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Susan Schenk ate a high fat, fruit phobic '99% vegan' raw vegan diet and failed. why?



What do you think? I think it could be a result of long term caloric deprivation producing deficiencies which the animal products 'helped' with. .

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Good ol Susan. Lovely lady and no idea on how to eat raw judging by her blog posts. Have a guess which limiting belief landed her off the vegan wagon. Thats why we rant and rave as we do on this site so nobody does gets all anorexic on us and trys to cut calories and ends up eating animal corpse or ovulation 'cos I got a protein deficiency my natropath/psychopath said....I tried that raw vegan thing and was super strict and cut out all my sweet fruits to detox and ate heaps of greens and fats but it still wasnt enough...'

These are used without permission from Susan's blog www.livefoodfactor.com

Eat less! Studies have shown that we live much longer if we gradually reduce
our caloric intake by 30%, yet consume food very rich in nutrients. You can live
on a lot less food than what you think, and eating healthful food actually decreases
your appetite. When you eat cooked, processed and/or junk food, your body is
starving for nutrients and you are never really satisfied. Err Suz, Have you ever seen an animal in nature calorie restrict? Neither has any scientist. Did you ever stop to wonder why anorexics die quicker than obese people, despite anorexics calorie restricting each meal?

The recipes I am looking for are FAST, EASY, DELICIOUS and either LOW CALORIE or USE COCONUT OIL/BUTTER/CREAM or FLAXSEEDS (the fat burners!). I also would like a few that use hemp seeds, which contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. (Does anyone have a great hemp seed cracker with corn recipe for corn chips?)
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Err Suz, did you know that the fat you eat is the fat you wear and every cell in the human body runs on glucose and if we were meant to eat oil, we would have oil in nature? And that ALL plant foods contain ALL 8 essential amino acids?

The kelp noodles contain iodine, which is good for the thyroid and boosts
the metabolism. They contain only 15 calories per serving, compared to about
250 of spaghetti! Err Suz, did you realise that if we crave carb foods like pasta it simply means we need some carbs in our meal and eating a virtually zero carb meal when we are craving carbs is dietary suicide? and guarantees us for a cooked carb meal sooner or later. Followed by more restriction and then more binging.

My New Recipe for a Superfood Bar!
I made this recipe while trying to find something crunchy and tasty but low glycemic. As you know, I started my calorie restricted longevity diet! Keeping it low glycemic is also critical for health and longevity. According to the authors of The CR Way, if you keep your blood sugar down to the 80s or less, your brain also creates BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factors) which create a feeling of bliss and well-being. (This is a main reason you get the "fasting high.")
It turns out that this recipe contains 3 superfoods from David Wolfe's new book (yacon, goji berries, and spirulina). The yacon syrup is not as sweet tasting as agave, but it is very low in calories and doesn't raise the blood sugar. This is because yacon has 30% FOS -a polymer chain compased mainly of fructose. According to David, "The human body has no enzyme to hydrolyze FOS, so even though it tastes sweet, it passes through the digestive tract mostly unmetabolized, providing few calories."

Err Suz, did you ever ask David Wolfe/Barry Sears why he is getting fatter and fatter? Bananas are bad but highly refined sugars like yacon are good? Well they sure are good for business and creating raw recipies of cooked carb dishes that we are constantly craving cos we got sold the fruit phobic plan by some robin hood dressed man. :)
lol, so she took no care to makesure she was getting adequate b12, vitamin D, or omega's (took 7 years to get her blood tested it seems), and then her doctor advises her to eat 3 raw egg yolks a day so she eats raw goats cheese occasionally and the most expensive eggs money can buy....
She's now a paleo advocate by the sounds of things. She also stated on the interview she was following a high carb diet.... clearly. Its clear she didn't take the necessary time to properly educate herself or monitor her diet, even though she apparently has done loads of research...
These are the questions I ask.

How come all my raw animal eating mates still have low serum b12 and elevated homocysteine?

How come the biggest users of b12 supps are also the biggest consumer of animal products-mainstream bodybuilders.

How come olympic athletes take b12 shots regularly?

How come any vet can test cats, dogs and rats for b12? How come they add b12 to these carnivores feed?

How come we can buy b12 supps in EVERY supermarket, health foods store, drug store etc? Is it for the millions of vegans that live in our cities or is it cos b12 deficiency is rampant do to the sterile/high stress society we live in.

