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I've found myself at odds with this issue and I wanted to see what other like-minded people think! I keep glancing at my skin and find my pale, almost porcelain white skin to be quite unattractive. I've thought about tanning (sitting out in the sun, not the horrid tanning beds!) but I'm finding a majority of the people around me are quite against it. Most people say it gives you cancer, makes your skin terrible in the future, causes premature aging, the list goes on. So, what do you think about tanning? Is it as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

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I think just laying around in the sun is unproductive. Why not get involved in activities out side while catching your dose of vitamin D?

Agreed. And avoid too much direct sunlight in the middle of the day. I think u can still benefit from the sun even if u're covered by some tree branches or something. Think about the monkeys in the jungle :P

I think the naysayers are absolutely correct.  Caucasians need to avoid excess direct sunlight exposure.  Sunshine is healthy...but cover up.  Sun tanning and sun burning are both quite unhealthy.

Start slowly

start from 10 min for couple of days.

Increase by 5 minutes more every 3 days, untill about 30 min /day

I find it's too hot to be in direct sunlight for more than 30 min at a stretch,unless one is hiking or otherwise usefully engaged outdoors.

Sunscreens cause cancer,The chemicals are absorbed.

So just start slowly and increase exposure slowly so as not to have discomfort.You'll soon be looking healthier,caucasian or not,the sun is there for all of us.The studies show roadworkers in tropical countries who are 6 h in the sun constantly do not have more skincancer than people who spend there days indoors.Otherwise black skin is no different what comes to skincancer.They get it just as well.But none get it from the sun.Black skin has more pigment so it only does not burn as easily as a previously unexposed white skin.That s all.

UV radiation causes cancer mutations...those that get burned are more likely to develop skin cancer.  White people are most likely to burn badly.

We need sun and tanning beds are actually a good option for those that cannot get enough.  Those same folks who tell us to eat animal corpse and excretions for health are the same ones telling us to stay out of the sun. 

Hear from an expert:

We are meant to get sun on our skin.  However you want to do your best to avoid burning so you should start slow as Meadow Flower suggested.  The whole skin cancer scare thing is blown out of proportion. When you eat all raw or even raw till 4 as long as you get a large portion of calories from fruit your sun tolerance is a lot better and even if you used to burn easy prior to this lifestyle you will most likely find that you don't burn as easy and you actually can tan.  Fearing the sun or avoiding it is quite irrational.   Our skin produces vitamin D from sun exposure for a reason, because we are meant to get sun on our skin.  In fact the type of  people who get skin cancer are the type of people who avoid the sun and barely get any then they get it one time and they burn and then boom.  Studies done on people who get the most sun (people who work outdoors all day long) rarely get skin cancer and when they do it is non-melanoma skin cancer which is easily treated and not dangerous.  Additionally there is some research that indicates that the sun exposure doesn't cause cancer at all that the cancer is already inside the patient and when they expose themselves to the sun and get adequate vitamin D the body begins to heal the cancer inside them and it tries to rid the body of it by coming out through the skin.  Vitamin D is one of the most powerful cancer fighters.  Don't believe the hype the sun is good for you.  We need the radiation that comes from the sun it isn't dangerous.  If you are concerned about cancer you should be concerned with medical x-rays or other forms of unnatural radiation.  And the countless chemicals that are in our environment and really the list is endless.  But getting some sun will help you fight off all the carcinogens we face in our modern world.  Vitamin D supplements could never be as effective as the vitamin D your body produces.  As far as skin aging I don't know about that but keep in mind diet has a lot to do with how the sun effects your skin.  People who eat unhealthy of course it ages their skin rapidly for people eating a vegan diet made mainly of fruit, it is probably not an issue. 

Well said FoL! :)

I think you are sooo right. I live this lifestyle since january and I have been quite often in the sun since then. And my experience is that I can be in the sun for at least 30 min. without any trouble whereas back in time when I ate SAD I could only tolerate about 15 min.

Not only it is not bad, sunshine is essential for our skin. We need it, it is a "nutrient". Just think about vitamin D. And the list goes on and on.

Sunshine does not cause cancer. If it was true all people in equator areas would be death. And meanwhile the most causes with skin cancer are up north in "developed" countries. Funny, huh?

People are indoctrinated. Nothing new. Just be carefull and make your own mind, use your brain.

Remember that everything good can become bad when you overdo it. Start with short exposure times and work yourself up. Avoid sun burn and avoid sunblock. They are just a bunch of toxic lotions that do not allow your skin to react and let you know when you have had enough.

Up north in developed countries ... as in North America and Europe...as in caucasian people...I rest my case. 

Sun is good but tanning on bare skin isn't healthy...clothes let sunlight through but prevent the harmful effects of excessive sunlight.  White people need to cover up, it goes for all but especially celtic people as they do not tan well at all..

However, if you're a woman and want to look like you've smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for decades, go soak up them rays..




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