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Susan Schenk - what we can learn from her fruit phobic experience.

Susan is a lovely lady Im sure and this youtube vid is done to give empowering information to those that are confused about eating lots of fat vs lots of fruits.

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All research on meat is with cooked meat, most of it factory farmed! Cooked meat will make the best of us sick, and I eat it raw or lightly seared/steamed and not toxic factory farmed stuff.
Heating meat destroys the B12. Lack of b12 is often what leads to Alzheimer's....
My book argues that man as a race may slowing evolve toward a "veg" diet. But if it isn't happening in your body, wouldn't you rather be healthy?
I have a voice as someone who was a strict vegan, at least 99% and it was easy for me cause I love carbs.
The diet failed me, as it has others, because it is not what my ancestors evolved eating.
Yes, some people have ADAPTED to a veg diet---but it is not our natural diet. Just adding a BIT of animal foods made my health come back. I will never eat as much meat as SAD Americans do, nor the quality of meat they do.
So where on a 811 diet do I get sufficient B12, A, taurine, protein (I need more than 10%) carnitine, DHA, EPA, and the other nutrients that are hard or impossible to get on ANY vegan diet?
How much protein do we need? As a percentage of calories.
we get provitamin A in huge amounts from raw fruits and veges. And that's all we need because our bodies can turn that into Vitamin A. Eating animal derived vitamin A in larger doses is toxic. I thought you'd know that...
Hey Susan I've already addressed your EPA/DHA concern earlier in the thread but you didn't respond...
The National Academy of Sciences does not recognize EPA and DHA as essential. As far as they're concerned there's sufficient evidence that we can make enough of it without ingesting it.

B12? Where does anyone get their B12 from in this sterile environment?
What I would like to know is how come the paleo's (big meat eaters) that I personally know have low B12?
B12 can be produced in a healthy gut. It's been proven by fasting patients but it has a lot to do with absorption and the intrinsic factor. Best way to increase our ability to produce b12 is by eating very simply and cleanly and of course that doesn't involve animal products.

Protein? My last blood test said my protein levels were fantastic. The World Health Organization even recommends 10% (although I've seen as low as 5%) of our daily calories should come from Protein.

How much protein do you get a day Susan?
As regards taurine, it is apparently lower in vegans than omnivores but that doesn't mean it's a problem. It is considered conditionally essential only for prenatal and newborn infants. Look here:
"Although the concentration of taurine in breast milk was lower in vegan subjects, the mean value fell within the range found in omnivore subjects."

In Susan's book she tells the story of Pottenger's cats, which she uses as scientific evidence of the superiority of raw foods. If you don't know about this, look here:

Susan takes umbrage at Wiki's refutation of this argument for a raw diet, which points out that, unlike for humans, taurine is an essential nutrient for cats. The results of Pottenger's cat study cannot be duplicated if taurine is added to their food. Susan's response? "... has anyone actually tried feeding a cat a diet of cooked food with taurine supplements?" Yes, people do it all the time.

She goes on to say, "However, this finding does not apply to humans since humans, like most other animals, synthesize their own taurine." P. 153
B12 is in all unwashed organic plants. Hard to find these days so I supplement.

Also, with an optimal colonisation of intestinal flora we are able to create our own.

Vitamin A: Wow, really? I'm going to assume that is a joke.

Taurine: I synthesise it from cysteine, which, if needed is synthesised from methionine.

I find it strange that you think you need more protein than a growing baby who doubles their birth weight in 6 months.

Carnitine: I synthesise it from Lysine and Methionine.

DHA and EPA are long chain omega 3 fatty acids (this I assume you know). Humans can synthesise these from the short chain omega 3s in plants (women do this a lot more efficiently than men for reproductive purposes). Now, as omega 3 AND omega 6 share the same enzymes required to make their longer chain counterparts, if they are not eaten in the correct ratio then one will not be adequately synthesised. More info from Rick Dina's presentation.

Now, if one was eating heaps of overt fats then their diet will be drastically skewed towards an unfavourable balance between omega 3 and omega 6. I eat one tablespoon of flax seeds on days that I eat overt fats to keep the ratios within limits. I eat either 1oz of nuts or half an avo and my ratio barely stays within optimal range (1:1-1:4). Also keep in mind that I eat about 3500-4500kcal/day. Now if one ate double the amount of overts as I do... BAM! Goodbye efficient DHA and EPA synthesis.

What are the other nutrients?
Many people are not good at making the conversions from plant precursors to nutrients found in only animal foods. EX: beta carotene found in carrots to true vitamin A, flax seed to DHA and EPA.
If you are young when you start to be a vegan, in your 20s, it is easier. It will always be easier. I started at age 44.
No, its because there body is not in a state of health and is not functioning correctly because of this. You can't expect your car to perform optimally if you do not give it what it needs for 10 years and then suddenly expect it to be a perfectly functioning vehicle. Once the detoxing is done and your finally able to start repairing the damage these functions will return to normal as long as your keeping a healthy inner environment. This is why plant based diets cure nearly every single disease known to man
B12 is an issue of the modern world, not the natural world. We would naturally get these things from the same places all over herbivorous animals get them. How do you not get this?
As for omega 3, when one is healthy, we can make our own DHA and EPA from the omega 3 we consume from plant foods.
You mention all these nutrients and fail to mention that plants contain the most potent source of most of these things, and also include a wide variety of enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and all the other stuff were yet to find. If animals get them from plants, this is where we can get them from. Common sense.
Susan, the parasites are most likely found to be found in raw meat. The consequences of these can be truly frightful: toxic megacolon from salmonella or Guillain-Barre from campulobacter are just two examples. I've seen photos of the after effects of parasites and they are appalling. I have your book and you discount "germ theory" as well. I find this quite irresponsible.



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