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Hi everyone, 

I just learned my sister son (my nephew) has been going to the doctor because he has tachycardia. He is 4 y/o, non vegan unfortunately. A bit about his history: My sister is an omnivore and she smokes, the father of the child is in rehab because he used drugs (I don't know what kind) lots of alcohol and he also smokes. Unfortunately, Thiago (my nephew) is in a very unhealthy environment. 

I would love to now if you have heard of a child having this issue, what are the solutions or even if there is any website I can go to to do my own research to guide my sister. 

I have been watching youtube videos and surgery seems to be the solution in some cases. 

Anything will help. 

Thanks so much 


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Poor boy. Poor family. They must all be under heavy stress.

I have no experience with this issue. Have you googled "tachycardia natural" to find ideas about natural ways to deal with it?

Sounds like your nephew needs a stable, loving, stress-free environment, with a healthy diet, so that his body can relax and find rest within. But his current environment is just very far from that, as you say and describe. Deep and constant stress can and will manifest in some way or another.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

I haven't heard from my sister yet but I have been reading and it looks like changing his diet will help a lot.

Definitely ask this question on Harley's Tumblr Askdurianrider and on ThatVeganCouples Tumblr.

Would your sister even take your advise though? 

It sounds like you should have custody of the kid for sure. 

Also try contacting Dr. Mcdougall or even better Dr. Caldwell esselstyn.

He needs to be eating RT4, He needs to be sleeping by 7-8, Drinking enough water, I would not do surgery before being advised legit people. 

I'll look into Harley's Tumblr. And I'll try contacting Dr. Mcdougall or even better Dr. Caldwell esselstyn

Regarding my sister taking my advice... parents (the ones that believe in the system) in general never think they are doing anything wrong and only do what the doctor says.

I have been telling her to feed him less animal products and more fruits and her response is fruits has a lot of sugar and he is going to have diabetes as an adult....

He is definitely off schedule regarding his sleep. 

Yes, you can't give advice to someone who is not consciously looking for answers or solutions.

You have to first make her look for new thoughts, ideas, solutions.

So first, make her doubt her convictions and make her connect with her needs.

Example: "It is important to you that [your nephew] is healthy, that his body is well and that he is not suffering illnesses. That is something that is actually very important to you, as a mother, right? Of course it is. Its hard to really measure how important that is to you, I can imagine. I can see it in the ways you [describe some small things she does out of this need].
But what if the things you always have believed in, always have trusted, is actually what makes your son suffer from this? What if? Have you ever had that thought, even for a second?
And, right now, can you really say that you are fulfilling your need for him to be well? No, not at all, right. Aren't you worried? Aren't you afraid? And, what if, what if it could be, that something we always have put our belief in, is THE thing that blocks you from fulfilling that precious and deep-felt need that you have? What then? What would you do in such a situation, where your own conviction, convictions you have never truly questioned ever, is making certain that your son can't be well?"

If you frame something like that, in a language that works for you and her, in the intensity that works at the moment, you will get under her skin. Make her doubt her own ideas and convictions indirectly by making it a possibility that some unnamed conviction is the cause behind her not being able to happily see her son well. Make her connect with the fact that she really needs her son to be well and happy. Don't name the conviction, don't provide any structure or thoughts or information. Just make her open her mind to the possibility. You have to avoid even thinking 'and being vegan is the answer', you have to have the open mind that she should have, you can't contain answers in your own mind even. And just let her own mind do the work. You can start small, and build, until she is uncertain enough to actually want new information. Do not challenge her convictions, don't give alternative ideas, don't think alternatives when talking to her. First make her open her hand and let go of the old, so that she can receive something new.

This is one way that can work in this situation.

I don't respect her convictions, that are destroying the life of herself and her son. So to me, it is OK to help her doubt them. Just don't make her doubt herself, her needs, her desires, her love, her intentions. All of these things are perfect already, she already have valuable needs, she already have beneficial desires, her love is already good, and her intentions are already good. It is just parts of her mind that's bad. Beyond that, she is a perfect human being. She is just confused and unconscious about her confusion. So make her think. By casting doubts about the things that should not make her rest. It is good that she doubts her thoughts, that she feels afraid. She should. Because those are healthy feelings and thought patterns when she is destructive in her actions.

And you don't have to do so much even. Because she is already afraid, she is already in doubt. She is just pushing it away. So help her connect with all that. Make space for her fear, her doubts. Hold that space. Without judgements, with patience.

Sorry about your nephew.  

While I concur with others that some changes in his diet and or habits might help, the problem is tachycardia has many causes.  If there are any abnormalities in the heart structure or problems like a heart murmur, then diet may help, but not cure the issue.  

He should continue to be monitored by his doctor.  No, they do not always need surgery.  

If you are getting good results on this lifestyle then may be drop hints to get your sister interested.  However, "preaching" may only make a bad situation worse causing more stress for everyone.  

If her son's doctor recommends positive lifestyle changes, then may be you could encourage that, and that they follow up on what the doctor says.  

Nowadays many doctors recommend similar things that we say here, although it might be in a more politically correct way ie decrease animal products or processed foods.  (We say cut it out completely.)

Good luck and Peace, PK

Thanks for your response PK

I'll go for cutting animal products completely but as you say preaching may not work. I have suggested her to feed him more vegetables and fruits and why she shouldn't feed him animal products but no success...



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