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I have made a profile on this page because im having a problem on the high carb raw vegan diet. I am beginning to have dental erosion, and im very worried that i might end up losing them :(

My friends at work says that i should go to the dentist because it looks really bad, and im also beginning to have bad breath, it smells rotten.

I have been on this diet since march this year, where i saw some of durianrider and freelees videos. I have followed freelees advice about not using any toothpaste, and i brush my teeth every day also. flossing i do too. I havent been eating any cooked food since i went raw, and im eating plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. I eat about 30 medjool dates (datorade), 10-15 bananas, plus much more every day. Salads i eat 4-5 times a week:-) So im not under eating.

Before i went raw, i was vegan with limited amounts of fat, for 3 years, and i used to use no flouride toothpaste. I havent had any dental problems before, so this really freaks me out!

Im also drinking enough water and getting enough sleep:)


Im really hoping you guys can help me.

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i asked my dental nurse friend about my diet and its effects and she said the main tips were to try to not constantly graze on fruit but have big portions wait a while then have more so that the acid came in to contact with the teeth for less of the day. She also said don't brush while the acid was still in your mouth/immediately after eating. better to rinse. I think you should use toothpaste personally. there are loads of really good natural non fluoride vegan brands. GO to the dentist though. don't leave it too late. prevention is better than cure.

Im not eating all day long, i eat 3 big portions of at least 1000 calories at every meal. I do rinse my teeth with water after every meal and always wait 30 minuts before i brush them. I think i will go to the dentist, because im really worried that i will end up losing them all.

I just started doing oil pulling a few days ago because I had pain in my teeth and they felt loose. It seems to have strengthened them, made them feel tighter in my gums, made them feel cleaner and made them whiter. There is lots of information out there. Not any scientific studies that I've read, but it is an ayuraveda practice and pretty obscure. I'm thinking of canceling my trip to the dentist next week because they feel so good. 

Good for you. Perhabs i will try this oil pulling, but any other advise are more than welcome, im really frustrated and worried about this teeth issue.

Are you doing overt free?   Even small amounts of avo or fats with greens, which I used to love, make my teeth super sensitive. 

Which means, I'd reconsider oil-pulling. 

Have you ever done oil pulling Durian Blossom?

I did it for about 1 month, long before 811.  Did not personally notice any changes, so I moved on.  I would not be able to tolerate the sensitivity it causes to my teeth, now, while on fruit.

ok. thanks for your view on it. 

I will never stop using flouride-free toothpaste.  I use Tom's.  I also rinse with warm water with some baking soda dissolved in it after any food consumption.  I even have a small tupperware container of baking soda where I work.

I brush at the very least a couple of times a day. I do use the rinse when I've eaten something acidic so that I'm not scraping the enamel off my teeth by brushing too soon.  However, with dates (which I don't really like and don't eat everyday), I usually brush because I chew them rather than blend them and I hate all that crap on my teeth.

I floss at night.  Sometimes during the day as well.

Eating lettuce leaves also seem to be cleansing after something sweet.

Good luck and definitely see a dentish (but don't let him or her talk you out of this diet).  I believe with proper practice, you can eat this diet and have strong, healthy teeth.

P.S. there are several threads about dental health in this forum.  Do a search for "teeth" and see what turns up.

Although haters gonna hate, I'd say you should have a look at your calcium-phosphorus ratio. The whole thing in a nutshell: you need both calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth. Too much phosphorus intake combined with too little calcium intake will make your teeth deteriorate (they say it's cause your body starts leeching the calcium from the bones & teeth to make up for the lack, not sure on that). So, ideally, you'd wanna go for an 1:1 ratio, means, take in at least as much calcium as phosphorus.
Lemme gimme you an example:

Sadly, most fruits are higher in phosphorus (bananas have 4x more phos than calc, for example). That's why people eat greens. What I suggest you do is to put your average daily fruit meals in cronometer and see how much of both minerals you get. Then, try to incorparate more foods that are higher in calcium. Most greens are pretty great for that, lettuce is a global favorite. Fruits that have more calcium than phosphorus include prickly pears, papayas, oranges, tangerines and figs.
I used to have teeth problems too, but whenever I keep the ratios balanced, they feel just great.
Good luck

I didn't know that about oranges - thanks.  I think I'll increase my daily amount now.

When someone goes raw, the body starts to detox itself. The body needs minerals for the detoxification. If you dont get enought minerals throught the food, the body takes it from the teeth and bones.

From my experience, organic fruits and veggies content more minerals than conventional ones. Eating more greens slowes the detox process and can harmonise it. Eating wild greens like dandelion makes sense  because the wild growen greens content much more minerals than a lettuce. You can support your body if you smell the fruits before eating them. Just put the fruits on the table, close your eyes and smell them. If a fruit smells tempting to you (dont confuse a strong smell with a tempting smell), eat that fruit mono as long as you feel joy eating it and stop when you feel stuffed or when the joy stops (or when your tounge burns, or maybe there are other physical signs). In that way, your body can tell you exactly what it needs and do the detox in a harmonious way.



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