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Ok so I had some slight dental issues here and there before going 100% raw, but I feel like my gums are receding like crazy and tooth ache here and there. I eat a ton of citrus and mangoes.  I'm guessing its all the citrus. Does anyone have any similar experiences and how did you handle it? 

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Thanks for your kind words and sharing here.  

Most of our members have best results with lettuce greens.  Most other things society calls veggies such as kale, spinach, and brocolli for example, may actually not be good for us.  There is a reason our natural reaction to these things is that they are bitter and or we do not like how they make us feel ie gas, bloating, indigestion.  

Many things like kale and spinach are high in anti nutrients with one of the main culprits being they are high in oxalates.  You are welcome to read more here too:

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

Many of our members do get teeth sensitivities if they skip the greens, but this usually clears up when 1/2-2 heads of lettuce are added a day or at least on most days.  

As others have mentioned in passing here, it is still important to floss and brush one or more times a day.  I floss and brush before sleeping, and brush once in the am.  

Some people have also found that staying hydrated helps.  Drink enough water to urinate clear. Your gums might shrivel like any other tissue if you are not hydrated. 

Another thought about gums.  If you think they are receding, have this confirmed by a dentist.  What actually happens to many members is they come to raw foods with problems like gingivitis and or periodontal disease.  For many of these people, the gums are actually swollen from inflammation and infection.  When they start to heal up, the gums recede back to normal limits but the person may assume they are "receding."  

Another issue that happens is people have unknown tooth decay, and again, when plaque is removed or gums recede to normal limits, the decay or eroded teeth is exposed.  This is not necessarily caused by the current eating of fruit, rather, an exposure of a preexisting condition.

Follow up with a dentist and continue to follow some of the good ideas shared with members here and good luck.  

Peace, PK


 I'll be sure to follow up with a dentist. Since finding out about oxalates, I've been googling stuff impulsively and finding things like ALA, goitrogenic foods, e.t.c . I am saying no to hypochondria and stepping away from my computer. lol.  Once I eliminate kale and other cruciferous vegetables from my diet I should be fine.  Thanks Pk. You rock!

Super common, a lot of long timers on this lifestyle experience that. I have it too. Gums receding like crazy, actually!! BUT the lifestyle makes me feel so good otherwise that I find it a minor thing I have to deal with. I prefer that and feeling great, happy, healthy digestion, etc, than eating cooked and feeling terrible. Plus my dentist has explained that a lot of times it's genetic and that there's really no going back for the gums unless you get an operation. Cheers!

PS - I do eat greens, over a pound a day, I drink over 4 liters of water per day and I eat 3000 calories, soI actually don't think that any of those reasons is the issue with gums receding. 

That's really comforting to know. Now I can stop over thinking the process, knowing that it is common.  And you are certainly right For The Love of Fruit. Save for my gums, I feel absolutely fabulous, so I guess that's the opportunity cost of being raw. I can live with that. Thanks for clearing that out.

Rinse with alkaline water.
Tooth care and calcium seem to be key and high phosphorus contents in fruits require EXTRA calcium for us types. Kale,Bok choy, dandelion greens, arugula, turnip greens are great ones for low oxalate content. Good luck keep learning and keep livin!

Alkaline water? Where do people get alkaline water? Wow. I guess we learn new things every day.  Kale is my go to smoothie vegetable, but I do admit sometimes that I often prioritize other things above making a green smoothie, so I end up having it like 3 out of 7 days a week. I'll be better I promise. lol. Meanwhile if you have any leads on the alkaline water, pray tell. Off to go do my research. Thanks for your input Herro World. 

I had a bit of sensitivity at first but now my teeth feel better than ever. Make sure your fruit is ripe, eat greens and celery and drink lots of water. I floss every night. Also, if I can't get ahold of Earthpaste toothpaste I make my own. I just use a touch of baking soda and mix it with raw coconut oil. My teeth feel great all day. Coconut oil pulling is supposed to be great for teeth. I don't always have time for that so using it as toothpaste has been helpful.

Thanks Amanda. I'll be sure to try the coconut oil and baking soda. I recently switched to baking soda toothpaste, but maybe I'll step it up a notch and make my own. I hear lots of good stuff about the organic all natural tooth soap or something. Have you ever tried it?

When I started this lifestyle my gums receded as well.  I went to the dentist the other week and he told me that he wants to pull ALL of my teeth!!  The advice that was given to me on this site was to up my calcium through greens.  Since I started adding barley powder to my fruit smoothies the pain went away and I can eat solid food again.  My teeth were compromised long before I started eating this way three years ago.  I wish there was a way to rebuild the lost bone under my gums.  

Hey BananaBill. I'm glad the greens worked and you don't have to take out all your teeth. That would have been intense. Dental issues can be so crazy. Thanks for the barley powder tip. If I try all these suggestions and still feel I need a little something, barley powder would be my go to supplement.  And all the best with your teeth! 

eating heaps of greens is definitely important for health, but lack of greens is NOT the cause of tooth decay!

the cause of tooth decay is bad bacteria in the mouth causing acidity! the bacteria feed on sugar and then produce acids which damage teeth.

here are my tips:

eat only ripe fruit

do not snack on fruit all day , instead have 3 or 4 large meals a day & make sure you eat enough calories

brush your teeth twice a day and if you feel a coating on your teeth after eating then brush them after meals as well

rinse with something to kill bacteria and alkalise your mouth, i use hydrogen peroxide and then baking soda/water

brush your teeth with either toothsoap or xylitol and floss once  or twice a day

i also rinse with xylitol after meals too 

sounds like a lot of stuffing around but its not and it is worth it to look after your teeth!  


I don't think its a lot of stuff, I guess you get what you put in. lol . . .And thanks I'll make sure to follow all these tips up to 10 times a day even if possible. 



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