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My staple dinners usually consist of 4 to 5 lb of sweet potatoes (nothing else, due to bad digestion).

However, when i have a raw dinner or 90% raw (with just a few cooked veggies), my weight goes down almost 4lbs! 

Could this be cause of the NATURAL sodium content Sweet potatoes have?

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How accurately have you measured this and for how long?

My guess is (assuming your measurements are correct) that although relatively high in calories for a starchy vegetable sweet potatoes contain a large volume of water. It probably takes your body a while to break down a sweet potato. As such you hold onto water weight from the sweet potato longer than with mostly raw vegetables. I would think that the total weight of the raw dinner does not add up to the weight of the sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes do have a reasonable amount of sodium but even so you will still be only comsuming around 1,000mg or so of salt when consuming 4 to 5lbs of sweet potato - that's not excessive I believe. Compare that for instance to eating a pizza.

I too love sweet potato and you might be interested to know that it's an excellent nutritional choice. See here;


Finally, just quietly as a dumpster diver I think you would be happy with a recent haul from my activities. I certainly was impressed with my haul which will keep me going for a while.

Peter thank you so much for you answer!

I generally cant eat much during the day, due to my work, so i need to "bulk" my calories at night.

I estimate i eat 1800-2200 cals at night, as i dont think i reach 500 during the day!

I was comparing butternut squash to sweetpo, and for 100grs it has 55gr of sodium, while butternut just 6gr! 

I used to eat butternutsq before sweetpo, and now I get why im retaining water weight...

lovely basket!! dinner time!!

maybe try eating more cals earlier in the day ?

I suggest you eat a big smoothie in the morning, or a big smoothie and bring it with you. Lots of calories spread out through the day but in a easy and quick on the go method. That should help a lot.

thanks for the advice!!

Butternut squash (or pumpkin) as it's called here is also a great choice however as you're probably aware of it only has about half the calories pound for pound of sweet potato. Both I eat frequently and are of course delicious.

4 or 5 lbs of sweet potato for dinner would be considered a large dinner for most people however you are right to do so as you don't have time for larger meals during the day when working. Have you ever tried steaming up a bigger batch of sweet potatoes, saving the excess and then eating them cold at work? They are pretty good and don't take long to eat - and needless to say a healthy choice.

I find that I can easily eat a large amount of sweet potatoes. I find them very addictive probably as they are so delicious! Funnily enough I didn't actually have a sweet potato until I was 30! 

haha, so now you are making up for the lost sweet potato love time!


Potatoes seemed to cause a lot of water retention for me. Cutting them out led to massive improvements. Going fully raw for a week (beginning with banana island) showed me how heavy starches were not doing me any favours. I eat cooked food at the moment but only light veg like carrots, mushrooms, kale, zucchini etc which digest easily.

will definitely do that! :) 

just the differance between starches and being raw I'd say. 
When eating starches sweet potatoes were my prefered choice by a looooooong way!  I'd make a tomato sauce and add some broccoli and basil, (and other veg and herbs - tarragon or coriander). 

Just live harder Barbi.


believe me! i'm a 5ft 93lb petite girl.... people dont get how i can eat this much! haaa



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