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Ive been 80/10/10 raw vegan for the 14 days. I was vegan for 9 months last year, went back to eating meat and now I'm back to vegan. Lately my skin has been super dry mainly on my face, neck and shoulders. My fat consumption isn't very high and I've been eating mostly fruit like bananas, dates, apples, papayas, mango, and pineapple. Since going raw I haven't used any salt and I'm always peeing clear even in the mornings when I first wake up. I'm in New Jersey and it's a bit cold out still. Also I had really bad eczema when I was younger and during the 9 months I was vegan I had no issues with my skin and I was a kind of a junk food, cooked vegan   then as well. I have been avoiding anything unnatural like everyday lotion and vaseline. I have an aloe vera plant growing inside and have been applying the inside stuff to my face, neck, etc.  but it does not seem to work. If anyone can refer some natural moisturizing products I'd be so happy or if anyone has been in the same boat as me and can give me any sort of advice I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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Try unrefined shea butter for your moisturiser and I'm assuming you're drinking plenty of water, if not, ensure you drink at least 1-2 litres a day. Avoid anything with caffeine such as cacao, tea (except herbal teas that don't contain black, green or white tea leaves just simple herbs) and coffee because caffeine is a diuretic that dehydrates the body thus dehydrates the skin. Also be patient with your body, it's going to take a bit longer than 14 days for your skin to improve on fruit because our skin renews itself every 28 days so it'll likely take a month at the very least before you see any improvement. Also ensure you eat plenty of spinach (which contains vitamin E (as do mangoes) which is important for keeping skin soft and supple) plenty of omega-3 (this is especially important as omega-3 deficiency can cause skin-dryness and it aids absorption of vitamin E into your bloodstream (you can get your daily requirement for this from 1 tablespoon of freshly-ground flaxseed which you can add to a smoothie) and plenty of sleep so your skin has more time to regenerate itself. Hope this helps you :-)


I used to use coconut oil but I became allergic to it but I'm allergic to nuts, tree nuts, soy, and cacao so  finding a natural or organic lotion is tough. Coconut helped solve the dryness for me  but then my face got really red from using it lol but if your not allergic to it as I am then it should work great for you!

water sugar sleep, make sure you are getting enough! :) 

read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!

pee 10+ times daily to know objectively that you are well hydrated: Raw Food and Bathroom Breaks? - Dr. Doug Graham

enough sleep is essential for good health: http://health101.org/art_Sleep.htm  http://www.30bananasaday.com/video/video/search?q=sleep

A.  How do i know im not eating enough calories from fruit?
1. Cooked food starts to look and smell good.
2. Cooked food looks more then the toxic, second rate slop it really is.
3. Your energy, power, strength start to go downhill.
4. Your attitude starts to suck. You just want to rip apart people and scream at them with frustration.
5. You start to question this whole raw gig.
6. You get cravings during the day and evening.
7. You start to rely on discipline to keep you raw.
8. You start to make raw pasta dishes, raw cakes etc.
9. You start to question if we really need to exercise.
10. Your so thin and weak that your athletic friends start to get concerned.
11. You start to question veganism.
12. You start blending maccadamias with dulse and spread it on 1inch thick flax crackers you made at 3am in the morning.
13. You wake up at night and steal your housemates fruit. If your housemate is called banana guns and he told you not to eat the papaya, and you did, you aint eating enough fruit cals.
14. You start to want to take fancy herbs and experiement with other diets.
15. Your actually eating cooked food and reading this.
16. Youve got some Fred Bisci Enzymes in your pocket and your ready to try the 'all raw but 20% cooked rule'
17. You want to believe that Brian Clement is right when he says corn chips are better than fruit. 
18. You just paid aajonus vonderplanitz 400$ for a one hour consult and he told you to put an egg on a window edge for 50 days until its putrid and then to eat it. and you did it. you saw your dog eat some animal poo and you tried it too. ( true story i just heard).
19. You just cant sleep!! you are approaching insomniac.


Jojoba oil is one that I've used and it seems to work quite well. Also, drinking enough water is extremely important even though it's tough to do so when it's cold outside. You need 3-4 liters/day, especially if you're active :)

i dont know if this is allowed here or not, but the health of the skin is based on the fats we ingest. check out patricia bragg, she's 95 years old (ish), rubs olive oil on her skin every day and consumes two tablespoons minimum of olive oil each day. her skin is pretty amazing. try it and see if it works. if not try something else. but remember to keep experimenting if something isnt working. :)

Also, dont just focus on what you put onto your skin, i think its more important to find what works in terms of fats consumed.

Hey Piers you can check out Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! to read about how things are done on 30BaD and the 30BaD basics, including the Ingredients not supported on 30BaD (such as oils) and why: http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_Materials_not_su...

"There is no truth to the widely circulated belief that oils are good for dry skin. In digesting oils and fats, the body converts them to sugars anyway. Then it reconstitutes them to its specific needs in the body's own chemical factories. Thus dry skin is the result of impaired function of the sebaceous glands, not a lack of oil in the diet." 

"Oily foods should not be used as fuel foods. Carbohydrate foods serve us amply in this regard." 

"Hence, when oils and fats are eaten with other foods such as starches they coat the food particles such that little or no digestion results, but indigestion does! By the time the oils or fats surrounding the other food particles are digested, the starches and sugars are food for bacteria instead of us. Bacteria convert carbohydrates into poisonous acids (especially acetic) and alcohol. Our stomachs become a fermenting mess. Caustic bicarbonates end the process by killing off the bacteria and neutralizing the acids."       


This happened to me about 2 weeks in.  Immediately I decided that I was not getting enough fat and increased my intake with walnuts and avocado.  This did not help and made me feel awful on top of feeling dry and itchy.  I cut out the fat and did two things at the same time (so I'm not sure which was the thing that helped).  I started drinking only distilled water and I began using shea butter ($6 for a lb of unrefined organic butter) on my skin.  4 weeks in now and no problems.  The shea butter doesn't smell so great...kind of ashy smelling...but I'm only planning on using it until the cold dry New England weather breaks. 

hey im having dry skin problems too. I increased the fats slightly- didn't work. Funny thing is now I'm drinking distilled water and was about to go buy some shea butter lol. Funny how another person might come to the same approach.

Dryness is related to hydration, not dietary fat.  It sounds as if you have external irritants as well, such as the cold.  It'll be tough finding a natural emolient that does not contain nut oils, so you might want to consider using rosewater and glycerine.  I buy pesticide-free rosewater from heritagestore.com.  I mix that with vegetable glycerine and I open some vitamin E capsules and squeeze them in.  You can buy the pre-mixed rosewater and glycerine as well, but by adding it yourself, you can adjust the amounts.  In the winter I add more glycerine and in the summer I add less.

There is also jojoba and avocado oils.

I would not use glycerin as it is toxic. 

Glycerol is sweet-tasting and of low toxicity.

Glycerol can be used as a laxative when introduced into the rectum in suppository or small-volume (2–10 ml) (enema) form; it irritates the anal mucosa and induces a hyperosmotic effect.[8]

Taken orally (often mixed with fruit juice to reduce its sweet taste), glycerol can cause a rapid, temporary decrease in the internal pressure of the eye. This can be a useful initial emergency treatment of severely elevated eye pressure.[9]


Ans see it's effects on aquatic life: http://www.pesticideinfo.org/Detail_Chemical.jsp?Rec_Id=PC33132

I bought jojoba oil last night and it seems to be working so far thanks!



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