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Surgery to remove colon ... can fruit make a difference?

Hi Everyone,

I went to visit a friend yesterday and found out she may need her colon removed, some details about her:

She is younger than me at only 23 years of age.

She has been using laxatives once a week for the past 3 years to be able to poo.

She was over weight but has lost 5 stone and kept it off with a low fat diet.

Her diet has improved, a lot, but she still eats meat, dairy, eggs etc.

Microwave meals are often on her shopping list.

She eats fruit, but can go a while without having it.

She does not exercise.

She has seen loads of doctors about this problem and finally she was told that the walls of her colon are not contracting, they have simply failed on her, causing her not to be able to go the toilet.

The only options the doctor gave her were:

surgery to remove her colon completely (for some reason not just the damaged part, this makes no sense to me), which would cause her diarrhea for the rest of her life.

Get a catheter bag.

Or continue to take laxatives for the rest of her life.

As her friend, I'm obviously concerned for her!

I know that diet can do a lot for the body, but has anyone had/ heard of any similar situation which was improved with this fruity lifestyle?

If she changed her diet, exercised etc could her colon muscles start contracting again on their own? Or is this simply impossible to reverse?

Any advice would be fantastic.

Love & light

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Hey PK, thanks for the reply.

She does not take laxatives everyday, she takes them once a week, and goes the toilet only once day a week! Sounds terrible, I bet she feels rotten all the time, bless her.

hmmm, being gluten or grain sensitive is interesting, as she eats low fat, she does eat high carb, but things full of grains and gluten ... I will definitely run this by her.

All great advice, will look at your logs now :)

You are welcome Kitty:-)  This website might be of interest to you and or her which I believe is run by Dr. David Klein (ph D not md as far as I know).  He has cured himself as well as been able to counsel many other people in finding healing for their digestive problems.  I believe he also follows more of a fruitarian way of life although I am not sure if 100% raw or not.  It might be a start anyways.  


Peace, PK

Surgery is never the answer (except as crisis intervention). I believe she can heal her colon. If I were her, I'd go on Banana Island for at least a week to see if it helps. Give her the book 80/10/10 to read while on it. It may seem radical to her, but it's not nearly as radical as having your colon removed!!!

Unfortunately, I advised the book (without telling her about the fruity way of living) and she said that she does not read and would not read it. I'm hoping if I just send her enough videos and bits of information it may lead her in the right direction :)

You're totally right though, it is not nearly as radical as having your colon removed!

Thanks :)

Wow, well see my post below and yeah send her as many videos, etc as possible. I would say that if faced with loosing a colon, a person NEEDS TO READ, I mean unless she is illiterate, having your colon removed is irreversible and it is NOT like having tonsils removed or your appendix. It is a major thing and will have a lot of health repercussions as well as live with having to empty her waste from a tube/bag that comes out of her skin. Her immune system will likely be compromised as well. This surgery being proposed is no Joke! And doctors recommending this without telling her to eat more fiber, less protein and less fat and drink more water, is practically criminal IMO.

In the end though, you should not have to "sell" her on anything, if loosing her colon is not reason enough to do at least a trial radical diet change, or read about it, I don't think anything will be.

Maybe not reading is part of why she is not more worried about loosing her colon, read up on it and let her know what happens, it's a big deal.

OMG! I would consider surgery to save my life certainly, but not before trying things like diet and lifestyle changes! If she eats fruit and greens for a while she may not need laxatives at all. She needs to quit meat/dairy, because these slow things down.

Also keep fat under 10% of calories because this also slows things down. She needs to make sure she gets at very least 8 cups of water/day dehydration is a huge contributor to constipation. You say she eats "low fat" but make sure that under 10% of daily calories are from fat by logging all her food in something like www.cronometer.com. I just want to reiterate, ditch the meat! At least until she can see how not eating meat/dairy will make a big difference. I know it can seem daunting to people, so tell her to do it on a trial basis, it's worth trying, to save her from colon removal!

Give her a copy of 80/10/10 to read. Man I hope she tries something like this prior to having her colon removed!

Hey chris thanks for the reply :)

She is keeping her options open I think, but surgery is still on the table.

I'm arranging to meet her soon and I plan on bringing up about 80 10 10 and all the other great advise people have given like the sensitivity that PK mentioned too :)

I'm not sure whether she would ditch the meat but worth a try :)

going on this diet should help

This sounds like the surgeon is just after his fee.  If it were me and no knowledge of 811, I would research the effects of the op, visit forums with those who have had the op.

I think it's more than worth a try; at her age, healing is so likely to happen.  But it won't whilst she is eating processed slop and animal products.  Even increasing the fibre in her diet by going cooked vegan would help, but fruits far more so.  Whether any fruits are "healing" or not, the gentle, natural action of raw foods should speedily encourage the muscles to regenerate.  Even without 811, raw + given the option to remain on her weekly laxatives, would likely begin the healing process.

Thing is, in my 25 years as an acupuncturist, I have met sufferers from Crohn's, celiac, and simply those with sluggish bowels - and I know that this one op may not be the only one.  Some need repeated surgery to remove more and more of the intestines and the action of these tends to gradually pack up too, in those who choose to remain uninformed about suitable diet.  Medical consultants tend to advise a low-fibre diet to minimise laxative dependence; at least so I was told.

I would try just a few videos, not an overload.  Then if she still refuses to consider diet might help (likely), best to respect her wishes as your friend.  Best not to fall out through evangelism.   That way the door is open for help to ask when and if she becomes sufficiently scared/uncomfortable by the issue.

wow, repeat surgery does not sound good, i will mentioned that to her thanks!

I'm scared of overwhelming her with 80 10 10, but her other option is very serious too, as you said, if i don't push it she may come around still :)

this is definitely reversible but she has to change her diet and be fully raw vegan



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