Here are my most recent blood tests. Over 9 years vegan. I live in a sterile/high stress/polluted place. I take a b12 supp and can ride 200km any day of the week.

naturopath/ psychopath lol! yep i can see why she was tempted by eggs now :(
Its funny cos in the other interviews with Kevin Gianni she talks about how she craved eggs and ate them for b12 and then Kev said 'Did your b12 levels go up' and Susan says 'no'.

Susan says were meant to eat meat but she 'puts in the dehydrator overnight so it doesnt look so raw..'

*Susan said she ate a 99% vegan diet.

*She quotes Stanley Bass who did animal tests using mice on 'fruitarian diet's and the mice went crazy and starting eating each other. Heck, didnt anyone learn that mice and rats need 10 essential amino acids and humans after weening only 8? No wonder the rats and mice went crazy..

*Susan believes you can be a breatharian and that caloric restriction is good. God help me.

*Susan says that fish oil is the silver bullet for weight loss. How come my mate that does fish oil for a few years that is still obese.

*Kevin asked Susan, 'did you eat a high carb diet' and she says 'I ate everything high!' Susan doesnt refer to caloric intake. But her blog puts her daily food intake and I estimated it at over 70% calories from fat.

*Susan says that 99% of the fresh produce in the US is irradiated.

I dont know about other people, but Susan's voice sounded like she was on some sort of drugs. Im sure she is a nice person though. I just cringe when I hear breatharian wannabe's that flopped on a high fat diet that was '99% vegan' giving advice to others on how to eat. :(
Here is the guy that eats the most raw animal products in Australia. Nice guy, just bad diet choice.
Susan never checked her blood tests before she went '99% vegan' as she detailed in Kevin Gianni's youtube video if people listen carefully.

So who knows what her levels were before hand? Susan Schenk certaintly didnt. :(

Thats like me blaming someone for stealing money from my wallet and when the jury asks 'so Durianrider, how much money was in your wallet!?' I say 'I dont honestly know..'
*co-sign* The woman sounds very confused. I read a good portion of her book and for some reason there was something off about it. I found it really odd that she advocated meat eating, especially raw and talked about how it gives her energy and how beneficial it can be to the human body. This woman never stopped eating meat. She just now mustered the courage to admit it and then says that other 'raw food leaders' need to come out with the truth. lol

In episode #649, she says she suffers from high triglycerides, because of her high carb intake. It is a scientific fact that high triglycerides are result of too much fat.
I watched all 3 parts of this interview, and it actually made me angry at her. I think it's very irresponsible to use your complete failure with the raw vegan diet as a means to sell your new book promoting meat-eating. She did not eat the raw diet properly and therefore her health failed her, and she is now flailing around, trying to find a new philosophy to attach herself to, and in the process is feeding dangerous and inaccurate information to her naive followers.

Your health failure, Mrs. Schenck, means you should be LESS in the public spotlight, not MORE! Why do people like this feel the need to trumpet and shout from the rooftops every dietary whim? Do they simply like the attention? The Paleo diet is her flavor of the month now. What will it be next month or next year?

I agree with Ki, she sounds confused and silly. Someone mentioned (was it Durianrider?) that she sounds sort of high on something, and after listening to the interview, I actually would say that she does! WTF?

Did she never sit down and read The China Study? Hello? The scientific data clearly shows what happens to the human body when on a meat-based diet, and it ain't good! More and more in mainstream society it's becoming common knowledge that a vegan or vegetarian diet is much healthier than eating meat. People know that it they want to get healthier, they have to cut back on the amount of meat that they're eating.
So she decided she NEEDED to write another book to get all the meat-buying guilt off her shoulders? I think she should journal her thoughts instead, stop writing books telling people what to do, and get educated so she doesn't sound stupid on interviews.
eres the thing, in Kevin Gianni's interview Susan says 'I was about 99% vegan..'

So we have someone that is eating animal products and calling themselves a vegan and then writing a book about how they couldnt be vegan, yet they never actually were a vegan.

Are you confused? Dont worry! So is Susan Schenk. :)

Thats like me writing a book about driving a car when I actually ride a 3 wheeled motorcycle..

Now when you type her name into google, this thread comes up on the first page. Thats great so then people can read the real story about why someone failed as a 'vegan'.
Do you have a page for Vegetarian Myth book?



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