goes...

www.fluoridealert.org - this website has a key contributor is Dr. Paul Connett who is professor of New York state University head of toxicology, originally believed any anti-fluoride information was "conspiracy theories" now that he looked at the evidence one of the most ardent activists for exposing it. Interview with Dr Paul Connet


Fluoride in toothpaste water and food is not there because they love you. It's also a key ingredient in most pesticides and is the key ingredient in Prozac and most anti-psychotics.


Yes Mike great reply and true.  I haven't looked at the actual research in a long time so some of the details I remember may be not exact but I know I learned a lot back when I researched it so it is hard to recall all the exact details that I learned.  But I know enough and I know all I need to know about fluoride to know that it isn't effective and it is a toxin that causes problems.  Our dental problems are in fact caused by diet including crooked and crowded teeth due to improper jaw development from not eating enough whole fresh ripe fruits while we were developing.  It is best to fix the cause of tooth issues not try to fix things with ineffective and toxic things such as fluoride.  Great sources and points mike.  Thanks for posting your response. 

Thanks no worries - a pleasure.

Thank you for the great info.

It's the only thing keeping the plaque at bay, have you read money by the mouthful? Do you think dental disease is a contagious thing? This book seems to suggest to, my dentist looked at me like I was crazy. Mind you my local doctor would look at me the the same if I told her about this lifestyle. It feels like I have to be in control of my own healthcare from now on and there is a lot to learn.

Regarding fluoride, I know it is a toxin, how exactly does it cause cavities? In the book I read (recommended by both Chris Randal and Tara Millen), it states that fluoride is highly effective in irradiating dental disease. I am thoroughly confused, can you point me to any research? 

And I should have said countries instead of communities when I said they get less cavities. Your assumption is very uninformed. Most developed nations don't fluoridate their water and some go as far as to outlaw it. Most European nations don't fluoridate there water there are some that do. There are plenty of wealthy nations that don't use it. Only 25 countries use fluoridated water. Of those 25 countries 11 have less then 20% of their population drinking fluoridated water. Also only 11 of these countries have more then 50% of their population drinking fluorinated water of course the U.S. being one of them. There are more people drinking fluoridated water in the United States than the rest of the world combined.

And my guess is this book you mention was probably written by a dentist which if so I would be surprised if he is singing the praises of fluoride. Keeps the patients knocking on his door for fillings. Lol And no I haven't read that book. I have no need to listen to pro toxic garbage junk telling me fluoride works wonders. I already know what the truth is. But if you feel it works then by all means do what you feel is best. Taking good care of your teeth is what prevents dental issues. You don't need fluoride toothpaste to take good care of your teeth
Yeah the guy who wrote it used to be a dentist, but he discourages all constructive work in the mouth. It's an interesting read. When people visit him for treatment, they get treated medically, rather than having fillings or him prodding around in your mouth, you get treated with antibiotics, since dental disease, is a disease. I am well aware that fluoride is poison, and I'm worried about the harm it will cause my body, I have tried to just use baking soda, my mouth started to hurt and dry up and my teeth got real fuzzy, even though I was brushing and flossing daily. Besides, I'm trying to take everything in and learn.
What percentage of those 25 country's are 'developed'? I understand that my assumption is uninformed, I have a lot to learn, I am aware of this, it would be great if you could direct me towards some research?

I will try to find research again but I am pretty sure it wouldn't be difficult to locate.  However the problem is I learned all I know about Fluoride a long time ago before I came to this lifestyle and I spent countless amounts of time researching the issue.  I didn't keep the resources unfortunately so I am not sure I can.  I know there are books out there that touch on the topic but I can't think of any specific off hand.  But believe me do a little digging and you will come up with a wealth of information and books and resources and published studies etc.



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