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Hi everyone,

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I want some opinions on swimming.

Personally, I love to swim, but the chlorine at the local YMCA is kind of annoying (especially in the middle of winter).  It doesn't bother me enough to keep me away though!  I loved it last summer when I went on vacation and the hotel used baquacil, that was nice.

Right now I am doing between 66 and 90 laps per session.  Do any of you swim, and how far can you swim before you're tired?  I've noticed that the more swimming I do + the more fruit I pack in, that means the better I am at it... ie, I can now do breast stroke and even butterfly stroke.

What are your thoughts everyone?  How do you feel about swimming?

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personally, i love swimming.  i'll do it in a pool or the ocean. 

some people advise against pool swimming.  i try not to think about it because my love for swimming outweighs how scared i am about the chemicals.  if i think about it it seems pretty gross.. 

I'm just getting back into swimming. I do about 40 laps of the 50m pool in sets of about 10. I swim 3 to 4 times a week.

I'm determined to develop a very efficient style so do alot of the drills from swimsmooth.com and am joining a swim squad soon.

We have nice beaches here in Perth but we also have alot of lingering sharks recently so do the training in the pool. The chlorine doesn't really bother me.

Happy laps!

Thanks for the website Andy, I'll definitely check it out in depth.  Thanks to you too jupiter.

I agree with both of you that I like the pool way more than I'm worried about the chemicals.

Would either of you recommend a pair of goggles that you use?  I have a pair of Nike something or other, but the gaskets in them are weird on my face.

Hey PJ, I have been using either Speedo(used to be an Aussie brand so we still have a massive bias towards them here) or Zoggs goggles. Lucky for me the fit is usually very good. However, I always have a fogging issue so I'm at the point where I'm going to buy an anti fogging product. Unless you have a better tip?!

If you search 'swim smooth lance armstrong' into youtube you can view their video analysis of his triathlon swim technique. Very interesting to see the worlds greatest ever cyclist analyzed at something he could actually improve.

Andy, I would love to know a way in which I could manage the fogging issue.  Is there a product that you know of that could fix this?  That's basically my problem.

Your swimsmooth.com website is very useful.  I'm still working on my breathing and I'm a total beginner on the lap turnaround... :-)  so all the help I can get is useful.

i always use speedos.  why?  they are just the best ones that i have tried period.  no...  nothing wrong.  i never get fog, or leakage, and they last a really long time (as long as you don't leave them out in the sun).  When i was little i had a pair of speedos that had big eyes.  i liked them a lot because i felt like i could see more, but i never see them in stores anymore.  so i just get the basic kind.  i like the kind with the clear or grey lenses instead of blue. 

i have seen them in pink, and even rainbow lenses, but i just have had success with the grey, that i just always get those.  i'm the kind of person i find something i like, and i keep doing that.

Most of the big brands still make 'big eye' goggles which they mostly sell online. They're awesome too. I'm on the lookout for some MOTORHEAD goggles.....

I'll look into a pair of Speedos next time I'm out shopping then.  Will note the clear or grey lenses.  Speedos don't seem so very expensive... I just want a pair that stays on my face when I jump into the pool.  Or do all brands have a tendency to slide off your face?

If only every pool was treated with baquacil... then I wouldn't have so many goggle issues.  :-)

You have to make sure they suction on your eyes, that's usually a sign that they fit.

Make sure not to get recreational swim goggles if your swimming that much, they are usually far too large and interfere with breathing through the nose.



I LOVE swimming, but chlorine is so toxic that I feel unwell when I swim in it.  I really feel awful and itchy and feel short of breath.  I only swim a few times a year in chlorine at family gatherings and a few times a year in outdoor lake settings.  I wish I could swim more often!

I haven't seen a discussion on this topic myself actually either!


I've been swimming at my local Y as well, just on weekends on my own when I don't have club practices. I usually go to a 50m pool at an aquatic center. Two practices every day for me ranging to 2 - 2.5 hours each (4-5 daily). Each practice is 4.5-7K, so 9 to 14 kilometers of swimming a day.

A lot of butterfly in practice when there's choice stroke sets (I'm a flyer); around half of it is either fly/back/breast. IM sets (four of each stroke), drills, pulling, breath control, kicking, underwater work, starts...

I feel really relaxed and calm after practice, it feels great! I sleep like a log... During the warmdown set, I feel like sprinting all out sometimes because I have so much energy!


CONS: I've had a slight allergy to chlorine, I would get minor skin rashes on my face. I also have to use anti-chlorine hair products to wash off the chemicals out of my hair. My hair is slowly turning blonde from brown over the years..


Do you know what type of pool you swim in? (25 yd, 25 m, 50 m)

Glad to know there is another swimmer on 30Bad!!!





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