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Switched from fully raw to raw till 4 pm and finding cooked food addictive... any pointers?


I just switched from fully raw to raw till 4 and I am not liking it. I feel like eating more and more and more even though my belly is bloated and full. I eat the entire amount that I cook (mostly rice, potatoes with some veggies), regardless of how much quantity I made. I feel lethargic soon after eating. My eyes feel puffy (maybe the sodium in the low-salt bouillon since I am coming from a 0 sodium diet?). I also feel dehydrated.

I think I don't have enough room to get as many greens in my diet if I add cooked food as my dinner would otherwise be green salads.

(Pardon this sharing) My motions are also not as smooth, and stink more.

Does anyone have any pointers on a smooth transition? Maybe I will just go back to being 100% raw but the trouble with that is that I feel quite hungry most of the time. I have never had any emotional issues with food but it seems that I am stuck between feeling hungry a lot on fully raw diet to feeling addicted to cooked food that I can't seem to stop eating once I start.

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Hey thanks so much. I will try this. 

The only time I've personally found cooked food to be "addictive" is when I used to eat salt, once I got the salt out of my system which to be fair is actually pretty hard to do I had no problems going from totally raw to eating some cooked for now and then or for days at a time. 

I mean I'm a pretty good cook but I'm not as good as nature, I'll always prefer fresh sweet fruit over a potato but am grateful and happy to have a perfectly healthy backup and choice when needed. There is nothing physically addictive about clean salt/stimulant free cooked carbs, if you think there is it's all in your head. It's sooooo simple, just make sure you get enough ripe sweet fruit during the day (3k at least) and enjoy a healthy cooked dinner at the end of the day should you fancy it.

I am using a bouillon thats low salt but does have salt and spices in it.. will work on going completely salt free. Thats what HappyHealthyVegan couple does, they are 100% salt and oil free (no low salt, no salt). I dint know I should get 3K calories from fruits BEFORE eating cooked dinner.. that going to be tough! How do you manage that?

Yeah you have to get a certain amount of fruit sugar in during the day, otherwise your struggle at the end of the day and get cravings and the like regardless of how much cooked food you can stuff in.

12-15 nana smoothies, 400-600 gram date smoothies, easy peasy lemon squeazy ;)

I tried that bouillon a few times in the past when trying cooked and omg my sister had to throw it out of my house in the end because we both got so addicted to it lol.

haha yea, I may have to do the same!

I hear you friend. I am hopeless on cooked rice - I cannot stop eating until I have eaten a whole pot full.  Potatoes I crave like a drug addict, so I don't touch them, though I must say it was Freelee's transition diet of potatoes and pasta sauce that got me into fully vegan in the first place and brought me this far.  Now days I cook myself up a kind of cabbage soup come stir-fry with corn or mushrooms sometimes. Pretty simple but it keeps the weight and bloating at bay.

omg.. whats up with the bloating. While the rest of my body looks the same, my belly has gotten twice as big.. do you whats causing it and how to get around it? (or anyone else reading this, please help).

Are you use correct food combining? If not then you most likely have low stomach acid levels.

Ohh.. does cooked food also have food combining rules? I have been mostly eating rice mixed with a bunch of veggies.. I throw it all in there like peas, carrots, corn, potatoes.

I am the same way. 

I think a salad is a healthier choice than rice. White Rice is refined and has a very low vitamin and mineral content. I think Potatoes are a better choice, but better I think are steamed/boiled plants.

Steamed Green Beans are good, and so is Broccoli, Kale, and Zucchini.

But the best would be more Greens! Sit down and eat a pound of raw baby Arugula/Kale/Spinach and see what happens.

I hear ya friend, and so many other super kind friends on here! That greens is the way to go.. I will cut back on cooked and go more on greens.. but while I am going through this experience, let me get the details right.. when I am suffering, I tend to learn the most :)

Do you experience bloating on cooked food? How did you resolve that? Thanks!



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