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About four years ago, multiple dentists noted that on one of my bottom molar teeth (not a wisdom tooth, had those all removed), practically all the enamel has been scraped off. They attributed it to teeth grinding and jaw clenching. I have been wearing a night guard for the past couple of years now for this reason, but I still have A LOT of sensitivity on that tooth. It gets irritated by highly acidic things, like apples and citrus. Today, for example, that tooth is extra sore since I did have a lot of OJ yesterday, it hurts even when I chomp on some lettuce. It's a difficult problem because it makes chewing difficult!

Anyone have this enamel or sensitivity problem, and what are your solutions?

FYI: I do still see a standard dentist here in the US, about every six months, but I am open to natural remedies.

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Did your dentist want you to get a crown so that you don't develop future problems with that tooth? Yuck :( good luck. Maybe stick with the sweeter fruits that don't upset your teeth as much? 

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply!  No, I haven't brought this problem to my dentist in a while, so no crowns have been recommended.  He has only recommended using ProNamel toothpaste, which is supposed to diminish sensitivity, but this stuff has flouride. I did use it for a while, but it didn't seem to make a difference anyway.  

The problem is that it is not practical for me to cut out citrus. There are times when I need to eat citrus fruits or juices in order to get enough carbs/calories for that day...becaue of inadequate sweet fruit on hand...and this happens pretty often! :-/ Tricky. . .

Good, crowns are so expensive! 

How long have you been doing LFRV? I've always had problems with sensitivities.. when I first started, my teeth were really sensitive, especially to dates!! Ow. I had to stop after eating a few. I've been doing this since November (not 100% yet but getting there. my breakfast and lunch is always fruit only), and now my teeth don't hurt at all! I would guess it's from the increase in the nutrients that I am getting but I really don't know. 

Good luck, I hope you can get this under control so you can continue your healthy diet comfortably :D

I have pretty much exactly the same problem with one of my back molars- a lower one.  When I went to my dentist the other week, she gave me this new stuff called MI Paste (made by Recaldent), and I think it may be reducing my sensitivity.  It comes in a bunch of flavors and you rub it on your teeth before you put in your night guard, so it sits on your teeth all night.  I'd say it's worth a try.  A tube of it cost somewhere between $12-20 at my family dentist.  

I was given that as well, and I used it until I went vegan - it has a milk protein in it.

Do you know xylitol? it´s a kind of sugar, that doesn´t have the disadvantages of refined sugar and actually protects the teeth again cavities. On the bag I have it is written that it also has a mineralising effect on the teeth, so it remineralises the enema. They say to take half a spoon in your mouth and swish around. You should find Xylitol in health foods store or online. Hope that helps.

Vitamin D

Since I started using 8000 IU Vitamin D a day after 4 weeks the teeth felt much better.

I totaly feel much better.

I use a little baking soda for brushing, twice a day.

I take the Vitamin D (drops) after the citrus in the morning. 30 minutes later I clean my teeth.

hey, im a qualified dental nurse with 7 yr exp. Do you use straws when drinking cold or acidic things? 

Thank you.

Yes, I have always had a problem with my enamel wearing away if I eat acidic foods.  I used to be unable to eat citrus at all, but now I enjoy it almost daily.  Here's what works for me:

1.  Avoid letting acidic foods (like citrus) stay in my mouth for a long time.  I don't linger over citrus meals - usually I blend my citrus into a smoothie, drink it down, rinse and brush.

2.  I brush and floss at least twice a day - usually after breakfast and dinner, and just rinse my mouth after lunch because I'm at work and it's harder to take the time to brush and floss.  But if I'm at home, I'll brush and floss after each meal.

3.  Use a Sonicare or similar toothbrush.  It really cleans well and is very gentle on the enamel and gums.  

4.  Use EcoDent tooth powder to remineralize.  The first ingredient is baking soda, and it also contains dicalcium phosphate, which is the mineral your body uses to re-mineralize your teeth.  It also tastes yummy (I like the anise flavor) and it has no fluoride.  I don't usually brush my teeth when I first wake up, but I rinse my mouth and put a little pinch of the tooth powder in to neutralize acidity.  

5.  Supplement with vitamins D3 and K2.

Good luck!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my thread--I greatly appreciate your quality responses, time, and effort. This is all so very helpful. I am sorry for my delay in thanking you!

Very useful information.

Thank you.



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