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So I've been transitioning for the past 5 days or so, upping my raw intake and eating around 75% to 90% raw every day.

I want to start out saying that I generally sweat a lot. I sweat when I get nervous. I sweat when I work out. I sweat when it's hot. etc. I have always sweat more than the average person.

But these past few days it has gotten absolutely ridiculous. Yesterday I was volunteering at my local Buddhist community, I cooked a TON of food the week before, and I brought it in to the center. I'm naturally nervous around strangers. I didn't know half the people there. Worse, almost all the people there were men. You can probably see where I am going -- I started sweating. But I expected it. Then it got just so much worse. I was cleaning cushions and I am not sure if I cleaned them or just made them dirtier because I was sweating all over them. Within fifteen minutes I looked like I had been hosed down. Just what the fruit? I was so embarrassed. Everyone else was working harder than I was, yet not sweating half as much as much as I.

And then today, I went back to the gym (I hadn't gone in a week). Obviously I'm going to sweat like crazy, I'm there for two whole hours on medium high intensity. But today it was completely different. I usually look like as if I have come out of a pool when I leave them gym. I expect that. What I don't expect is to turn into Niagara Falls and drench my machine entirely in sweat.

WHAT. THE. FRUIT. Why am I sweating so much? It's not as if the temperature has gone up this past week. Did anyone else experience this? Did it go away? What did you do?

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I've been transitioning for a few weeks and am sweating much more than I used to. But for me this is a good thing, because I hardly perspired at all before, which can actually be a problem if you're exercising or out in hot weather -- can get heat stroke easy.  I don't have it as bad as you describe however.

I simply don't understand why I am sweating so much now. It's getting in my way.

I didn't notice a difference. Before I was raw I sweat a RIDICULOUS amount when working out, and even just when it's hot out/being nervous. So I don't think it was really possible for it to get worse for me. Could have something to do with the amount of salts in your body as well as water intake?

I still have salt in my diet because I'm transitioning, and I've been feeling so full I can't seem stomach as much water as I should, though I pee clear. I'm actually drinking less water than before I started transitioning. I have no idea what is going on. If this is good, then great. But if it isn't good or bad for me I wish my body would just chill. Pun intended.

I was going to ask this question myself. I've been 80% raw for about 6 months now, but I just started the 30 Day Challenge 3 days ago. So, I've been waking up in the middle of the night soaking with sweat and I teach hot yoga, and I'm sweating more than 2x as much. So, yeah, what the fruit???

I've been having to sleep nude because I find it's too hot otherwise. I did not have to before.

It's a few things. You'll notice the people that aren't sweating either have very little body fat or have terrible metabolisms and also have cold hands and feet. Part of the sweating is seasonal. You're sweating to remove excess heat. Obviously this will be more noticeable in the hotter summer months and possibly almost nonexistence in the colder climates and seasons. The evaporation of water (Latent Heat of Evaporation) cools you up to 970 BTU per pound of water you sweat.

 When you store carbs as glycogen the efficiency of conversion isn't 100% so you'll generate heat with each meal of carbs. If you didn't sweat you would overheat. Your metabolism is revving up so now you're burning more calories and should have more energy. As you thin out those insulating layers of extra fat your body won't need to sweat as much to keep you cool. So leaning out your fat layer will allow you to sweat less. This is one of the reasons we gain weight for the winter and loose it for summer. We carry our own emergency energy supply and insulation from the cold.

If you keep a very low speed fan on you at night it should keep you completely dry at night. The fan will cool you reducing the need to sweat and the sweat will evaporate very quickly so you'll be dry to the touch.

I'm now at 7K calories per day so I heat up rooms by myself and steam up cars more than 3-4 people combined do. I run my cars air 100% of the time even in the winter months.

Thank you! That makes so much sense :)

You would think it's because I have extra fat, which at this current moment I do. But even when I was at a restrictive diet of <600 calories a day and I had a BMI of around 15%, I still sweat a lot. Not as much as I am now that I am transitioning, but it was clearly more than even people around me who were overweight. I also get cold hands and feet often, even now that I am transitioning. People always remark on my cold hands and even use them to cool themselves off. I live very close to the equator, and it's not an odd sight to see me sweating like an animal along with purple feet. 

I just want to sweat like a normal person.

May I ask how in the world you manage to eat 7K calories in a day? Albeit, you're a giant, but I just don't mentally understand who such a mountain of food can go into a human's stomach in in a time span of just 16 hours (assuming you sleep 8 hours a night).

Most people get cold hands but if its extreme or becomes painful there are vascular problems like "Raynaud's phenomenon" that requires a doctors visit. I dated a girl that had that and she needed gloves in the summer or it would be painful. If it's nothing major I would at least do exercises that involve your arms to help increase vascularity and blood flow in your arms.

I burn about 3-4K calories on my workouts 6-7 days a week now. The eating is a constant flow of food but I'm also bigger so it seems like smaller meals. I didn't even have a day off in 17 days this time. Finally took a day off yesterday. I'm hitting every muscle group I can in rotation as to not overtrain. My resting heart rate is still dropping so I'm not over training that. Saturday was 4 hours ocean bodybuilding with fins and hand fins on. 

Hi:) I wanted to ask if you sort out "sweating" problem. Don't want to explain my whole history, but basically it looks similar to yours. I was sweating more than normal people when I wasn't vegan, but now its even worse.
In my case it might be hormonal imbalance (i used to take hormonal pills, because of that and acne as well, but only for short period of time)

The only thing I can tell is that I'm sitting most of the day(graphic design), but I'm doing kickboxing 5 days per week and now I started running as well. I dont know why but I figured out that when I'll be running in the mornings it might help me to sweat less or normal. I also gained weight... I believe its temporary, so I'm not worried that much.



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