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Surgery to remove colon ... can fruit make a difference?

Hi Everyone,

I went to visit a friend yesterday and found out she may need her colon removed, some details about her:

She is younger than me at only 23 years of age.

She has been using laxatives once a week for the past 3 years to be able to poo.

She was over weight but has lost 5 stone and kept it off with a low fat diet.

Her diet has improved, a lot, but she still eats meat, dairy, eggs etc.

Microwave meals are often on her shopping list.

She eats fruit, but can go a while without having it.

She does not exercise.

She has seen loads of doctors about this problem and finally she was told that the walls of her colon are not contracting, they have simply failed on her, causing her not to be able to go the toilet.

The only options the doctor gave her were:

surgery to remove her colon completely (for some reason not just the damaged part, this makes no sense to me), which would cause her diarrhea for the rest of her life.

Get a catheter bag.

Or continue to take laxatives for the rest of her life.

As her friend, I'm obviously concerned for her!

I know that diet can do a lot for the body, but has anyone had/ heard of any similar situation which was improved with this fruity lifestyle?

If she changed her diet, exercised etc could her colon muscles start contracting again on their own? Or is this simply impossible to reverse?

Any advice would be fantastic.

Love & light

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It´s  probably not impossible to reverse.

I have heard videos of Dr Morse and Liferegenerator (youtube) where they explain how fruits heal the nervous system. So, it is worth a try IMO!

Thanks for the tip, will have a look on Youtube for some videos to send her :)

I healed colitis on this diet!!!!  You can tell your friend that she can work with Dr, David Klein, who wrote a book called Self Healing Colitis and Crones Disease.  Saved my life!!!!    It works if you work it : ) 

WOW, that is fantastic! Great to know :) Thanks!

Laxitives could've been the reason all along. Bullimics often get colon issues due to laxitive abuse. 

Clearly she needs to quit all processed foods, if she can't/won't go on an HCLF raw diet, at least she needs to get anything she eats in it's pure form and cook herself. Not microwave-meals which is processed like hell. 

Defenitly needs to up her fruit intake for the fiber and nutrients. 

But as a first step, she can quit all processed foods, cook herself from scratch and clean. No oils!!! maybe coconut/olive oil but nothing else, everything else is unnatural.

Hey Vice,

She eats a low fat diet (less than 15g/day) so I don't think oil would be an issue. I think you;re right about cooking things from scratch, those microwave meals are simply not food!

My colon is already removed. But if I knew earlier about fruit. I still would have it.

I know for sure.

So tell your friend to give fruit a change.

When the colon is gone, she still would have problems to get enough energy out of the food the way she is eating now.

Fruit changed my life even without a Colon.

Let her start on Bananas, and juices. It's easy for the body to get energy from. She first needs energy to heel.

Bananas for amino acids and the juice for the simple energy.

Mango's have both energy and amino acids.

For juicing I use the hurom slow juicer

So I think it can REVERSE.

If you don't mind me asking, how is your health after having it removed?

How was healing time from the operation etc?

Do you have daily diarrhea?

Sorry if it it to personal!

Just want to get a good idea about it.

Hello KittyKatKayl,


Do you have daily diarrhea?

It is thicker than diarrhea. It stacks up, but it drops it off to the sides. If I eat SAD, the stools are much thinner, especially with meat.
Meat gives diarrhea, like milk products. Then the stools can be thin as water, and you lose a lot of salts and minerals.

How was healing time from the operation etc?

Recovery time, hard to say. It depends on the condition of the person. I think it was 6 months.

Medication made me sicker, so I had also other problems (mental problems). My weight was about 90 pound.

Now I have a pouch, but I have to constantly watch where a toilet is. You check travel times and tune into the toilet stops.

If the colon is gone, there is no (way) turning back.

So if I were her, I would definitely try with fruit and vegetables. Life is a lot more complex without a colon. The body shows very soon see that it reacts good to fruit.

So try to convince her, take her for a while in the house. And go along with her ​​busy 80/10/10.

I wish I knew then. What I know now. 


BTW there is life without a colon, I have a full time job.

I run, I am not the best runner but also not the worst.


Hey PK, thanks for the reply.

She does not take laxatives everyday, she takes them once a week, and goes the toilet only once day a week! Sounds terrible, I bet she feels rotten all the time, bless her.


That was the same with me, mostly when I was alone in the woods (with the dog) the stool came.

When I went for a walk in the lonely woods I always had toilet paper with me.

Meat and diary and grains are her problem. The stool is getting to thick to go true to colon. Less fiber. The meat is thin as water when it comes out of the small intestine.

The large intestine makes the meat stool that thick it doesn't moves forward anymore. And it gets bigger and bigger.


Fruit has a laxative effect due to the soluble fibre and the bulk, if laxatives help her then it's likely that eating a lot of fruit would as well. Surely she can at least try it for a week? 

I agree! She does not know about the fruity way of life, but, I think she will get quite defensive about her diet, so want to get enough opinions, advice etc from here first before telling her. That way I will be armed with information for her questions :)

It would not hurt to ask her to try a banana or orange island for a few days or weeks.  It does not hurt to try.  She can keep her doctor as a back up plan and consultant, but don't make surgery a first resort in this case.  If she does not have cancer, then I have hope for her condition.  

If she is really brave, she can try to go laxative free for a few days to.  After a few days, she can try to start adding lettuce greens into the diet.  

I am no expert, but it sounds to me like she might be gluten or grain sensitive and or have something like celiac disease.  Has she been tested for grain and or other food allergies?

Grains, dairy products especially cheese and icecream can have a binding effect on some people.  

She may also be oxalate sensitive.  High oxalate foods include animal products, dairy products, grains, legumes and beans, tubers and potatoes, most cooked and processed foods,  most nuts and seeds, and some cruciferous veggies like kale and spinach.

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact

I have written a couple of blog posts that you and she can read and see if there are any clues related to her condition that might be caused by diet.

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Good luck and Peace, PK



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