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Teeth and what we can do to keep them - I encourage everyone to share their knowledge and experience.

This post is for the benefit of all those experiencing teeth sensitivity on LFRV.

First of all - have faith that after a couple of years your teeth and gums will become stronger than ever before, but to keep your teeth through the process consider the following tips:

1.    Make sure that no more than 10% of your daily caloric intake is coming from fat (overt as well as covert). Blood sugar imbalances caused by a high fat diet can result in teeth sensitivity and demineralization. If you have blood sugar issues -- it's the best to temporarily forgo overt fats completely.

2.    If you have a history of candida – focus on monomeals. Efficient digestion will help to starve off the candida and your teeth will feel stronger.

3.    If you have any current teeth problems or sensitivity, try to minimize the amount of time your teeth are subjected to the acids -- don’t snack or drink smoothies all day long, try to eat meals instead of grazing.

4.    Acidic fruits have acids in them, which can harm your teeth, if you eat too many too often. Go easy on citrus, pineapples, kiwis, pomegranates and such. Consider eliminating acidic fruits from your diet entirely for a period of time.

5.    Don’t EVER eat unripe fruits.

6.    Dried fruits will stick to your teeth and create breeding grounds for bacteria. If you choose to eat dried fruit – make sure that you thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards.

7.    Nuts and seeds create an acidic mouth environment, which can harm your teeth.

8.    Try eating plain greens with nothing on them after a meal of sweet fruit. Greens will clean the teeth of sugar and make enamel feel stronger.

8.1. Extreme teeth sensitivity might be an indication of excessive acids/toxins in the bloodstream.Eating just fruit, with no greens, would likely increase detoxification. But greens also provides more alkaline minerals which would help to neutralize or buffer the acids/toxins as they move through the bloodstream on their way to be eliminated.

9.    Don’t brush right after meals especially after eating acidic fruits as acid softens the enamel.

9.1. Make a solution of baking soda in water and use as a mouth wash immediately after meals. Baking soda will neutralize the acid. After you use this mouthwash - swish the mouth clean with plain water. - (Admin note: This is controversial and has the potential to cause long term enamel erosion.)

10.    Use a water irrigator to clean your teeth. You can use it right after meals with no risk of damaging enamel. This is the best irrigator ever - http://www.showerfloss.com/ - a real teeth and gum savior!!!

11.    Floss each time you feel you need to, but at least once a day. Use dental tape such as http://www.dentist.net/dr-collins-dental-work-floss.asp instead of a regular floss.

12.    Don’t use teeth whitening chemicals as they further damage the enamel.

13.    Don’t use any toothpaste containing abrasive components. I believe that baking soda and sea salt are highly abrasive substances as well and should never be used in teeth brushing.

Brush either with water or get a Tooth Powder for Sensitive Teeth and Receding Gums from http://www.uncleharrys.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&St.... It's made of bark, roots and herbs and it really helps to eliminate sensitivity.


At this time I personally brush with plain water only using a soft toothbrush and frequently rinsing it.

14.    Don’t go back and forth to cooked foods, even to steamed greens. Many people find that their teeth react very negatively and become even more sensitive.

15. Make sure that you get your sunshine for vitamin D. Aim for at least 30 min a day as exposed as it's practical. During winter months consider taking up running outdoors - this way you can get a bit less covered up in clothes.

16. Exercise every day. Exercising promotes calcium assimilation and increases the bone density in the whole body.

If you're up to following this advice, tell the dentist to put away his paint and his pliers. You won't need them -- or him at all.



  • Freelee's blog on Teeth Problems and High Carb Raw Vegan -


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I wouldn't go back between cooked and raw for this reason alone.

I am really motivated to do the best for my body.

if the body is healthy, then there is no need to freshen the breath.

Aim for a true internal health and cleanliness.

All the external breath freshing substances only work for a short period of time after you use them.

It's like using a deodorant to prevent bad smell, or even worse - to stop the sweat glands from working.

Why is dental tape better than regular floss? And what are dental benefits of oil pulling?

dental tape is almost the same thing as dental floss, just a bit wider and flat.

Due to wider cleaning surface it does a better job cleaning the teeth.

It's especially important if you still eat some cooked food, and have a layer of plaque on your teeth.

Hey Yuliya, lots of great advice here thank you :) Just a few things ~  the following is not in line with what we promote on 30BaD so we edited a few bits out. 


* Baking soda: I would be cautious in recommending people use baking soda, it has been identified in some literature to cause enamel erosion if used long term. So we have discussed it and feel it's best to not recommend it.


* We also Don't recommend Oil pulling on 30BaD so we will have to remove that from the discussion


* Dry fasting is Definitely not recommended on 30BaD, dangerous dangerous practice so that was edited out.


Thanks for understanding and for your tips :)

I'm not sure if you added it but here is the article I wrote on the matter too...


Hi Freelee,


This post I made a long time ago trying to put together everything that had helped me in the past.

However, since then I moved forward and my understanding evolved.


*I don't use baking soda anymore myself. The reason being that I was swallowing tiny amounts of it when I was swishing my mouth and I thought that there was no reason for it to be inside my body.

I think that brushing with baking soda is likely to cause enamel erosion as well as brushing with sea salt. I am not sure that it would be a concern with using it as a mouth wash and finishing up with plain water. I used to do it at the time when I had really bad sensitive eroded spots on my teeth, and it seemed to eliminate discomfort after eating acidic fruit.

However, at the place of understanding where I am now, I would never do it again.


*Similarly I am not doing the oil pulling any longer. It seemed to help me a lot when I had all that horrible enamel sensitivity, but I am not 100% sure that it was actually helping.


* Dry fasting was never in the main post. I agree that the topic is controversial.


I saw your article - very inspiring!


At this time I am only using soft toothbrush and plain water in my mouth.

Also shower irrigator is a great invention.


Ahh right cool, ya know I didn't actually notice the date at all, thanks for the clarification and update :)



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