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Hi everyone,

I hope I won't be stoned to death, but I really want to know if I maybe can switch my meals?

Fruits in the morning are no problem for me. But I do miss a warm meal for lunch. Furthermore I am not that hungry during the day and so I thought I could have

- a fruity breakfast high in calories
- a small cooked meal including veggies or salad for lunch 
- a big fruity dinner

I have to admit I tried this way for the last two days and felt so good.
Had a big breakfast at 9 am, cooked rice and veggies at 1 pm, a fruity snack at 4 pm and started my dinner at 5:30 pm. 

Rice and veggies need up to 60-90 mins to digest, while fruits are digested quickly. For me I found out that I can sleep better, when my stomach is not working that much anymore and I have a natural feeling of hunger in the morning. That makes it possible for me to eat more fruit in the morning.

Now I wanted to know if it's a prob to switch the meals? And if so, why? Actually I am feeling much better with this way...

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Hold on let me grabs some stones...

No, but seriously. You can do whatever you want as long as it's vegan. To be honest I'm not really a fan of the way some people take this lifestyle so seriously and think everything needs to be done exactly right. It doesn't really matter. As long as you are getting in plenty of fresh fruits and veggies along with some whole cooked food you will be very healthy. Whatever order or combination suits you is fine.

I prefer eating fruit, or at least something sweet during the day because it provides quick energy with little digesting time. Then in the evening I will eat a cooked dinner because I need something more substantial at that time of the day and have no plans or need for immediate energy. If you prefer having a fruity dinner then go for it. Otherwise maybe an earlier cooked dinner would leave your stomach emptied before you go to sleep.

Food combining is totally overrated.

I bet most of us, before eating like this, would eat a bowl of starches + fruit even in the same meal (like oatmeal + banana, even with *gulp* milk), and we would feel fine after doing that (not bloated, feeling sick, etc.).

Personally, I eat fruit whenever I want and starches whenever I want too. 

Generally, it's always fruit for breakfast, either fruit or starches (mostly potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes or winter squash) for lunch, and starches for dinner.

Some days I even eat some fruit after my cooked dinner, if I feel like it.

No digestive problems, no nothing. 

Do whatever feels right for you.

For me, it's always WHOLE, LOW FAT, PLANT FOODS (fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes). As long as I stick with that, I feel awesome.

Thank you all for your replies. So I don't need to have a guilty conscience at all... :p

No, I don't want to take this lifestyle too seriously, but I am always a bit afraid of doing something wrong since I just began this way of eating. But I thought it is called Raw Till 4 for a reason...I just didn't found an explanation for it. I'm glad some of you are switching the meals, too. 

When it comes to food combining I found out I don't have problems with sweet fruits + acid or sub-acid fruits, though both ways are not recommended. In my opinion these fruits fit together so well and meet exactly my taste. So I will go on combining them. 

Hey, 'a guilty conscience' what for? What have you done wrong?

I think RT4 is just a catchy name, created a tangible 'name' for a new diet, and was based on some logic of food combining.

I would concur with what others have said here. You and only you can judge what works. If you do not have any issues with how you eat, then eat however you want. I tend to agree with you, and have been moving to a similar approach more and more, it seems to work for me best, as I too like to avoid heavier foods in evening. I am actually trying to eat all my fruit in the morning, with a cooked lunch, so I all I need to eat in evening is salad. so I am trying to split it into three with morning - just fruit, lunch cooked veg, evening - just salad. Work in progress :)  

I've read a lot here in the forum before I actually started and very often there were comments like 'Oh, you are not following the plan? Then don't expect any results.' I was simply afraid of doing something wrong.

Weight loss for example is no point at all for me at the moment. I am pregnant and I will gain weight. Nevertheless I don't gain anything right now, which doesn't make me sad at all. ;-) 'My way' works best for me so far so let's see how I will feel in 3 or 6 months. 

Listen to your body and do what feel the best for you!

I really like Raw Till 4 type od eating, and it perfectly suits my day plan but if you miss a warm lunch, than have it :)

As long as it low fat and vegan it is always a good choice ;)



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